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Howdy, Forum. first ever post, just joined today.

I am sysadmin for a large and fairly boring document management system, I am responsible for all training design and delivery. I make heavy use of static screen captures as illustrations. Back in the 90s (yeah, I'm old) we had a simple but effective tool to edit static screen graphics, but the company did not survive, and the last release runs on 64 bit OS (Win 7), but it got over-ambitious and became sludgy rather than nimble. Won't run on Win 8 at all.  Sigh. I don't need layers or fancy texturing or "special effects," - just the basic stuff that educators need to make simple, clear, uncluttered images:

*   highlighting
*   foreground, background and transparent color settings.
*   Select and move selections within an image
*   add text
*   add shapes like ovals, circles, rectangles, etc, filled or unfilled.
*   fill a selection with a different color
*   re-size, re-dimension, rotate
*   multiple images open at same time
*   nice but not essential, select similar on a specific color and replace with different color.

and so on. I found some threads here from a few years ago that gave suggestions, but nothing recent. I do not need a photo editor - I have tried and several others, but are way overly complex. I am just now trying PickPic, which might be as close as I  can get to simple with the features I need.

Does anyone have favorites for this kind of work? I have just installed SSC, which I think is way cool and I love all of Mouser's videos, but SSC does not seem to have the editing features I need.

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