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Not sure if anything like this exists but I think it would be really amazing if a file manager would allow to index specified files and folders and while navigating to any of the indexed locations, it would allow to perform instant content search only showing results for that particular location.  Kind of like file/folder name filters in Directory Opus or XYplorer but for content as well.  I am surprised that big names in this field like Total Commander or the two previously mentioned don't have this functionality.  It would make document management so much easier and appeal to a larger audience.  Maybe developing a search engine from scratch is a project on its own but why not provide this through a plugin and the end user would have the choice of purchasing the additional components.  For instance, I think DTSearch could be integrated in such a way.
Also, a similar approach could be done for other features such as internal file viewers (i.e. Oracle Outside In) and rich text editing. 
Although still needs to mature and currently doesn't have indexing, there is already a very interesting project called TagSpaces that is taking a modern approach to file management.  I hope other file managers will take example and start thinking towards the future.

I am mainly looking for the following functions:
- Add pages
- Delete pages
- Rotate pages
- Crop Pages
- Add Text
- Eraser
- Add Comments
- Add Stamps
- Encryption
- Insert Images
- OCR (I know this one is really pushing it)

I was also thinking of going around PDF's limitations and first convert it to TIFF and use a multi-page TIFF editor but couldn't find anything suitable for this task as well.


I've been looking everywhere and so far the only two apps that somewhat cover my needs are XNView and IrfanView but even these two popular viewers leave lots of room for improvement.  Below are the main features that I'm after:
1. Auto-rotate based on EXIF and object detection
2. Crop
3. Borders with transparent shadow
4. Manual rotation
5. Fast image browsing
6. Perspective (vertical and horizontal keystone) adjustments
7. Insert text objects with options to set font, size, alignment, shadow, transparency, glow, and ability to re-modify them before committing (saving) the changes
8. Insert shape objects with options to resize, line width, line colour, width colour, transparency, shadow and ability to re-modify them before committing the edits
9. Insert images with ability to resize and shadow
10. Layers or foreground and background ordering
11. Convenient tagging to simplify organizing
12. Auto-enhance (automatically improve contrast, levels, colours, sharpness, reduce noise, etc) with one click
13. Portability
14. Pixel-level editing like in MS Paint with ability to erase, clone and copy areas
15. Free. If no such free options exist, the cheaper the better.
16. Obfuscate (blur out)
17. Plugin support (photoshop 8bf format would be a plus)

For paid, Zoner or ACDSee would probably come the closest but I'm wondering if somebody has heard of similar free tools 

If anyone follows OutlinerSoftware forum, I have posted this Evernote v2.2.1.386.0 appreciation thread that might be interesting to people looking for a free, powerful, speedy, stable and cloudless note taking/organizing app.  I thought I would share here as well to help out those in need:
After months of searching for a local note taking app, I realized that the only one that still meets all of my needs is the ancient version of Evernote, specifically v2.2.1.386.0 (can be found here).  The desktop version contains additional features like OCR and installs without admin rights.
I have probably compared almost all of the alternatives in the following link that work locally:
Note Apps
In terms of search (multi partial keywords, fast-as-you-type), automatic OCR, rich text support including pictures and tables, tagging, speed, portability, minimalistic GUI, multi-windows if needed, and cloudless compatibility, Evernote v2.2.1.386.0 came out on top, way ahead of the competition.  Even with Win 8 or 8.1, it will still work if installed and ran in compatibility mode.
As most Evernote followers probably already know, with the introduction of v3, the company took a different approach and started stripping features and pushing for full cloud dependence.  By trying to maximize profits, an amazing product had to take a side turn.
I am interested to hear who else is still using this old gem and your views about the subject of negative impact of business factors on software development.


I am looking for offline note taking app with minimalistic GUI similar to ResophNotes but with ability to paste images inline and possible simple table support (not crucial).  The other key features would be tagging and fast-as-you-type search with keyword highlighting.  Any recommendations?



Donation Coder's Clipboard Help & Spell is a very good clipboard manager but it's still lacking some major features that are pushing me to look for alternatives.  Until now, I think I've tried all the major titles in the category of clipboard managers including Ditto, ArsClip, Ethervane Echo, Clip Cache, ClipMaster, ClipMagic, Clipboard Help & Spell, etc. 
However, all of them had some serious drawbacks ranging from limited search, only plain text, no categories, lack of note taking/organizing, etc. 
In summary, I am looking for something that will allow me to:
- fast-as-you-type search like in Evernote or X1 client with keyword highlighting
- global hot keys to create new notes  (similar to GloboNote)
- capture rich text (including tables, font format, etc) and images
- note/clipping categories with ability to drag and drop
- open individual notes/clippings in their own individual minimalistic windows with always on top & transparency options
- paste text with stripped formatting (like PureText)
- Windows 8.1 x64 compatibility
- portability would be a plus
- alarms
- rearrange notes/clippings based on the urgency/time/flag
- simple table creation and formatting
- simple image in-place editing tools (crop, resize, rotate, draw text arrows lines on top, borders)
- keyword filter for note/clipping titles (similar to TreeProjects)
- local database with ability to sync over the net
- ability to add document files in the database including PDF, Office, etc. and index the contents for instant search.  I know this is asking too much but i think it would really open up doors to people that deal with lots of information like myself.  X1 client for instance uses the OutsideIn libraries from Oracle (previously Stellent) that allow to view approximately 500 file formats without the native apps installed.  TotalCommander has a free plugin called uLister that utilizes the same libraries.

I will be almost surprised if some app like this exists but I though why not ask around.  Looking forward to your recommendations.




I've just discovered your application and so far I am really enjoying it.  However,  is there a way to open previously stored clips/notes in their own minimalistic windows with ability to have them always-on-top (something similar to GloboNote)?

Also, having rich text formating of each clip/note would be very beneficial, allowing to insert images, simple tables, format text, etc.  Such features would attract note takers/organizers like myself.

PS. Is there a shortcut to paste the last clip as plain text (something like PureText)?


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