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Hello everyone, it's a lot of time I don't write in public on the internet. When something difficult/weird comes to my mind, it happens that I go to :)

Here's my difficulty: I'd like to have a device, for personal use at my home, but it doesn't exist - so I can't just purchase it.

It's something that probably technically can be done these days, and I have an overall idea of how to, but can't go from start to finish myself without spending an inappropriate amount of time.

So I thought: it's 2019, the Internet and everything, of course there are communities who "design and build together" things, like software, hardware, etc.
But I'm not sure which could be, for hardware+software devices for personal use.

Thus my question: do you have recommendations? I'd basically would like to post the necessity, and try to contribute as anyone else over time, but hoping that someone smarter than me, together with someone else smarter than him/her, etc. could help with significant progress so to not wait for a lifetime for having it operative on my home's balconies.

The device that I would like to build is something that detects pigeons on balcony with artificial vision and ML, using several cameras and raspberry pi's or whatever, and moves one or more flashlights to point towards the pigeons and try to persuade them to go away. And/Or, moves a robot owl or a robot falcon, that goes towards them, scares them until they go away, and then goes back to the charging station.


Developer's Corner / Don’t Understimate Language Issues
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:51 AM »
"Don’t Understimate Language Issues": that's the title of a blog post by an Italian entrepreneur (and great coder) living in USA.
I'm sharing the link here (hoping it's not too much OT), because I think his candid writing can bring some awareness of this kind of problems, just in case someone is actually underestimating them.

Webcam Video Diary / Feature request: in-video notes
« on: January 02, 2011, 01:01 PM »
The following would be useful for lucid dreaming purposes (by using Webcam Video Diary to record dreams):

- when recording or playing a video, it's possible to pause and define a "in-video note", that is made by a "title" (input line field) and a "free text" (textarea field);

- the in-video notes are stored into a sqlite database, or whatever (text file?): a record (or text-file line) is an identifier (name?) of the video they belong to, the timestamp in that video, the note's title, and the note's free text;

- possibly, when you insert a in-video note, typing the title it autocompletes using the other in-video notes' titles of every video with the same identifier label (I mean, "%IDENTIFIER%"); and also show the entries somewhere (a popup?) in a sorted-by-occurrence list, where you can click one of those titles and it gets copied into the title input field, together with the associated free-text into the textarea field (but you can still edit both, of course).

Besides, in some tab of the app or wherever you want:

- for a selected %IDENTIFIER%, show the in-video notes' titles sorted by occurrence, and through filters on the free text;

- by clicking them, jump to the corresponding video and timestamp (and play the video from there).

So, for lucid dreaming purposes, for instance one could use the titles for simple descriptions of the hooks (e.g. "pink elephant"), and the free text for some conventional string, e.g. "__IMPOSSIBLE__".
The software could allow to filter notes containing (or not) the string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" into the free text; and eventually also more complex queries (e.g. notes not containing string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" and containing string "stairs").

Zero Install staff is searching for some brave coder who's capable of porting the system to Windows. So I'm asking here:

1) if someone reading feels being the one;

2) a suggestion to find someone (besides posting a call on's forum ;)

Note: see also the Windows related page.

I'd like a program where I create "projects", and inside them I specify a list of local folders and the corresponding remote ones to be synched via ftp.
I would like it to act as follows:

I click on checkboxes near some projects, or near some folders under the projects, and click a button "Start monitor changes on filesystem". The app should log in a file every change I do into the selected folders.
Then, I should be able to click a "Commit changes" button, in order to synch local and remote stuff.

I've found the following two freeware tools similar to this concept, but both follow a different approach:
FTP Sync

  • the first one makes a realtime synchronization, i.e. whenever I make a change in the specified folder, it is not logged anywhere, but committed asap.
  • the second one is more complex and well-done, and commits when I click a button, but it does not monitor and log changes while they are done: it just traverse the remote and local folders, and takes its time to check if something is changed/different

Both nice, but not what I would like: I repeat, a silent tool that sits in my tray and "writes down" every change I make on filesystem in specified folders (or groups of folders, i.e. "projects"). Then, in no time other then that required to transfer/delete files via ftp, it should commit those changes only when I ask it to do that. Of course at every successful commit, the "log" file should be deleted (or renamed), so next time it can start with an empty one.

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