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I need to capture the whole active window, including the part that's not visible.  I looked at the hotkey preferences, and thought that "active window" would do it, but it cut off the non-visible part.  Thanks in advance.  I love screenshot captor.

When I copy something in two colors from an email message, it gets pasted as plain text if I copied it from Thunderbird, and it gets pasted as formatted text if I copied it from my browser gmail.  What settings or procedure can I use to get formatted text when I'm copying from Thunderbird?  Thank you.

This is the window I'm talking about:

Screenshot - 2015-05-22 , 10_25_13 AM.png

Mouser's Zone / spelling correction
« on: May 22, 2015, 09:12 AM »
Hi, I thought you might want to know that I find "miscelaneous" in the settings screens of some of your software, but this word actually takes two L's.

Mouser's Zone / do you have some software to do this?
« on: May 22, 2015, 08:30 AM »
I use gmail + thunderbird.  Suppose I have selected some messages, either with a filter or manually, and given them a label.  Now they are in a thunderbird folder.  I would like to automatically save in a file all the messages with that label (working in the browser) or all the messages in that folder (working in thunderbird).

As a longtime fan of Screenshot Captor, I checked the Donation Coder list of software and found your clipboard utility, and I think that will be an improvement over my current clipboard utility, Arsclip.  Arsclip is good but I have never figured out how to merge clips -- or maybe it doesn't have that feature.  I watched the CHS video tutorial and learned how to do that with CHS.  So I think I can live with this approach, but I wanted to check if there's another approach that would be more automated.

If not -- I think there would be a lot of demand for such a piece of software.

Thank you.

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