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Very sad to hear. Can't have anything nice in America.

Even though he made it from coast to coast in Canada, within two weeks of trying to do same in America someone had totally wrecked him.


Just got linked to this.

The original document is very badly faded and worn, time has not been kind to it even with modern preservation techniques.

However there are some scholars that say the punctuation has been transcribed incorrectly in most circulating reprints of its text. Changing that one little dot makes a pretty significant impact on how the document would be read, and what it could mean.

It would be of course that it is in the line relating to how the government gets its power from the people it governs.

Living Room / The first cybernetic hatecrime?
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:52 PM »

This is somewhat incredible.

I can't believe that they would attack him over something like that. He even had prepared documentation explaining what it was and why he was wearing it, yet they still attempted to forcibly remove it from his head.

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