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General Software Discussion / IDEA: Need an .MPCPL file editor
« on: March 30, 2018, 04:15 PM »
The media player I prefer to use is Media Player Classic, and like many (probably all) players, you can save playlists (.mpcpl files). Also, when in MPC, you can edit the playlist by dragging one file at a time up and down the list and dropping it where you wish. However, if you have more the 1 or 2, it can be a very tedious task, especially if you have a long list. And if you're me, you have VERY long lists of songs and videos to play through.  8)

Is there, or has anyone ever considered creating, an editor for these MPCPL files? Although the file is a simple text file, the trick is that each item in the list takes up 2 (or more) lines. Plus, each item (in order) has to be numbered, from 1 on up before saving it. Lastly, each line in a set of lines for a media item has to all have the same number. And that's the problem. If I were to try to edit it in notepad, even if I moved only one media file entry, I'd need to re-number the entire list (which is a PitA).

So, can anyone create a program that will allow the editing of the file and move the 2 (or more) lines for each media item as a group, and renumber the entire thing when done and save it back?

For what it's worth, (in case you're not familiar with the playlist format, here is a example of an MPCPL file with 6 media items in it:



2,label,Extended Themesong #2

3,label,Robot (1080p)

4,filename,C:\Users\fdwojo\Videos\Mass Effect Playthrough.mp4

5,filename,C:\Users\fdwojo\Videos\Far Cry Playthrough.mp4

6,filename,D:\Movies\Action Adventure\Indiana Jones #9.mp4
6,subtitle,D:\Movies\Action Adventure\Indiana Jones

I've taken the liberty of adding blank lines between each media item to make it easier to see what constitutes each media item. However, the normal file would not have ANY blank lines.

Requirements (Ideally):
   Works in Windows
   Be able to cut/paste from one place in the list to another.
   Have up/down arrow buttons to move item(s) up/down the list.
   When saving at the end, it will renumber all items from 1 on up.
   Because it needs to contain full path names, it should support Unicode.

   Either show 1 line for each media item, otherwise
   Show all lines for each media item,
   but when moving (or Cut/Paste), all items of a media item move with it.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


General Software Discussion / Requesting a comic book editor
« on: January 23, 2013, 04:50 PM »
Just as a preface, I searched the entire forum and can't find any info or requests for something like this, so...

I apologize if I thought this request to be too simple a task, but if it's possible, here is what I am looking for.

Background: I read lots of comics (using ComicRack). However, sometimes I'll be reading through one and there are all these unwanted, unneeded advertisement pages in the comic book that I'd love to get rid of.

Request: Can a program be written so that it could open a CBZ file, let me view and pick out any unwanted pages and actually delete them and then save the modified files back into the same file again.

Option 1) it might be even easier if I could see a whole slew of pages as thumbnails (perhaps 20 or 30 per screen) because I don't really need to read the comic book if all I need is just to pick out the unwanted stuff.

Option 2) allow this for CBR as well. I know that giving it full RAR (CBR) capability is expensive to add to a program, but perhaps you could just restrict it to only work if the user has WinRAR already installed. Otherwise, it would be a disabled option. This idea is something that SKWIRE did with his "Comic Book Archive Creator"

Thanks for listening. Please let me know if it's an option.

P.S. I am primarily after a solution that will actually delete unwanted pictures, not just mark them as hidden. But, this brings another option to my mind. If deleting is a problem or unwise, renaming the file so that anything that is a JPG, PNG, etc. could be renamed to have a ZZZ (or some other unused 3-letter extension). That way, it wouldn't be actually deleted, but instead would be totally hidden it wouldn't show up in viewing it with my Comic Rack viewer. This method would have the side benefit of working with every single comic viewer out there and wouldn't need to rely on maintaining an external list of what pages to view and what pages to hide.

Thanks again.

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