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Post New Requests Here / IDEA password to permit formatting
« on: September 01, 2019, 10:26 PM »
Hi everyone,

I would like to protect my computers (Windows 7 and 10) and attached USB drives from malware that would format them, erasing everything on them. Is there an app that requires a password be entered before formatting can happen? If not, could one of the programmers of DonationCoder create one? Not being a programmer I have no idea how hard it would be to do this. So it may be beyond the scope of this forum.

One idea I had (which may be impossible) would be to move the programming that does formatting to a password-protected folder so that when formatting is invoked, a password entry field is displayed.

Anyway, I throw this out to those who know.

-- Arthur

I have discovered KenKen puzzles and enjoy them a lot  but the more complex puzzles (9 x 9 grid) require a lot of time to solve. It would help if there were an app that would show all the possible integer solutions to an equation using only the integers 1 to 9.

For example, if I input the equation x+y+z=10,
the app would give the following results:
(Just doing the math in my head, may have missed a possible solution.)

If I input x*y*z=12,
the app would give:

Any takers? Or if such an app already exists, please point me to it.
-- Arthur

Clipboard Help+Spell / Feature request - stay on top option
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:58 PM »
I'd like an option to keep CHS on top of any open window. This would be helpful when entering a software key into separated fields where you can't just paste the whole key. With CHS on top I could just type in the code as I read it.
-- Arthur

Hi Mouser,

Here's something I would like added to Screenshot Captor. Sometimes when I choose to capture a selected region, I don't quite capture the area I want. I'm really not that good at picking the right starting point for the capture. So I have to cancel and do it again. It would be handy if the area I first capture had handles that allowed me to change the size of the captured area, and maybe a "move" symbol that would allow me to move the selected area. What do you think?


General Software Discussion / Is there a task scheduler fixer
« on: October 30, 2014, 12:44 AM »
Running Windows 7 Professional on a ThinkPad 510. I have installed a program called "Replay Radio" that captures audio streams off the internet. When I start the program a splash screen opens (it says "Replay Radio") and remain frozen on the screen while I also see an "unexpected error" message that says there is a corrupted task image. I click OK on the error message, the splash screen disappears and the program starts and is usable. I've done some reading on the internet about the Windows Task Scheduler and corrupted task images and fixing corrupted task images involves making changes in several places including the Windows registry. That's probably easy stuff for programmers but it seems pretty complicated (and a little scary) to me, a simple end user. I downloaded a program from Softpedia called "Fix My Task Scheduler" and ran it but it said it found no errors in my Task Scheduler. The conclusion of all this is: wouldn't it be nice if someone with the expertise created a program that would find and fix problems like mine. So if this is the place on the forum to make suggestions for helpful programs, I am making the suggestion.
-- Arthur

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