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Screenshot Captor / Broken Link on MiniCap page
« on: December 30, 2009, 04:56 AM »
FYI:  the link to Adirondack Software's "apprehend" component, on the MiniCap home page, seems to be broken.

Screenshot Captor / MiniCap feature request: auto-print
« on: December 10, 2009, 12:51 PM »
I am looking for a very simple command-line app to "print" the contents of the current screen (on a multi-headed workstation) directly to a printer.  This is to be used with an application that doesn't have any built-in printing capability of its own; we would call the command-line app from a button within the app.  It seems that MiniCap comes very close, in particular it seems to define "current screen" as the one where the mouse cursor is located, which is exactly what I want.  But it doesn't have any printing capability.

I know that ScreenCaptor can do an automatic print, but it doesn't seem to have command-line options that could trigger a capture (I'd prefer to avoid using hotkeys).  Also, its auto-print feature doesn't seem to auto-rotate the image to fit best on the page, whereas I'd like to have the resulting printout done in landscape mode to best fit my wide-screen displays, without needing to change my printer's "default" page setup preferences.

What are the chances you would consider adding a "silent" automatic printing feature to minicap?

Screenshot Captor / Bug Report re: Don't Auto Save Captures
« on: July 29, 2009, 04:17 PM »
Note: I am still using 2.57.01; this may have been fixed in one of the more recent versions???

I can "lose" a screenshot after the following repeatable sequence of steps:

Start with the attached config file.  I think the relevant setting is that I have "Don't Auto Save Captures" checked (because I almost always just put the capture on the clipboard), and I have "After Capture Show = PopUp Choice Dialog".  I also have a non-standard File Naming Template.

Step 1:  Minimize SC

Step 2:  Take a screenshot, and choose "Keep Image and Hide".
  (Note that the screenshot is now saved as a file, even though "don't auto save" is checked.  This behavior may be related to the bug I'm reporting, but I'm not complaining about this behavior -- I think it probably makes sense to save the capture in this particular case, overriding the Don't Auto Save option...)

Step 3:  Take another screenshot, and choose "Keep Image and Show".

Observe that SC opens up, very temporarily shows the screenshot from step 3, and then changes to showing the screenshot that was saved to disk in step 2.  The screenshot from step 3 is now lost and there's no apparent way to get it back other than to re-capture it.

I also have to wonder: why does Ctrl-Q (Delete Current Screenshot file) prompt before acting, but Ctrl-Alt-D (Delete ALL Images in screenshot directory) doesn't prompt.  I would think the prompting should be the other way around, or alternatively that both actions should prompt first.  Also, is there a difference between Delete Current Screenshot File (on the File menu) vs Delete Current Image (on the MoveTo menu)?

I have a Filename Template defined as follows:  "%quickfield% %customdate% (%num%)".  When choosing "Save image as..." from the After-Capture "choice" dialog, the filename appears as e.g. "2009-07-15 (%num%).png".  But if I open the file into ScreenCaptor's main window and choose save, the file name appears as "2009-07-15 (001).png".  Is this a bug?

Screenshot Captor / Small images when pasting?
« on: January 22, 2007, 04:03 PM »
OK - so I'm setting up ScreenCaptor 2.28.06 on a PC I haven't had it on before, and on which I'm not running as admin (if it makes any difference). It installed fine and seems to work pretty much OK, including saving files, etc. But if I copy to the clipboard and then paste into a new Outlook email message, the image looks shrunken. Almost like the DPI setting is too high.  I get the opposite effect if I copy a 72x72 dpi image from MSPaint and paste into an email message - it looks too big. I tried both PNG and JPG.

Is this possibly a bug in the latest rev, or am I doing something wrong?

I'll try backing off to the latest non-beta rev and see if that helps any.

Screenshot Captor / Endpoint Text getting cut off
« on: September 15, 2006, 08:25 AM »
Bug report:

I noticed that the endpoint text attached to an arrow object can end up positioned outside the bounds of the current image. As long as the object definitions are saved you can't see it in the SSC editor, but if you copy the image to clipboard, or resize the canvas larger, or save it to a file without object definitions, it gets unceremoniously chopped off.

Whenever you get a chance to fix this, I have a related request -- if the arrow is exactly vertical or horizontal (not slanted at all), can the endpoint text be centered on the endpoint, rather than off to one side or the other? I imagine you'll probably also change the existing algorithm to position the text on the "inside" of the endpoint any time the endpoint is too close to the edge of the image?

Actually, if you can swing it, it might look really nice to continue allowing the text to go "outside" the image's bounds, if you can optionally expand the bounds of the image (resize the canvas) to make room for the endpoint text. Then we could have endpoint text "floating" outside the image on a transparent background.

I *love* the new post-capture popup dialog. Well, almost.  I would like it a little bit better if I had an option to copy to clipboard, dismiss the dialog, and discard the image all with one click.

- Kevin

PopUp Wisdom / Copy to clipboard option?
« on: September 14, 2006, 09:19 PM »
Any chance MiniCap could gain an option to copy the resulting image to the clipboard?

I need a way to force M$'s PowerPoint 2003 viewer (PPTView.exe, included with PowerPoint 2003 or freely downloadable from to display a slide show on a secondary monitor. Ideally I don't want to have to click or press something after launching it either -- it should just pop up on the second monitor every time.

PPTview.exe lacks a cmd-line option for this. Furthermore it lacks a title bar, so I can't even just drag it over.

Don't know if such a thing is possible; I know it's doable for most apps but don't know if PPTview will work properly if something else forces it to display over there.

I already googled a bit trying to find an existing utility that would handle this task.

The PC in question is used to drive the projector at church on Sunday mornings, so I don't want anything bloated or flaky installed; in my mind, that rules out swiss-army-knife multi-mon apps, like Oscar's MultiMon Taskbar, UltraMon, or ATI's Hydravision.

We're using an ATI Radeon x300 card (yeah, cheap, but it works...) if it makes any difference.

Anyone game? Or can you point me at an existing utility that might do what I'm looking for?


Can we get an option to set highlighting rectangle transparency separately for the border and the inner-color? Or perhaps better yet, have transparency apply only to the inner color and not the border?

Here's what I'm seeing: I'm applying a highlighting rectangle to a screen-cap of a command-window, with white text on a black border. I have a red border color selected and a yellow inner color. I'm trying to highlight some of the text. Because the transparency option applies equally to both the border and the inner-color, I have two choices:

a] the inner color is nearly opaque (rendering the text "under" it impossible to read), but the border stands out nicely


b] the inner color is nearly transparent, yielding a very nice highlighted effect, but the border is nearly invisible.

- Kevin

Screenshot Captor / v2.15.01 bug? auto select active window...
« on: June 13, 2006, 01:22 PM »
Am trying out v2.15.01 some more, and it seems to be ignoring the "Auto Select Active Window" preference. Whether it's on or off, I still see that the active window gets auto-selected after shooting the entire screen (via PrtScrn key).

Screenshot Captor / Option to NOT save to file?
« on: June 12, 2006, 04:05 PM »
Feature request: I'd enjoy an option to not save my screencaps to files. I would combine that the the existing option to automatically copy screencaps to the clipboard.

I still want to be able to preview and edit/annotate my screencaps in the built-in image editor, with the option to save if I choose, but most of the time I'm only grabbing screencaps to paste into emails and in that case I don't want to have to go back and clean out my captures folder...

- Kevin

p.s.: awesome app!

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