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Living Room / [Solved] Looking for a specific youtube video...
« on: February 12, 2018, 02:33 PM »

It's from one of the casting shows like America's got talent or Britain's got talent (at least I hope so).

A blind young woman is brought on stage by a female assistant. The assistant talks to her all the time and guides her.
"Watch out, here are some steps, ... , the audience is right in front of you". Something like that.

Any hints, tips, links!?! Can't find anything that matches...


A very simple .ahk script, that outputs all command line parameters it receives

Loop, %0%  ; For each parameter:
    param := %A_Index%  ; Fetch the contents of the variable whose name is contained in A_Index.
    MsgBox, 4,, Parameter number %A_Index% is %param%.  Continue?
    IfMsgBox, No

This one will be compiled into "Get command line parameters.exe"

If invoked from a command prompt with:
"R:\Get command line parameters.exe" "arg1" "arg2"
It outputs both arguments correctly

But when I now create a shortcut to the .exe file
"R:\Get command line parameters.exe.lnk"

and put the command line arguments into the target field of this shortcut e.g. with:
"R:\Get command line parameters.exe" "arg1" "arg2"

The called .exe will output: nothing!

Both params aren't passed to the .exe file...

System: Windows Server 2012 R2 U3 x64

Does anyone have an idea on what is causing this behavior?

General Software Discussion / Looking for a new browser
« on: April 05, 2017, 09:54 AM »

My time with Firefox is nearly over (v57 is on the horizon)...

I don't want to share my data with google so Chrome itself is off the table

Is there a browser that is/has/can do/supports

- Respects my privacy
- 100% portable (Windows)
- Fast (no 64-bit necessary)
- Lean, uncluttered interface
- Addon support
- All necessary audio + video codecs
- Maybe based on the blink engine

Last time I tried Chromium (more than one year ago) it
was lacking support for (mainly) video codecs and I guess
that didn't change...

Is there a perfect Chrome derivative that supports all these wishes?

I was asked if I can take a look at a friend's computer this weekend.
Either Vista or Windows 7 is running on it. He isn't at home so I'll know
this when I'm there *yeah*

Is there any windows software that can display which auto-starting things
(processes, auto-start entries) are adding <x> seconds to the boot time?

The PC takes ~ 4 minutes to boot up^^ He defragments the only existing
hdd (1 partition only) regularly so defragmentation shouldn't be the problem...

Under Windows 7 Windows Performance Toolkit could be used to trace
the boot (via xbootmgr) but I hope there is something easier...

Apart from that, can anybody recommend (from personal usage!) an utility
that cleans & defragments the registry but only safe entries. Like WiseCare
et al?

Developer's Corner / Code signing certificate?
« on: October 16, 2015, 05:30 AM »

can anyone recommend a particular code signing certificate authority (there are a lot of them...)?

I probably have to sign .exe files in the future (if the current commercial project is going to be implemented). Prices vary a lot and they are per year not a one time sale *sigh*.

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