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Is it possible to change the color that shows when you hover your mouse over items on the launchbar without changing the color theme. Right now my bar is black with white text but when I hover over an item the item turns blue can I change that color?

I use Wallpaper Master to cycle wallpapers, but everytime the wallpaper is switched my two docks go straight to the system tray and when i restore them I have to resize both everytime the wallpaper is changed.

Is there a way to stop this behavior or at least stop the resizing of the docks?

LaunchBar Commander / Can LBC be transformed into a task bar
« on: April 03, 2014, 07:14 AM »
I'm wanting to remove the windows taskbar all together and was wondering if it's possible to have a dock in lbc where open windows would sit like the taskbar ?

I have my taskbar  on the left side of my screen. when I have a window open  the button is a small square on the taskbar. Is there a way to make the button vertical

LaunchBar Commander / Trouble adding a Hard drive as a link
« on: April 01, 2014, 09:41 PM »
I want to have an icon at the top of my launchbar that when clicked opens the second hard drive where my music is store. So far I can only get it to display all the songs as a menu.

It's probably a setting I'm overlooking I'm sure but I cannot find it. Is there a way to do this ?

LaunchBar Commander / A couple questions about Launchbar.
« on: January 19, 2012, 02:35 AM »
I love the program and with the newest version docking has become great. I'm having trouble getting  LBC to act the way I want it and haven't been able to figure out a way to fix it.

I took a screenshot of my setup so the questions will make more sense lol.
* Screenshot - 1_18_2012 , 4_06_54 PM.png (1574.79 kB. 1152x864 - viewed 284 times.)

Question 1: I'm trying to get the  dock color to match the color of my taskbar but no matter what I change in the skinning options the color stays the same. Is it possible to get it to match ?

Question 2: The last two icons are folders, one for my downloads and the other for  my writing. How can I change it so when I click the icon  the folder opens instead of showing the contents like it was a menu?

Question 3: when I add shortcuts to the bar and save. when I try to click  on the icons to load the application nothing happens. when I check the path  it's totally different than what the shortcut is so I have to manually change. No big problem just wondering if it's a bug ?

Question 4: Can I make the icons bigger. I have them set to large right now.

thank you for making an app like this it's great

I'm looking for a way to place a small search box on my desktop(I want it so it's there but not taking up a lot of the screen) and I want it so what ever I search  in that box is limited to one directory. 

Basically I want to be able to type in say an artist name or song name in the search box and either that song opens up in a  window or automatically plays in my default player.

I'm running Winxp, is there a small app that can help me achieve this ?

I'm wanting to start a personal wiki so all the notes I take and gather online using CintaNotes can have a final resting place.

My proposed workflow would be like this:
capture notes using CintaNotes then at the end of the week export those notes to a text file. Then from the text file I will copy and paste the notes in a personal wiki.

For the wiki I would like to have the main page consist of links(or categories) for example on of the categories would be GrammarGirl. When I click on that  GrammarGirl would be a new page where then the notes would be broken down by the date I captured them with CintaNotes.

Now I have tried:
Wikidpad: From the start I was overwhelmed and confused and even after reading the help files I was still confused put Wikidpad to the side.

Tiddlywiki: At first I thought Tiddlywiki would be perfect for me because its so simple but while trying to add/edit and format things I realized  things started to get deeper and more advanced and again i was soon lost.

then I found Zulupad: I like it. has features I need especially if I upgrade to pro with the addition to add images and etc. but in the free version I'm having trouble setting up like I mentioned above.

I need the help of you guys. Will Zulupad do what I need it to do or should I try something else ?
Thanks in advance :)

I've tried several services online that will determine the number of syllables within each line of text but most are not very accurate and I have to be online to use them.

What I'm thinking  is have the program load a .txt file of your choice(or copy and paste the text) then the program would determine  syllables in each line. In each line the syllables within each word will be shown  using  "|" and at the end of each line the number of syllables will be like this (5)

In a perfect world if it could mark stressed and unstressed syllables  by underlining or bolding the stressed syllable putting the unstressed one in italics. but I don't think that's possible. Heck maybe the whole thing  is a bigger feat that I'm thinking.

I've been wanting something like this for a while so that after i write my poetry  it quickly  denotes the syllables so next time I look at it I won't have to scan the poem myself.

I'm trying to focus more on my writing as of late and I find I get distracted  when I'm on  a pc that is capable of getting online. So I'm switching to a laptop for a while that has no way of accessing the internet. Any software(Preferably open source but I'm not opposed to paying for good software.) all the software must be able to run without an active internet connection though.

some software that could come in handy would be  an offline dictionary, and a rhyming dictionary if possible(I haven't had much luck finding an offline version.)

I currently have Storybook for planning stories and such. Mobysaurus Thesaurus(it works but on my main machine its  sluggish so I'm not sure if the laptop will be able to handle it)

and I have Abiword and Notepad++

Any more must have applications that I need to add ? any and all recommendations are welcome and appreciated.

Photos of the Surprise Gifts I won in the April Giveaway

I was going to post a video but I have been under the weather. Awesome prizes  really excited to see the manual and strategy guides for the warcraft games and expansions.

thanks again to everyone that made this giveaway possible.

Skwire Empire / Trout 1.0.5 Build 85 2 weird glitches
« on: March 30, 2011, 07:20 PM »
This first glitch has happened 3 times today. I have trout open and some songs are in the playlist. I decide I want to  add another so I click on a song in my mp3 folder.  the song is added to the playlist but as the screenshot shows it lists the last song as if it was several songs. When this happens it affects some of the other songs as well and make it so they can't play and the  first song in the playlist just repeats.

If I drag songs from my song directory into the playlist the problem  doesn't seem to happen.
Screenshot - 3_30_2011 , 7_06_06 PM.png

2nd glitch is that when I update the tags of a song within Trout and then I exit trout next time I play that song the tags aren't saved.

Skwire Empire / Trout feature Request: Automatically play file
« on: March 29, 2011, 01:23 AM »
I have Trout set as my main mp3 player and would like it so when I click on a song it loads in Trout then automatically starts playing. as it is now it will load  up but  I have to hit play. It's a small thing i know but  when I have my design apps open I like to have the ability to use launchbar commander to quickly open a song or a few songs and be done with it lol

is it possible to have this feature added ?

I've been using rocket dock for  several months and love that minimized folders apps and windows go into the dock. I've only been using Launchbar Commander for a few weeks and I'm still getting used to the program. at the current state is it possible to make Launchbar Commander  do this ?

I'm looking for a program that can extract text(which cannot be copied by normal means) from a program or game. I have tried several programs and only  SysExporter helped a little by  letting me copy a little of the text but  it still left a lot to be desired. Textractor,WinScraper,ShoWin, and Count Characters didn't work at all.

I contacted the creator of the text based game to see if he had any ideas and with the older games it was impossible to code so copying would work. In the newer versions he  built in an excel exporter that exports the roster and stats straight to an excel file.

I would love for that to be be possible with this game but it's an older version there's no more support for it so I'm stuck with typing the data by hand. The stats are constantly updated doing by hand will be a nightmare.

would it be possible to  code a small program that can extra all data from the game while it's open or maybe from the game files ?

thanks in advance

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