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Post New Requests Here / Files 2 folder on steroids.
« on: July 13, 2024, 06:04 AM »
I am finding I have a regular task, that would benefit from an easier way.

I have a folder with a various number of PDF's

I need to create  TXT files for each PDF with the same filename, and inside the TXT file write the filename less the file type.

I then need to move the PDF and associated TXT file into a folder of the same name.

At present I am manually creating the text file and adding the content, then using Files 2 Folders to folderise all the TXT files and finally manually drop the PDF's into the corresponding folder.

Preferably the Util will be in AHK as I want to learn how it is working so I can extrapolate for the future.


LaunchBar Commander / LaunchBar Commander - Windows 11 - Dependencies
« on: September 02, 2022, 12:24 PM »
Being a fan of the old Quick Launch Bar for instant access, also after market Free Launch Bar, and True Launch bar. It looks like when I finally succumb to Windows 11 I will loose the facilities they provide due to their dependencies being removed. So am trying to plan ahead.

LaunchBar Commander looks like a candidate for the role going forward, as it runs separate from the taskbar.

Does LaunchBar Commander still work in 11, is it independent?

Can it automatically be themed with existing windows settings, i.e. match the current taskbar colours and opacity if they still exist?



Post New Requests Here / [SOLVED] Help tweak an AHK script
« on: May 03, 2022, 12:38 PM »
First, if there is a better forum for this post, please feel free to move it.

In trying to find a  solution to a repetitive task, I found some old code by skwire, which was almost perfect. It did what I wanted but required a key combination to move to the next string in the array. I wanted to  see if I could get it to run by itself.

I have a very basic understanding of it's function, and how now tweaked to to the following. The only thing I have not been able to work out is how to stop the loop when the array matches "z", which would allow for a variable length array. So for the moment I have set the loop to 3. Please note d, e, and z in the array are just placeholders for URL's.

myURLs =
StringSplit, myURLsArray, myURLs, `n

WinActivate, ahk_exe chrome.exe
Sleep, 3000 ;Time to move focus to Chrome
Send, +!,

Loop, 3
    % ( myCounter > myURLsArray0 ) ? ( myCounter := 1 ) : ()
    myURL := "myURLsArray" . myCounter
    SendInput, ^l
    Sleep, 750
    SendInput, % %myURL%
    Sleep, 1000
    SendInput, {ENTER}
    Sleep, 2000
    SendInput, {ENTER}
    Sleep, 3000
    SendInput, {ENTER}
    Sleep, 2000

If someone can guide me into what I need to do, it would be appreciated. If you wonder, the three SendInput {ENTER} are deliberate.

Regards John

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: URL link updater
« on: February 18, 2022, 04:56 AM »
I have in the past created local URL shortcuts to IMDB for some of the old movies I enjoy.

I would like to update them as newer links are in a slightly different format, which has become a bigger issue when you find some of those older titles were used in more than one year.

For example

The actual URL remains the same, but the descriptive has changed

Roll on Texas Moon - IMDb

is now

Roll on Texas Moon (1946) - IMDb

I haven't found anything through a google search.

Ideally any util must handle bulk from different folders.
Preferably drag and drop.

Though saying that what issue would there really be in updating a new format to a new format. :)

I guess the util would go to the existing destination
Delete existing link
Create new link from destination.

Or just update the existing link.

Thanks in advance

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Drag and Drop Rename
« on: September 24, 2021, 12:09 PM »
Preferably in AHK to aid learning.

As far as I know none of the existing programs to perform a rename function allow for this in a simple way.

We often need to rename a bunch of files or folders, where there are effectively two parts to the name. A constant across many files and a variable with no simple pattern. So they get done one at a time.

A GUI would be needed with a drop zone.

A selector for files or folders. or separate areas.

Two fields would also be required, let's call them something original, say, "Field 1" and "Field 2".

Field 1 - The constant
Field 2 - The variable

Any separators between Field 1 and Field 2 are the responsibility of the user/

Ideally Field 1 would have a history option for used values which is autosaved.
But also a clear history option should be available to avoid it growing too far.

On dropping a file or folder on the GUI the filename will be replaced with "Field 1"+"Field 2".
Whilst the file type for files remains untouched


For a file.
Existing filename = "dght62jkdkl.jpg"
Field 1 = "My New Filename - "
Field 2 = "123456

Result "My New Filename - 123456.jpg

For a folder.
Existing filename = "dght62jkdkl"
Field 1 = "My New Foldername - "
Field 2 = "123456

Result "My New Foldername - 123456

It maybe easier to have a GUI with two sides, left for folders, right for files, with their own history.

How to handle collisions? As we are only dropping 1 file and a suffix enumerator? Or just throw an error and warning notice?

Thanks in advance.

Preferably in AHK so I can learn a little

I use Ancestry...

  In the past it would provide a search result list with links. You could right click the ones of interest into a new tab, or window. They have recently moved to javascript. which only allows you to open one choice in the current window. a right pain as it slows down everything you do !

First  a drop zone is needed where I can drag the javascript link.

On mouseover the status bars shows. 

The variable we need is the bit between the brackets. In this example.

The util will need a place for the user to store the "URL string" the javascript variable gets appended to.

example of "URL string"
On dropping the link, the real URL is assembled

The resulting URL should ideally be launched in a new tab on the source browser window, or a new window.

Using Chrome.


I have used Files to folder on numerous occasions and it is very efficient at what it does, and seems to have many of the elements of the idea

I am in the process of restructuring how store some of my data, but it means re-structuring thousands of folders.
I need to be able to select a group of folders instead of files, and put them into a new directory in the same path location.




All Folders are prefixed by a plus "+".
EXISTINGFOLDER name will always be the same
The bracket "[ ]" Content of the source could be any 3 or 4 character alpha numeric, but he alpha will always prefix the numeric.
There is only one occurrence of brackets in the folder name, and it is always at the far right.

The new +NEWFOLDER bracket contents will always be a "C"

Either the user should be offered the option of providing the new "+NEWFOLDER [C]" name as in Files to Folders.

Or even better extract the complete new +NEWFOLDER name from the first +EXISTINGFOLDER name of the selected group and replace the bracket contents with "C".

Thanks for your help. If you need clarification, please let me know.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Subfolder Creator
« on: April 13, 2019, 12:49 PM »
Ideally AHK so I can learn.

A dropzone where one or more folders can be dropped from various source locations.

Dropzone creates one or more empty folders of user defined name(s) inside dropped folder(s).

Sounds simple, but is it?

Purpose is to allow pre-population of folder sets for subsequent use.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Drag Drop renamer
« on: November 02, 2018, 01:21 PM »
Having looked on the web, I can find noting that fits the bill, so if anyone knows of something that fits the bill, please speak up.

In this modern day, like many, I take photographs, in my case birds. I have in the last year accumulated around 150k pictures, which really could do with better identification. I have already used a number of methods to append the species, but none are overly efficient.
My preference is to put the subject species into the filename.

The current filename format before species is
After species I get

As to the idea, which should work for just about anything or any filetype.

A variable size window, so a variable number of "tiles" can be created, allowing for multi monitor use.

The tile size would be around 150px. square or variable but the same size for all tiles.

Each tile is in effect a drop zone where a single, or multiple selection of images can be dropped and the assigned rename applied.

Ideally the tile should have the ability to overlay a users supplied image using the full tile, keeping aspect ratio and sizing to longest side.

Under the Tile should be the rename criteria, Ideally without Underscores, but could be user defined.

I envisage a user interface where the user would put the rename criteria

In this interface there would be
A row for each tile which would contain The rename criteria and a link to a source image which would be imported and then saved with the program settings to create the thumbnail on the tile.
Ideally a selector to indicate substitute spaces which in my case is an underscore, but maybe give the user a box to type what they want
A selector to indicate if the above character should be used to separate the rename criteria from original filename.
An option could also select prepend the original filename for those that would like it
These three could be just added as options to the row above. which would allow different affects for different adjustment is people needed it

The ability to save the rename set, so multiple sets for different purposes could be created.

Ideally the rename process might be some form of queue so that it does not interfere with subsequent drops. This would be most beneficial where a 100 or so images need a rename in one drop
Files may be from multiple locations, but filenames are unique.
Renamed files will remain in their source folders

I have attached an image that gives an idea of the sort of layout (Borrowed from other software)

Hopefully that explains it :)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA Data extraction and convert to CSV
« on: November 26, 2017, 10:30 AM »
I have a number of large files which contain multiple records of two columns of data. The first column is effectively a field name, the second the data. There are multiple records in the file so am looking to extract the data to a CSV with field names as the first row.

The delimiter will need to be the @ symbol as the data may contain a comma. I can format the data to have a delimiter after fieldname and after data if it helps.

Original data source is a word doc, which will be exported to txt for processing. Final destination will be Access

To make it a little harder, not all fieldnames exist in every record, but the first one will always be there.

Ideally the snack will allow the user to define the word in the first column which is the start of a record. Not all rows are really needed, so either they can all be captured and later processed to remove un-needed fields and data. Or if a facility for the user to define the fields existed, I can enter the fieldnames as needed for each document type.

Data example


Alternatively I can have each record in a seperate text file, if that would be easier

Hopefully someone can help, as there are several thousand records in the documents

I have in multiple directories on a drive with files I once created as placeholders for later replacement with the correct file, and also reserving physical drive space.

They are identified in the name by " [PLACEHOLDER]"

What I am trying to do is bring all these files down to Zero Byte.

Then change the file type whatever it may be to ".placeholder"

Then remove " [PLACEHOLDER]" from the filename

An all in one solution would be great, but I can achieve the last two with Bulk Rename Utility in a couple of passes, so not a major issue.

Any thoughts.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Folder File Count and Move
« on: October 11, 2015, 12:05 PM »
There seem to be a number of utilities out there for size of folders, but nothing obvious for File count.

From source folder move all sub folders with less than or greater than x files (not likely both) to definable Destination folder.

1. For ease destination folder would be at same or higher level than source folder on same drive, with a name of same or less length (should prevent path length issues and lengthy move process)
2. There will be only folders in the source folder.
3. If a sub folder contains a further folder it may be classified as 'one' item for the purpose of the count.

I have something like 20000 folders all with small files of varying numbers, the intent is to weed out those with few files for further review/categorisation.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Drop Zone for Web Images
« on: September 27, 2015, 03:59 PM »
First of all based on the following criteria, does this already exist? If not a request.

Place a dropzone on the desktop (Win7-64)

Left click an image on the internet and drag to the dropzone.

Ideally provide an option to bypass the Windows Security warning. or auto accept if cursor over dropzone

On dropping on the dropzone, provide a rename function to use a standardised format such as


Auto move to predefined default location.

Permit multiple instances, or preferably multiple dockable zones with separate settings probably 3-4 would suffice for most needs

Possibly with the option for the user to assign an icon/image for each box.

See, not looking for much :)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Image Append - Batch
« on: June 02, 2014, 01:39 AM »
I have looked in the forums, seen a few ideas, and the one most promising, broken link!

I am in the process of photographing newspapers for the local museum, there are 150 years of them, and the sheet are about 28 inches high by 18 wide. To get a readable image, I have had to photograph in 2 passes so I get 14 x 18

I now need to stack the photographs Top over Bottom.

I do not need to stitch them, even though I have provided a reasonable overlap of text.

I just need one above the other, possibly with a separating line

There must be no scaling or re-compression as this may affect the image

It also needs to do this in batch, as I have 52 papers a year, each with lots of pages. The images have been placed in one folder per page, and in the folder both part have been renamed to put them in the correct order.

Anyone encountered something like this? Or is this a doable. I don't fancy joining 90000+ pages in the long term, as I would rather be getting on with the photographing, as time is against me and the papers, which can only deteriorate.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA:Internet Shortcut URL Extractor
« on: October 23, 2013, 05:05 PM »
The basic concept of my idea is the ability to look at an Internet Shortcut and extract the URL to a txt file in the same folder using the same name


Internet shortcut
Internet Shortcut.txt containing the URL

The ability to process every subfolder in a selected folder and perform this funtion would reduce several hours work to minutes. An aditional option of ignoring if the appropriate txt files already exists would be great, as it would allow a fast re-run if required a a later date.

AHK is preferable as I can then learn better how it is done. :)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Folder Zipper
« on: April 29, 2013, 05:25 AM »
This may exist, but I have yet to find it. I had MyZippa, which did similar but in a different way.

Most archive programs give a right click option to compress a "selected_folder" to "selected_folder.format" where format may be zip rar etc.

For the purpose of this idea we will assume I want to use 7-Zip and zip files.

What I want to be able to do is either select a large number of folders and right-click create individual archives for each folder selected, or drop the folders onto a program that will process each folder and zip it to an archive of the same name in the source folder, or even a predefined destination folder. The second option seems the more logical as I guess configuration would be easier, but a combination of both would also be good.

folder1 ->
folder2 ->
folder3 ->

This is the next stage in dealling with files I have processed with "File Punter" so it may fit as an add-on for that, but more likely a stand alone

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Extending Files2Folder
« on: December 09, 2012, 03:22 AM »
Files 2 Folder is an excellent utility, but like all excellent utilities there is always something extra that would make it even better  for some of us :).

1/ Add a configurable predefined destination for the output, or even a selectable list of say the last 5-10 destinations.
This would allow the user to folderise selected files, and move them out of the current location and into a new one, in just one step, effectively speeding up the process.

2/ This might be a different application, though much seems like the same. Allow a large number of files to be selected for folderising, but use a configureable file "tag" such as "album" "artist" etc. ( I have used these as examples as most people may have encountered them, but there are loads of tags), as the name for the destination folder rather than the filename.
This would allow files to be grouped from various sources. This would need "1" above, specially for files from different source folders selected through *.*. A selector should be provided to indicate what to do on collisions of filenames in the new folders.

Finished Programs / DONE: Simple Duplicate Folder Finder
« on: April 29, 2012, 06:07 AM »
There are many file finders out there, and many folder finders based on content, but I am looking for what should be something simple

I want to be able to automatically search defined locations,  for duplicate folder names, 1st level only, no recursion necessary.
Each duplicate is then prepended by a "+". There is no risk of collision as the searched folders can not have duplicates anyway.
There are currently over 12000 folders which are continually being added to

My concept
Define location by Windows library, or, Define location by Drive\Directory
If Windows library can be used, it already holds all the Drive\Directory locations, and if further locations are added to the library, they are effectively added automatically.

The locations can either be directly entered into a config file as they will in general, not change between sessions.

The minimum interface I can see is a start button and a finished notification

Where more than one instance of a filename exists , each gets prepended by a "+"

c:\My Search Folder1\Compare1
c:\My Search Folder1\Compare2
d:\My Search Folder2\Compare2
e:\My Search Folder3\Compare3

c:\My Search Folder1\Compare1
c:\My Search Folder1\+Compare2
d:\My Search Folder2\+Compare2
e:\My Search Folder3\Compare3

And that's it!

I am not looking for the major automation many utils provide, I am just looking for the folders the dupes may reside, so they can be physically checked. the "+" puts them at the top of the directory, and when physically checked, the duplicates not required are deleted, and the "+" removed from the remaining folder.

Again another thing I seem to keep doing repetitively, which might find advantage in reduced steps.

Provide a window where a save destination can be defined
Window should have options for always on top or normal

Allow the user to past or preferably drag drop from a URL link and save the target for the link in 'Full HTML' format (Webpage complete - The one with the folder) or 'MHT'
Include auto rename to increment duplicate filenames.

Existing process
Right Click
Save target as
Select destination, which dependant on which window you come from may not provide the last used destination.
Change Filename if required
Though this does not provide Full HTML

To get Full HTML
Open link
Save as
Select Destination
Select Full HTML

New process
left click
drag link to application window

It may only seem a small saving but after hundreds of links it can make a big difference

Does something already do this , and I have yet to find it?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Batch Folder>Customize>Folder Picture
« on: February 24, 2012, 03:48 PM »
This may already exist somewhere on the net, but as usual, knowing what terms to use in the search to find it, is the hardest part.

Select a Windows Folder right click->Properties->Customize->Folder Pictures

This allows us to use an image for the folder.

I know the Link is stored in the desktop.ini that is created

Sample .ini

The idea I have is to allow this creation for multiple folders at one time, as in reality one by one will just never happen when there are more than only a small number.

In my case the folder will only contain one  .jpg but to give greater flexibility and appeal, maybe it should use the first image encountered.

If its possible to use relative paths, that would be even better as you could then move the folder without losing the image
OK it looks as though if we use
The image is looked for in the current folder

Its possible that an earlier idea may provide a basis for this one https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=28447.0

I have been using a neat utility CopyFilenames for some time, and find it very useful. It allows for easy filename replacement with the clipboard content without having to put the filename/foldername field into edit mode, (which can sometimes be detected as a double click if your too quick)

This idea is along similar lines

Highlight Filename
Right Click
"Paste Prefix Filename" (This would prefix the existing filename with the contents of the clipboard)
"Paste Suffix Filename" (This would suffix the existing filename with the contents of the clipboard)

secondary options that may be of less use to others
"Paste Prefix - Filename" (This would prefix the existing filename with the contents of the clipboard seperated by " -")
"Paste Suffix - Filename" (This would suffix the existing filename with the contents of the clipboard seperated by " -")

Another set of options that might be of use
"Paste Prefix Date - Filename" (This would prefix the existing filename with the current date seperated by " -")
"Paste Suffix Date - Filename" (This would suffix the existing filename with the current date seperated by " -")

All these might best live in a sub menu of "Paste Append" to avoid putting too much in the main right click menu

I can also see the possibility of a configuration file being needed to allow for changing the seperator and the Date Format  for those needing a slight variation

Simple idea, I think. :) Pulling names from a digital Hat

Provide a scrollable text area for the user to type of paste a list, each line being a new choice

Provide a means to define how many items to randomly select

Provide a second scrollable text area to display the results from the randomised selection, with a numerical identifier (for reference) and in their order of selection

Although I have found facilities on the net to, randomly select an item from a list. They seem only to pull 1 item, and there is a security risk of passing the list across the net

DC Website Help and Extras / SPAM email
« on: December 10, 2011, 07:36 AM »
Just a Heads Up -

I am guessing someone has gained access to the email addresses used on the board, either through being a member or hacking

The address I use on the forum is only used here, and the emails are purportedly from [email protected].,

Its scoring 12.6 as SPAM

Now all i have to do to claim the 12,500,000.....

May be worth looking at, as you are probably aware, getting blocked by servers can be a real PITA

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Hide Unused Network Locations
« on: December 08, 2011, 05:33 PM »
Dear Santa

I am using Win7-64

Scenario- in Explorer (Computer), when you plug in a USB divice with a drive letter, an icon appears  with name and drive letter, when you unplug, it disappears. Effectively you see what is available.

Now to the issue - Network Locations. There are two ways of adding Network Locations
A/Mapping a Network drive (This provides a drive letter)
B/Add a Network Location (No drive letter)

In A, when a location is unavailable we get a red cross against the icon
In B, from what I have seen so far the icon, a folder connected to the network, does not change

Ideally they should act in the same way as External drives and dis sapear when not available (though retaining their mapping so they appear on connection)

Why do i use my system this way? Having multiple external drives, can be a drain on available drive letters, in fact you can run out :) , so by mounting them in folders and don't allocate drive letters, and am therefore not limited by the alphabet. Secondary advantage is i can share these mappings on the network so other computers see them as I do, which means when certain cataloguing programs are run from any machine, they will update without issue. If drive letters are used, each machine can end up with different mappings dependant on what else they have installed.

Solution a util that automatically hides unused locations, and makes visible when available. Though I have a feeling it may not be possible ?

There are two parts to the idea

First and probably the simplest (Delete)

Select and right click a file. Select from the context menu "Delete Parent Folder", this would delete the file selected, all other files in the Parent Folder and the Parent Folder itself.

Second (Move)

Select and right click a file. Select from the context menu "Move Parent Folder", this would then expand to another level and offer a selection of (user) pre-defined destinations*, selection of which would move the file, all other files in the Parent Folder and the Parent Folder itself to the selected destination.

(user) pre-defined destinations* - This may have a field where an new entry may be added to the options, and a delete option like in IE 9's address pull-down.

There may be a need for a confirmation dialogue for delete move

This might also fit as "Move Parent to" in the context menu next to Send to
With the sub-menu being
Recycle Bin           Delete
New Location        Enter New Location
Location 1
Location 2

Others may also find a third option of "Copy Parent to" useful, though personally I have no use

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