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How do I control the directory used by the Paste-As-File operation?  I would like to save these files on my Desktop.  How do I do that?

Is it even possible to share a custom.adu spelling dictionary between applications without creating write conflicts? For example, can Clipboard Help+Spell and The Forms Letter Machine share the same custom.adu dictionary?

On Windows 7, I've tried defining the file
for several different programs, but there seems to be some conflicts. Understand, some of these apps (e.g. Clipboard Help+Spell) remain open all the time, although I'm not sure its dictionary files remain "write open" all the time.

On a separate note, can a read-only language dictionary like american.adm be shared okay?  If so, where should the single copy be saved on Windows 7?

I have one game program that sucks CPU time, but it's only this program. It's so bad, that after quitting this program, the time-slice quantums are adjusted by Windows XP to make all the other programs sluggish. The only way I know to reset these quantums is to log out, then log back into Windows again. Is there a resource kit program that can be used to install this one program (executable) at a lower priority?

I also have exactly the same question for the Firefox plugin-container executable that seems to hog CPU cycles when visiting certain web pages with many DoubleClick Flash ads. The Chrome browser doesn't have this problem.
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe

Other than that, all programs behave well on my Windows XP system, so I would like to avoid solutions that would affect all other well behaved programs.

Living Room / Google announces micropayments via Google Wallet
« on: October 04, 2012, 04:14 PM »
Google has announced a new feature of Google Wallet, a micropayments service, that will let websites collect small payments from visitors for services/products via a single click. Google Wallet micropayments

This service will also allow web visitors to sample services, and then get a refund within 30 minutes, if they don't buy. This micropayment feature is in trial (beta) at Google Wallet as an experiment.

Whenever I add a new clip via CTRL-ALT-C, and the Clipboard Help+Spell window opens, it's not always on the "New" folder as expected. It would be nice if it automatically switched to the "New" folder with this hot-key action.

I'm not so sure, however, if it should switch to the "New" folder with a CTRL-C action alone.  I'll have to think about that.  I think the switching to the "New" folder should only happen when the hot-key action grabs a new clip and presents the CHS window altogether.

There's still a bug present (from a year or so ago) in the CTRL-ALT-C hot key where the clip-capture sound is played, but the new clip isn't actually captured. The work around solution is to use a CTRL-C followed by a CTRL-ALT-C combination to capture clips and bring the CHS window up front. This work around works well.

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