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This is a very handy script!  :)

Here are two additions I found useful. Add them if you like them.

1. Add box for typing or pasting a path from clipboard when browsing for root folder:

2. When starting the program, populate the ListView with the folder delempty.exe resides in and all its subfolders.

Gosub, COUNT

Here's a request:
When selecting multiple rows in the listview, allow to toggle check/uncheck checkbox for all of them with space (currently only one row gets checked/unchecked). I don't know how to implement that in AutoHotKey myself, but I bet it can be done.

Great program!!!    :Thmbsup:


1. Let mousewheel = scroll hits list up/down edit2 even when search field has focus

2. Tweaks for page up/down & home/end buttons:
- a. when focus in search field, "page down" = one page down in results.
- b. when focus in search field, "end" = to end of results.
- c. when focus in results, "page up"/"home" should work as now BUT when getting to topmost result item, let NEXT "page up"/"home" keypress jump to "search field"  edit: ok, just noticed that TAB jumps between search/results so 2c could be scrapped.

3. Add content filters. Let user specify groups of file name filters (for example TXT = .txt, .doc etc) and apply filter modes via hotkeys, for example ALT, CTRL and SHIFT. When focus in search field, let default mode "snap back" after hotkey release. After moving focus to results, keep filter on. Also, add noticeable interface change to signal current mode (change main title bar color, text and/or color dot in task bar etc)

4. Add action modifiers. Let user specify what action to do when pressing Enter + modifier (CTRL/SHIFT/ALT/WIN). Many of the context menu actions could be used (copy path, explore here...)
As above, add noticeable interface change to signal current mode.

5. When in auto resize mode AND having horizontal scroll bar, the last hit in the list (for example hit 5 out of 5) is partly covered by the scroll bar.

6. Add minimize/maximize buttons.

7. Let two taps on CTRL launch/exit FARR

edit2 ok, two more:
8. Add options for more minimal interface: no column header row, no title bar, smaller scrollbars

9. Disallow executing results on ALT + F-key (for example, ALT+F4)

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