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I need some advise/tips on organizing one's source code. Since so many of you are developers here I wanted to know how you guys manage your code as well. (A code library with low overhead I guess).
I am taking this step now, as I am switching my main pc to ubuntu and wanted to reorganize my professional and personal life in terms of documents on there.

There are several key concepts that I use to think about the problem so please understand those first.

high maintainence - high feature set (versioning, quick search and indexing, rapid updates and deployment, secure offsite backups, notes/documentation)

low maintainence - low feature set (versioning, throwaway scripts, testing)

Features I wanted for my solution:

- version control (git? or something with multiple project support)
- quick search within contents (???)
- backup (dropbox? mozy? rsync? simple-backup?)
- browseable, ie. must be organized/tagged. Is there a good tagging architecture?
- maintain documentation for all scripts/programs as well (PAD? wiki? txt files with a program? dokuwiki?)

So what do you guys do? and any ideas?

/edit: other discussions similar to this (nothing exactly like this though)

Coding Snacks / Grid Clicking Script with visualization
« on: November 28, 2009, 05:50 AM »

I wanted to share a script I modified here as well. Though I don't know what the etiquette is for cross-forums posting. Should I reproduce the content here or just give a link and drive people to the AHK forums? I think it's better to do both, but if anybody has any suggestions let me know.

I got the grid_clicker script from there
I got the GDIP library and samples from http://www.autohotke...rder=asc&start=0
I got the Gridmove script from

Initially I was planning to use Gridmove's method of drawing to the screen, spent some time figuring it out, but it wasn't suitable for drawing diagonal lines.
After I discovered the GDIP library that became easier

Since I had Gridmove I used the read/write ini idea from there.

And voila I have a cool new grid clicking script for all those pesky farming games and such!


General Software Discussion / Text editor with filtering of lines
« on: November 26, 2009, 01:05 AM »
This has been driving me nuts.
I need a text editor that can do filtering of lines in view like dopus. If you have ever used dopus you know that you can filter the visible files by typing wildcard masks (e.g. *txt) ...etc

What I want is something similar but for lines in text files, using regex/wildcards/characters. Almost all editors (ultraedit, pspedit, notepad++) have this feature in find and replace, with ability to list output in separate window ...etc but none do it in place.  

This is basically useful for when i need to find certain types of lines in files and edit them. Visually narrowing the file from a bunch of lines to just a few entities that I'm interested in quickly to edit is very appealing and necessary!
Especially for log files, xml files ...etc.

The key difference is I want to have it in-place (i.e. in the editor window itself). The editor can collapse the other lines or hide them from view in another way, I don't care.
Similar to incremental search, but this is incremental filtering.
Similar to Find all, but this is in editor view

Does anybody know of  any text editor that can do this? I bet emacs can but I don't know how, I wouldn't mind using that as my default text editor if it did this!

/edit: an editor, not a viewer, I know grep and other viewers exist for filtering lines.

Is there a way to recreate file/folder structure from source to target but without any content?
better yet, is it possible to zip it up?

I think this will be better understood with an example.

Say if i have a source drive D: with the following

D:\test.txt (size 100 MB)
D:\a\b.ini (size 1 MB)
D:\z\y\x\c.pdf (size 1 GB)

After the zip/copy operation i want this on the target E: drive (can be another computer)

E:\test.txt (size 0 bytes)
E:\a\b.ini (size 0 bytes)
E:\z\y\x\c.pdf (size 0 bytes)


I was thinking that xxcopy or robocopy or some other copy utility or zip utility might have this feature but for the life of me i can't find it.

This is useful in recreating directory and file structures on which you can run various tests for finding files ...etc. and it would be easy to transfer over the internet without the size implications.
I have to do this for about 50000+ files
I've used Cathy, Locate, Everything, and i know those things are wicked fast, and they have the information i need, but then how to create a routine/plugin to create those files?

I know there is a manual way to do it, something like dump all filenames to a text file, zip it up, and then extract it, and send it through a program that will create a file for each line. But then this requires the program to exist on one end, whereas if it were a zip it would work wherever.

Sigh, i'm over thinking this. But any ideas will be appreciated.

read free image manager - https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=17543.0
read the shootout review
read photo workflow reviews
read tons of other stuff
read (is this legit? or promo?)

still can't find one with face recognition for photos...

does anyone know when this will be available? or of any software that supports it...?

I want something that will be easy for the whole family to use, and on their laptops! That means it has to have a portable database scheme...

I'm thinking the best after all this is a website (hosted at home), that can act like flickr, for each family member! Anyone know of a good solution for that?

Sigh, I am so worried of approaching my photo collection to try and tag and organize it, coz I've already been burnt once, where I lost all the tagged info (from iMatch, then Adobe Elements)...

It's frustrating, we haven't managed to find a good multi-user family friendly image management software yet.

Let's see from the top of my head I remember that for image management these are free & non free contenders
adobe lightroom
adobe photoshop elements
(website Freeware)
(website cloud)

Some mentions of Vista Photo gallery, and the home server variants for photos..

I need help!

Currently system is "Dated folders + event name\camera file name"

maybe i'm thinking all wrong...

The primary reason i need tags is to find people in my photos!
especially family members...
that too to make presentations on special occasions.

i feel so bummed out whenever i think of this monumental task, it's been on my todo for 4 years now! and still nothing has evolved to make it trivial to do this.

this seems like a incoherent rambling train going towards the edge of a cliff

ok ok... summarizing for myself
features like websites (flickr,facebook ...etc.)
 - i.e. individually managed collections
 - private areas
 - backup of photos
 - search for individuals photos (if tagged)

features like apps
 - portable data(base),
 - quick scrolling through thousands of pictures
 - copy photos

has a good write up

maybe i should go bang my head there...

General Software Discussion / Calendar Math, which language to use?
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:52 PM »
Hey all,

 I have a curious problem, and i was wondering if you have any insight on how this can be solved.

We have a rule at our office to have every 1st and 3rd saturday off for each month. And occasionally i need to do some arbitrary calendar math as well. I was wondering if there's any software out there (or a scripting language) that has excellent support for this? For example... If I should type

Print (1st Saturday of each month in 2009)
output: 2009-01-03, 2009-02-07 ...etc.
or calendar output: Show the calendar with all the selected dates circled/highlighted.

Select (Last Weekend (Sat & sun) of each month in 2009)


Have any of you come across any such program, scripting language ...etc? That makes calendar/date manipulation easY? As a bonus if it could display calendars with the operations it would be great!

Find And Run Robot / FARR Error : Entry Point Not found.
« on: August 08, 2008, 06:05 AM »
I have gotten the following error quite a few times now...
Using the latest version of FARR (got it even with the older versions)

Advanced Options: FindAndRunRobot.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point wcsncpy_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.

Any ideas?

Best Dialog Extender / So what is the best/popular one now?
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:57 AM »
Just wanted to get a feel for popular opinion once again.

I have a couple of Vista PCs now so i was wondering which would be a great choice now.
I'd prefer a free option, if there are more items i should add, let me know.

Plus how can one update the review? The review is old and needs to be updated, i don't mind making a few changes, but how do i do that? It would be cool if it was in a wiki format then it would be super easy for all members to contribute!

That's all for now.

This has been bugging me for a while...
Often when you dowload something it is compressed multiple times and is very annoying to extract.
So for the above case which shows the directory structure of file. Now how can i extract zz.exe in one step, without having to first extract, then all, then yy#.rar?

I have beel looking everywhere! Unrar can extract embedded files, but not split embedded files... don't ask me to explain, try it yourself.

anybody have any ideas/suggestions?

Actually i figured out one script that works for me
@echo OFF

SET "dir=."
SET "ext=*.zip"

winRAR x -o+ %1

FOR /r "%dir%" %%* IN (%ext%) DO (
  winRAR x -o+ "%%*" "%%~dp*"
  del "%%*"

winrar x -r -o+ *.part1.rar
del /s *.part?.rar

but this works only for a specific case (i.e. where you have an archive in which you have zip files in which you have rar files)
can it be improved to work for all cases?

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