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Dear all,

I am trying to speed up my monthly archiving manual work by doing some automatic things. I am on Win8.1 64 bits home.

[0) I am using Synckback pro V8 to periodically move files (zip, rar, pdf, jpg and png) to a folder named "folder1".
When this Synckback pro profile has run, it can run a program (see image 2019-11-14_091418.png) after the above files has been moved ("Run after profile").
I have discovered that I can run a .bat file which itself run several bat files ( ]

The main.bat file (or powershell?) should do the following :

1) delete duplicate files (MD5 checksum?)
(maybe using this powershell script ?)

2) unzip+unrar zip and rar files recursively (and once done delete the originals) of "folder1"
I thought using this old coding snack in ahk (RecurUnZip https://www.donation....msg192366#msg192366) but I need something automatic as my "folder1" path doesn't change.
(I have tried to adapt this powershell code with its comments alas unsucessfully !)

3) Reduce filepath to less than 260 characters (because some old programs can't open filepath that are long than 260 characters them later on). I manually use "Path Scanner" (http://www.parhelia-...canner/Download.aspx)

4) Delete pdf files that are less than 2ko (because they are garbage) (I manually do this by using the freeware Everything and rank by size pdf files)

5) Run PDFTextChecker (https://www.donation....msg255322#msg255322) on "folder1" by itself (it creates 2 files "!Not_Searchable.txt" and "!Searchable.txt"). Move the Not_Searchable pdf files in "folder2" and Searchable files in "folder3" (maybe using this old coding snack https://www.donation....msg330784#msg330784 ?).

Then I use ABBYY Finereader 12 Corporate (not the last version which limits the number of page you can OCR per month !) which does an OCR automatically every day of "folder2" (be careful if you follow this process as it sometimes delete pdf files without warnings! So use the options to keep original files in a separated folder! Then at the end of the month I use manually the freeware "pathsync"(  to check differences and find those Finereader bugs!)

Many thanks in advance, ;)

Dear all,

I would like to convert the html files of my archives into pdf (text OCRed + local related saved images included) so I can make keyword searches in them with Google Drive.
I need that the related images saved with the html file (usually in a related folder) be included as well as the url available in the html. I would prefer that the tool does its job with an offline mode as all the info that I have is already saved in the local html files, so it doesn't spend times to try all missing urls.

My about 20 years archives (many thousand of files) were mostly saved with Internet Explorer (Maxthon) for a few years then mostly with Firefox, and now Google Chrome (and httrack).

The idea : I choose one big folder "Source" (usually a month archives), it scan alone all the html, htm and mth files, in all the subfolders, than create in a big folder "Target" all the converted pdf files with the original names in the same subfolders.
Example :

I have tried to use wkhtmltopdf which is based on webkit (Safari with the following script (based on a old AHK script found here) :

WorKingDir := "C:\prog\wkhtmltox\bin"      
pdParams := "wkhtmltopdf.exe "
FileSelectFolder,SourcePath,,0,Select Source Folder
If SourcePath =

FileSelectFolder,TargetPath,*%SourcePath%,0,Select Target Folder
If TargetPath =

If (SourcePath==TargetPath){
  Msgbox 0x40000,, % "SourcePath and TargetPath cant be the same "    TargetPath

Loop, Files, %SourcePath%\*.htm, R
SplitPath, A_LoopFileFullPath, , , , OutNameNoExt
pCmd := pdParams """"  A_LoopFileFullPath """"  " " """" TargetPath "\" OutNameNoExt "_.pdf" """"   
RunWait % comspec " /c " pCmd , % WorKingDir

Results seems ok but here are the problems that I have found :
- The output folders are not created as wkhtmltopdf puts all created pdf files into the Target folder without subfolders. This creates problems when html files have the same name as wkhtmltopdf overwrites them !
Feature request: create output folders if necessary

- Sometimes it creates small unnecessary pdf files (2ko!). I can later delete them. I think they are created as when saving a webpage CTRL+S there are also some small htm files created in a related folder.
so in fact this is normal and ok ! ;)

- I have tried to implement the following trick :
offline mode: does not try to look for missing component online for locally saved html files

I have replaced this line of code:
pdParams := "wkhtmltopdf.exe "

with :
pdParams := "wkhtmltopdf.exe --proxy= "

Alas it didn't work as it is still slowly trying to crawl missing urls online.

- No silent mode as flashing cmd windows don't let me continue to work on my computer!

If I am not using the correct tool, I'd be pleased to try other ideas (maybe based on other rendering engines ?). ;)
I realize that no method is error free so text or images may not be rendered perfectly each time but as long as I have most of them it will be fine. ;)

Many thanks in advance ;) 

Win 8.1 64bits home

Dear all,

Main idea:
With one click on a button, the Web Extension (in Google Chrome or Firefox) silently saves the complete webpage as html and as a complete screenshot. Then it closes silently the tab. 

Process detailed :
1) Save the complete webpage like if I use the shortcut [CTRL+S] and rename the page as MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC.html + its related folder ("htmlfilename_files" containing small images and etc....)
And all of that without prompting to enter filename and/or directory.

2) Save a complete screenshot of the page
This can be the equivalent of this extension : ScreenGrab "Save Complete page" :
(or something like this trick :  tip : [CTRL+I], then [CTRL+P], then typewrite capture Full screenshot page (see In my tests this don't capture always all the page. But this may better than nothing!)

3) close the tab
Like when I use [CTRL+W]
(or a webextension like https://chrome.googl...midmoifolgpjkmhdmalf )

Optional :
- the button can be a standard icon or a bookmark button. It can change color when the saving process is running.
- it could be great if the saved content in saved in different folder each day (like: C:\NEWS\MONTH_DAY\MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC.html + folder : C:\NEWS\MONTH_DAY\MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC_files ...)
- the save html webpage can be replaced by "Save Page WE" https://chrome.googl...geafimnjhojgjamoafof
but it creates only one html file containing images a little like a .mht file. It works ok but probably not 100% on all pages.
- save a WARC file of the webpage ("WARC is now recognized by most national library systems as the standard to follow for web archival" Example : WARCreate https://chrome.googl...lcbmckhiljgaabnpcaaa
- Force closing the tab if after 10 seconds not everything is saved ?
- maybe saving the screenshot first is faster than saving html first ?

Why am I asking for this ?
With the new Firefox Quantum released a few months ago, I am forced to change my habits. I save a lot of pages daily with one click on a bookmark. I am very happy with it. But I currently uses an outdated Firefox + Imacro addon versions in order to save webpages very fast. See https://www.reddit.c...d_web_pages/dvbnycf/ and https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=23782.0
Previously I used a Firegesture shortcut to save webpages. This resulted in too many webpages saved for my taste! So now I prefer one click on a bookmark in the top middle of my screen !
But why saving the same webpage with different formats ?
Because I realized that sometimes the saved html page is not saved properly. Then when I tries many years later to open it with the current browser of the day, it does not display well because of some small inserted urls or something ! Too bad for me as there is a small missing image that either I have to dig in the related html folder to see or it was not saved for some reasons !
So being able to see a screenshot might not be a bad idea (and in the Windows Explorer I can also display screenshots as 'extra large icon'). ;)
Furthermore, now years later, I use locally Dtsearch for indexing all my contents and online Google Drive which does automatically OCR (even it is far from perfect!) on screenshots ! ;)

Many thanks in advance ;)

Dear all,

First some background for the idea :
I have some PDF files which are damaged. My goal is to OCR what can be repaired (I recently tested "Nuance Power PDF Advanced2". IMHO it can OCR many pdf that have problems that other OCR softwares can't even open. But alas it has still problem with some pdf files.)

I have tried several tools and techniques. The best ones so far being :
- 3-Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair (they also sell a shell version).
(The free version can be used here : )
The problem is that it doesn't repair all defects properly. ;(

- and a batch script using SumatraPDF and the printer Bullzip ( see https://www.donation...opic=42713.msg399623 ).
The problem here is that it takes a lot of time,CPU and memory. For instance a pdf of 100MB uses 16GB of temporary SSD space in order to produce ("print") finally, after 10 minutes, a 300MB pdf !
Also for several pdf files, the process is done and at the end no pdf file is created ! ;(

So I got this idea :
I realize that the nice thing is that I can open most of the pdf (that have errors) with SumatraPDF.  ;)
So it would be great if some software could once the pdf openned in SumatraPDF, take a screenshot of each pages in burst mode (one screenshot then turn to the next page, then repeat). Then I could probably make a pdf from the image files and OCR them very fast ?
I did test SCREENSHOT CAPTOR VERSION 4 https://www.donation...hotcaptor/index.html but I wasn't able to do it (the automatic page "down/up" did not work - win8.1 64) !

Thanks in advance ;)

Dear all,

I need to merge many pdf files located into thousands of subfolders (several levels) full of pdf and other files. At the end, I need only one big pdf file per subfolder.

Example: “C:\Main_folder\” contains :









Desired results:



C:\Main_folder\subfolder_yuege255\uejgd56564\subfolder_yuege255.pdf  (or C:\Main_folder\subfolder_yuege255\uejgd56564\uejgd56564.pdf)


note: It would be great if results could be added into a new big folder (like C:\Main_folder2\ for instance).

I am on Win8.1 64bits.
Free or open source solutions preferred.
Thanks in advance ;)

Dear all,

I have noticed that trying to OCR some of my PDF files causes a crash. But if I open the file with (and only!) SumatraPDF I can print the pdf to a pdf file (with bullzip) and get a new pdf file that I can then OCR successfully. ;)
So I need to print pdf-to-pdf many pdf files gathered inside one big folders and its many sub-folders.

I thought that an .ahk script would help me : I choose the folder where I have the original pdf files. It opens SumatraPDF silently, it logs the possible files in error then continue, and print to the default free printer Bullzip silently.
I have already chosen the default output folder and the silent part in the settings of Bullzip.

I have tried to adapt an old ahk file to my purpose, but it doesn't work. ;(

FileSelectFolder,SourcePath,,0,Select Source Folder
If SourcePath =

FolderSize = 0
Loop, %A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*, , 1
FolderSize += %A_LoopFileSize%
If FolderSize >0
RunWait,C:\Program Files (x86)\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe  -print-to-default -silent "%A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*"

Many thanks in advance ;)

ps: I also use these freeware a lot which helps reduce the list of pdf files which have problems with OCR : PDF Text Checker https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=27311.0, PDFInfoGUI http://skwire.dcmemb.../fp/?page=pdfinfogui both from skwire and this command line script WINDOWS+R : https://www.donation....msg330784#msg330784

Dear all,

A few months ago I have added a new layer into my backup strategy :
(short answer : I do a new automatic online backup but I avoid uploading again with my slow dsl line my data from Google Drive+Gmail into another cloud provider : Amazon Cloud Drive "Unlimited Everything". But it could have been another one like: Dropbox, OneDrive Office 365,...etc..Thanks to . They have many possibilities available)

1) Offline :
local copies from time to time into different hard drives and physical locations.

2) Online :
On my pc I use (about $5/month) for mirroring my pc (see my previous experience with them here https://www.donation...opic=34797.msg373077 )
I also use (one time $20 fee) for uploading some of my data into Google Drive.
Then I recommend these service for saving gmail and Google Drive into indirectly Amazon S3 :
- Individuals : (30$/year) for saving Gmail+ Google Drive. note: I have not tested them lately but it should do the work imho.
- Companies : ($40/year. if you want to, you can use this link so both of us get a $5 rebate : ). As I was told there "the difficult part is not the backup, but the restore part". I did test them a lot on that and it works. Their point in time restore is quite good ! ;)

The new part is that in order to avoid uploading again all the data that I have in Google Drive, I use :
I transfer and sync continuously my Google Drive +Gmail data automatically with Cloudhq (about $10/month) into Amazon Unlimited Everything (about $60/year). It fits my needs as I don't have to upload again from my slow dsl line all my TBs data that I have already uploaded (Rough guess: I upload a little more than 1TB per year). I also can save my family emails and their related google drive on my amazon drive. ;)

Another thing that I do is that I save on a google Spreadsheet the date and main big folders names that I delete from Google Drive (it happens when I hit the 1TB limit in Google Drive). This can helps a lot when I do a restore later.

As the backblaze guys says : "backup before you wish you had ! " 

I hope this helps ;)

Dear all,

5 years ago, skwire helped me with this unzipping request https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=21424.0
But today I have found 3 things that are annoying me with skwire's solution with .rar files:
"Here's the 7-zip version: Download : http://skwire.dcmemb...nacks/ "

1) Extract .rar files inside current directory not root folder.
All .rar files located inside these folders :
C:\test\2015-04\1\ and C:\test\2015-04\2\
are unzipped inside this folder:
instead of this folder :
C:\test\2015-04\1\ and C:\test\2015-04\2\ respectively.

2) Possibility to delete .rar files once unzipped

3) Possibility to unzip only .rar files

Note: currently I still using this old unzipping software for unzipping mainly .zip files (it doesn't work well with .rar files unzipping only one per session). I am still using it years later (even in windows 8.1 64bits) because it respects the windows 260 characters limits or so. This is less powerful that 7zip (which has no limit) but I am sure that later on, other windows softwares (that have the windows 260 characters limit) can read the unzipped files. ;)

Many thanks in advance ;)


I have many htm files in a folder.
I would like that an Autohotkey script opens one file, then delete anything before keyword A and after keyword B. Then save and close the htm file.
And repeat the same process for all the other htm files in the folder.

note: Keyword A & B can be a long phrase like "var this_is<_a long: "phrase" "

Thanks by advance ;)

Dear all,

In the past years I have already made some similar requests that are (still) working with Winrar :

A) zip all main sub-folders at once with Winrar
see : https://www.donation...57.msg33048#msg33048

B) For unziping I use Unziplify (it checks several times if a new zip is inside the just unzipped folders).

Now, I would like to do the same with 7zip as it creates very small 7z files in my case Example: 5.7 Go not zipped files becomes 1 Go rar file (note : I can't do it in .zip file as 2 Go limit reached) or a smaller 50 Mo only 7z file !! Time spent to do the zipping is the same aprox 10min.
1) zip all main sub-folders at once with 7zip
I guess I have to change this row :
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. RunWait,c:\Program Files\WinRar\WinRar.exe a -r -ep1 -m3 "%TargetPath%\" "%A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*"
But I am lost ! ;(

2) unzipping with 7zip

A problem for me is that it does not delete .7z files once they have been unzipped

Thanks in advance ;)

Win 8.1 64bits

General Software Discussion / Cut and paste list of files ?
« on: July 04, 2013, 01:26 PM »

I have a list of files ("!Not_Searchable.txt") created using the great freeware PDFTextChecker (https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=27311.0).

Here is an example of what is inside the text file (it may contains accents or non-ASCII characters) :
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2002.pdf
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2001.pdf
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2000.pdf
(note: there are thousands of rows)

I would like to cut and paste those files into another folder.
I have tried the freeware Puresync ( but it is too buggy alas (not transferring every files...). ;(

Any other idea ?
Thanks in advance ;)


In a big folder and its subfolders, I have among other files thousands of small pdf files that have in fact a size of 0 ko.
Do you know a way to delete those ?  (bonus: and delete the folder if it becomes empty after that?).

Thanks in advance ;)


Dear all,

An online backup company is supposed to back my data. I am customer since April 2011. I have recommended their service on this website (see :
https://www.donation....msg283957#msg283957 ).

Here is my (not so good) experience :

1) March 2012 : Too bad ! I've chosen the wrong option and I just lost my uploaded data (500 Go).
I did not make this error the first time I have used it.


Here is why I think the backblaze guidelines misleaded me : for computer‑hp[3] , I was in a hurry and read fast :
see the following part at the bottom of this link :
"COMMON QUESTIONS : • My computer died and I have a new one, what should I do?"

I have thought : does my computer has failed ? Yes. So I have followed the text : this was my error (I didn't use "Transfer Backup State") !

IMHO you should make your explanations more clear i.e. : like this :

If your computer has crashed : you have 2 options :
#1 : you don't want to keep your previous uploaded data and install blackblaze software on another (new) computer, follow these guidelines :
"My computer died and I have a new one, what should I do?"


#2 : You want to keep your previous uploaded data as one of your hard dives has failed or you are adding a new hard drive to your computer ? Follow the guidelines under "How do I transfer a license to a different computer?"


I asked them to correct this and add a simple delay if one customer makes an error. But they didn't change their process or their guidelines ! (even if they now add the current date to the name of the computer when you add a new one - that was another of my suggestion...). I even wrote to their CEO and received... no answer !

2) April 2013 : Sorry there is a bug in our software : you are forced to delete your uploaded data !   What ? I have just lost (1,100 Go) ! Too bad for me : just start over from zero !
I have spent more than one year to upload my data (DSL line) ! ;(

bzfileids.dat too large ? :


Thanks for contacting us. I think I know what is going on, but you'll have to help fill in some details. Something has gone slightly haywire on your system that we are seeing in very few customers backups related to the bzfileids.dat file.

There is a very specific file on your disk that is part of Backblaze which has bloated up to be too large. It is called "bzfileids.dat" and is found here:

Mac: /Library/Backblaze/bzdata/bzbackup/bzfileids.dat
Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\Backblaze\bzdata\bzbackup\bzfileids.dat
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All\Application data\backblazebzdata\bzbackup\bzfileids.dat

This is a very simple file, it is a mapping from your filenames to a totally unique integer ID that is anonymous that we use to identify your files in the Backblaze datacenter. This means we never know any of your file names, or file contents.

For some reason, your computer wants to backup a few million files and your bzfileids has grown very large (yours is over 1 GB). When bztransmit (the process that runs once per hour) starts up, it reads this bzfileids.dat file into RAM. On a normal machine, this is about 20 MB, but on your machine something has gone haywire and bzfileids has grown far too large.

Now, there are several things that contribute to this file being large, so you can think about how this happened and let us know. We're trying to understand this situation better:

A) If you have ever renamed a Time Machine folder at the top of your hard drive, Backblaze will bloat up trying to back it up. It is absolutely not supported to "back up a back up" and Backblaze can only function properly backing up the originals.

B) Lots of files. If you knew of a folder with hundreds of thousands of small files that didn't change much you could back them up differently or exclude them from Backblaze backups.

C) Renaming top level folders with a lot of files. For example, if your top level folder name is "/my_music" and it contains 100,000 file names in it, then when you rename it "/my_great_music" Backblaze needs to add all of those filenames to that bzfileids.dat file which bloats it up. So the best thing you can do is keep your enormous folders the same over a long period.

D) Shorter Path Names. It would be best if your hundreds of thousands of files are on a disk called "d" instead of "disk_that_contains_files" and the top level folder is called "f" instead of "folder_for_lots_of_files". Etc. The shorter the paths, the smaller the bzfileids.dat file is.

It's possible to shrink the bzfileids.dat in case they've been temporarily bloated by one of the above situations, however it requires reuploading all data to the Backblaze servers. You can follow these steps to do that:
1. Visit and sign in to your Backblaze account with your email address and password.
2. Click on the "Account" link in the upper left hand corner
3. Select your "old" computer from the list of computers.
4. Click the "Delete Computer" link next to it. This will delete the backed up data, the bloated bzfileids.dat and free up the paid license.
5. Click on "Overview"
6. Click the download link for your operating system in the bottom right corner.
7. Install Backblaze.

Here's the problem. If you cannot reduce the number of files or path names significantly, then you absolutely are going to encounter this issue again. We are working on a fix for it, but it is proving to be very difficult and currently our engineering team has no ETA on a fix. If you uninstall and reinstall without changing anything, then your backup might start working again, but you will reencounter this problem a little ways down the road.

Here is why I think I had this problem : yesterday I have added a new drive F:\ to be backup.
Alas it has removed all the folders I have added previously in the the exclusion tab (I was aware of this bad backblaze client behaviour, but I did not remember it!)  .
Futhermore I think clicked on ok too fast and forgot to exclude some folders on the new drive that contains millions of files.

Then just after I have tried to exclude them as I was hearing my drive (E:\ and F\ are on the same physical drive) running like crazy during a lot of minutes. This was too late to be stopped !
Then I rebooted my computer and got the backblaze's error message.

Usually I just mainly upload zip files of my 10+ years archives (big zipped files containing many htm and their related files : gif etc...) and keep an unzipped folder on my pc (on F:\) just to make keywords searches on it.
I just keep the current month unzipped in backblaze and a few big video files. Like that I have about 500,000 files to upload (about 1To size). This can be managed by backblaze fine. ;)

But now I am blocked : I can't change the amount of files the Backblaze client has counted !
Even if I am sure (with the same folders excluded) I have 'only' 500,000 files to upload in total (1.1 To), it keeps saying :
Selected : 3.2 Millions files (2 To)
Remaining : 2.7 Millions files (0.9 To)
Please see screenshots.

- If I remove the F:\ drive, it changes nothing. (*)

- If I had some folders in E:\ in the exclusion tab, it changes nothing. (I cant' remove C:\ !) (*)

- And this is the same thing if I remove fully the E:\ drive ! (*)

(*) Even if I hit ALT+restore [here the strange thing is that I am not hearing my E drive running (I am sure of this as my C:\ drive is a ssd)] or if I choose "only when I click backup" and it hit backup. Or if I let it on continuously !

I have tried to download a new backblaze client and install it. Alas I have the same problem !

Here is what I finally did [EDIT: In the end this did not help me but I had no other option!] :
I made a copy of bzfileids.dat.
I deleted the original one.
Then hit ALT+restore. This seemed to do something but it didn't work.
Then I installed backblaze client again. And it created a new bzfileids.dat !
Now I just have to wait x days and all my data will be again online (like if I had a new hard drive).
In 1 day it has found 400Go out of 1100Go. And 582,000 files out of 588,000. ;) (see screenshots).
And the is only 60MB (not 1 Go anymore)


Unfortunately, manually editing the bzfileids.dat file is not a viable option to resolve the bzfileids issue. Manually editing this file will likely cause issues with your backup, possibly resulting in lost or corrupted backup data. While it will appear to work, all the pointers for the existing files in your backup to the corresponding file on your system have been severed, as well as any versioning history. The only current solution we have to the issue is the upload of a fresh backup. We are working on a software update to resolve this specific issue, but until that update is complete, this is the only means of ensuring a reliable, secure backup.

Because the bzfileids file has already been manually edited and attempted to synchronize with the Backblaze backup, I would be extremely suspect of the viability of the existing backup.

To uninstall and reinstall the Backblaze application and start a fresh backup, please follow these steps:

1. Reboot your computer to make sure all Backblaze files are unlocked.
2. Uninstall Backblaze.
• Mac -- Hold down option and click on the Backblaze menu bar icon and choose Uninstall.
• Windows -- use the Add/Remove Programs utility to remove Backblaze.
The uninstaller will warn you that your backed up data will be deleted, but you can disregard this warning. The deletion does not occur immediately, so as long as you reinstall Backblaze within a week, you can continue with this process.

3. Visit and sign in to your Backblaze account with your email address and password.
4. Click the "Home" link at the top left hand corner of the browser.
5. Click the orange "Download Again" link center screen
6. Run the installer you downloaded.

The new installation will register as a 15 day trial under your new account. You can let the trial run it's course to allow the client to upload as much data as possible before removing the old backup and transferring the paid license. Once you are ready to remove the old backup and transfer the license to the new backup, you can do so by following these steps:
1. Visit and sign in to your Backblaze account with your email address and password.
2. Click on the "Account" link in the upper left hand corner
3. Select your "old" computer from the list of computers.
4. Click the "Delete Computer" link next to it. This will delete the backed up data, and free up the paid license.
5. On the Overview page click the "Use License" button next to your new computer.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


So I had no other option than to start over from zero !  >:(
Any way to speed my new backup ? No !  :(
Even as it is backblaze's fault they should provide a solution like for instance : I send them a crypted hard drive (they give me a special software for that). They add it to their datacenter and they send me back my hard drive.

I must add that their support answered me within one day most of the time (* see next message).

Would I recommend backblaze ? Hard question ! I am still a customer (only one computer now. I had two before) as I have paid one year in advance. I don't know what I would do next.

I hope this helps (backblaze included) ! ;)


Do you know a Windows software (*) than can create an RSS feed for any webpage ?

Here is what I am looking for : I manually select what is a title, what is a link and if needed what is the content that I would like to keep (article content + their related images if they exist). The software create a RSS feed from that. Then it monitors the feed every x hours (or x days at a specified time). If updates are found then send the results to my email address.

It is a little like a combination of the Firefox addon: Autopager (WYSIWYG selection which uses Xpath and WebSite-Watcher (RSS software monitoring

(*) not an online service like yahoo pipes. As if, for instance, such company goes bankrupt I lose everything !
ps: best wishes to all for 2013. ;)

Dear all,

I would like to batch convert folders (and many subfolders) full of .htm and .html files to pdf files with "pdf creator" ?

I guess that "pdf creator" can be used with a command line (http://www.pdfforge....mand-line-parameters) and maybe somebody can help me with a AutoHotkey script ? But I am not against another program as long as the pdf is OCRed.

I would like that it deletes the htm file once the job is done and keep the same filename (example001.htm => example001.pdf) inside the same folder(s).
I also would be much pleased if "pdf creator" can be run in silent mode for a specified main folder (does the job in the background).

Many thanks  in advance, ;)

ps: here is why I need this : Over the years I have saved many htm files in my computer with only one hand gesture in Firefox (see https://www.donation...opic=23782.msg215935)
I would like to be able to make keywords searches of my archives in my Google Drive. Alas for now Google Drive displays (and index) only the code of html files. ;(
I have already copied only my htm + html files with Syncback (free and Puresync (
Hopefully Google Drive index the content of pdf files (first 10 pages if no OCR in the pdf file and first 100 pages if the pdf file is already OCRed. See http://support.googl...n&answer=2423485). Hence my idea to convert my htm(l) files into pdf ones. Furthermore, converting my files decrease their size (example: .htm size : 153 ko => .pdf size : 105ko only ! ;))


Do you know a way to easily collect titles and links from a website ?

save only titles and links of this website :
which contains only this kind of links (the other links being excluded) :

Results :

title 01

title 02


Thanks in advance ;)


Here is a tip that I use daily and which saves me a lot of time and troubles. ;)

The idea : I read many articles online and I have the habit to save them (I used "CTRL+S"+"Enter" before).
I need to do it fast (only one mouse gesture and a click).
And when I do my backup archives once a month (zip files saved on dvds and hard drives), I need to avoid errors later (usually during unzipping when I have some small files with path longer than the 260 characters limit on Windows Xp see here).

Here is the setting part (this is a little long but it saves so much time later ;) ) :
You need :
- Firefox
- and these two Firefox addons :

1) create 2 new imacros files (adapt the path "C:\.." to your own saving folder path) :

SAVEAS TYPE=CPL FOLDER=C:\Users\David\Desktop\savingfolder\OT FILE={{!NOW:yyyymmdd_hhnnss}}


SAVEAS TYPE=CPL FOLDER=C:\Users\David\Desktop\savingfolder\OT FILE={{!NOW:yyyymmdd_hhnnss}}

2) (once imacro module openned) right click on 01autosaveclose.iim (same for 02autosave.iim) and "add to bookmark"

3) right click on your new firefox bookmarks (see "bookmarks" menu at the top of firefox) and add a shortcut (right click on the bookmark + left click on "property")

For first bookmark, I advise the keyword : 01autosaveclose
For second bookmark , I advise the keyword : 02autosave

4) open Firegestures options, go into the second tab called "Mapping" [note: before you may have to remove gestures "D" (= "down") and "L" (= "left") if they are already used]. Then choose, "add a script".

name : 01autosaveclose
script : loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('01autosaveclose',{}));
getShortcutOrURIAndPostData('01autosaveclose').then(function(result) {
gesture : D

Do the same for another script :
name : 02autosave
script : loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('02autosave',{}));
getShortcutOrURIAndPostData('02autosave').then(function(result) {
gesture : L

Results :
Right click on your mouse + down mouse gesture = autosave current htm(l) page + close it
Example : file saved :  "20100820_095428.htm" (date and time) + corresponding folder name including images,etc...

Right click on your mouse + left mouse gesture = autosave current htm(l) page (without closing it)

Hope this helps ;)


Just to let you know that I very much like Pitaschio (freeware as it adds the following time saver options:
-"parent folder" by double clicking inside explorer. Under vista the parent folder icon can appear inside the open/save dialog box but not into explorer - note: you may have to disable the option "popup menu on double click in another program named "PS Hot Folders", so they can work together)
- and "activate the current window" when I click on the mouse wheel (I often had this problem in firefox)

I would be pleased to know if you have any other ideas. ;)
Thanks in advance ;)


I have tested a few programs (*) under Vista which could have the option: a list of the "recent folders" in the open/save dialog box (Vista naturally has one on the the left part of the open/save dialog box, but it does not work in real time).

The only one, that is working for me is (shareware - I am unrelated to this company and I am still in the trial period):
PS Hot Folders

I would be pleased to know if you have any other ideas. ;)
Thanks in advance ;)

Many programs exist and work under xp only. ;(

Tested, but failed to do the job under vista:
Direct folders : alas the "recent folders" option does not appear in the open/save dialog box under vista
Pikyfolders (Pikisuite) : alas add only "favorite folders" option in the open/save dialog box

Should not work under Vista:
FileBox eXtender
Dialog Box Assistant


I would like to unzip any zip files contained in a folder, and its subfolders, and its subfolders and....
I was using the freeware unziplify but it does not seem to work well anymore on my computers (xp or vista). It falsely says that my zip file is corrupt even if atfer some test Winrar and 7-zip software say everything is fine.

I am using an Autohotkey script which does the zipping with Winrar command line software perfectly but could anyone help me do the unzipping ?
Here is a 2006 old thread which explains how I still do the zipping :

I guess it may be possible to use an Autohotkey script using the Winrar command line software (so like that I would be aware of unzipping errors) but I am open to any other suggestions.

Many thanks in advance ;)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 04, 2006, 04:09 PM »

I am using the great freeware unziplify (http://www.silverban...m/tabdown/unziplify/) in order to unzip with only one click all zipped folders inside any zip file contained into a main folder.
I would like to have a software which would do quite similarly the opposite!

I have this mainfolder :

It contains several sub-folders (and each sub-folders contain many files and folders which don't need to be zipped separately) :

I would like to just have to click on a context menu buton (right mouse click) on the folder "c:\main_folder\", so it will zip all the first sub-folders at once :

Note: I am using currently Powerarchiver as a zip program.

Thanks in advance for your help ;)

See ya
EDIT: The solution is in the bottom messages (use a free Autohotkey script and buy Winrar : see https://www.donation...57.msg33048#msg33048)!

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