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ProcessTamer / Can Dumpreg.exe and Dr. Watson be tamed ?
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:18 AM »
Occasionally an application becomes unresponsive.

Some times I simply launch Task Manager and it only needs a couple of clicks to terminate the application, and perhaps two more clicks to kill the residual process, and then I can relaunch or do other things - no problem.

Other times it takes a minute before I can get Task Manager to appear, and when it does I find that multiple instances of dumpreg.exe are using 99.9 % CPU, and I think Dr. Watson triggered the aggravation.  I can only regain control by selecting the dumpreg.exe that has the largest share of the CPU, and then killing the process tree.

I believe dumpreg.exe is trying to prepare/send a report to Microsoft upon an unresponsive "whatsit",
and then Dr Watson may decide that dumpreg.exe is itself unresponsive so it launches further instance(s) of dumpreg.exe to report the failure(s) of the previous instance(s), and the system suffers a fatal embrace and hardly ever looks at the mouse and keyboard to see me hammering away in desperation.

Can Process Tamer ensure that dumpreg.exe etc. will never again lock me out of my own computer ?
I do not know how to make a "whatsit" unresponsive, so I cannot test Process Tamer's capability,
and I do not wish to install Process Tamer today and lose control next year if it cannot tame dumpreg, or if it requires a special configuration option.


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