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The request is to make a small utility which can gather files from multiple folders (sources) and can copy to single/multiple folder. There's a paid app for it but no freeware/Donationware and just to explain it better I'm pasting a reference of it. THE OLDER FREE VERSION OF SAME APP DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE on Windows 8.1/ Windows 10 (64bit)

Copywhiz was formerly known as 'Piky Basket'.

Copywhiz enhances your file copy experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when copying files by letting you choose which type of files to copy & which to ignore - Selective File Copy.

You will love to see how easy & fast it is to 1) pick only required files from several folders in a shot, 2) compress only selected files from multiple folders 3) collect files from multiple folders and paste at once 4) and lot more smiley.

This is very useful for sharing only particular set of files with someone, backing up only changed files, automating manual time-consuming file copying tasks etc.
People are interested in it and have made queries for it's alternative in the past on DonationCoder, Some thread links


CacheMyWork is a handy utility that enables you to reboot Windows without losing your place in your work. It builds a checklist of currently open applications, and will restart the apps you've selected the next time you logon to the computer.
Cache My Work is great for occasions when you need to unexpectedly reboot, such as on "Patch Tuesday", after installing new drivers, or when Windows runs out of Desktop Heap, Handles or GDI Objects (which happens more often than I'd like - even with the fixes described here).

If you're like me, you avoid rebooting your computer because it means you'll forget what you were working on. Every time I have to reboot because of some install/uninstall/patch, invariably I forget half of what I was working on because I don't remember all the docs and apps I have to reopen (those 5-15 minutes between "shutdown all apps" and "logged in, Windows quieted down" are huge opportunities for me to be randomized and lose my short-term memory cache).
Home Page
CacheMyWork v1.2 screenshot.png

I am looking for a utility (ahk script is fine) which sits in the background and waits until a certain program is started, and then exited (checking every second or two).  when the program exists after running, it should check for a list of programs i specify that might also still be left running, and offer to close them.

As an example:
When i run and then exit firefox, i want the utility to check if my standalone downloader application is still running, and if so, offer to close it.

Starting here a discussion whether anyone has combined 2 or more DC codes to work together and if yes then they can post it here for the benefit of others
Let me post the first I don't know whether it'll be useful for you or not but sometimes it is for me....(Mainly for Laptop users)

Here i have taken Skrommel's BatteryRun and Skwire's PowerschemeToggler

So now the BatteryRun toggles my PowerScheme whenever the power goes off and if it is running....
Thought might help someone...

How can it be achieved...
1) Download both codes and keep the PowerSchemeToggler in the same folder of BatteryRun and run it.
2) Set your desired Powerschemes, make it for example 1)PowerSaveer 2)High Performance.
3) Run cmd window and open the BatteryRun Folder to run BatteryRun.exe
4) Type exact command given here... Suppose you have BatteryRun.exe in C:\user\batteryrun then
    C:\user\BatteryRun>batteryrun.exe "powerschemetoggler.exe -toggle" "powerschemetoggler.exe -toggle"
5) -toggle is the command with powerschemetoggler.exe to toggle powerschemes, you can generate a shortcut from the main program to toggle
    if you don't want to use it with BatteryRun.

If any other user has come across combining 2 DC utilities or Codes, Kindly post them here for others...
Hope you Enjoy!!!
Thanking you all for bearing with me and reading this post until the end.

After seeing the coders here, I know its not hard to code a Toggle utility with a Customized Global Hotkey which changes the power schemes.

When executed if HIGH PERFORMANCE is active then should change to Powersave and vice-versa

Help Here
How to Geek

Dear Intelligent Friends (Atleast Surely intelligent than me because you can program and I cannot)

Can anyone make something so that when a user rightclicks any file he should get an option to create folder by the file's name excluding extension and move that file in the folder after creating the folder...

If an option given to move the no. of files then better and option to remove the hashes and any other special character while creating the folder from the file's name then better as well....

Like in the attachment there are two files selected and if right clicked a single folder should get created by the name and the two files should be moved inside the folder after creation of the folder.

Dear all,
First Post and desperately in need of help for the small program which can automatically create sub-folders on the basis of album name for music files and move those music files into the specific folder... example

Name of the song                               Album
abcdef.mp3                                       sample
weferw.mp3                                       sample
qwerty.mp3                                       Test
do not worry.mp3                                Test

Now it should create 2 sub folders with the name Sample and Test and move first 2 files in Sample and 2nd 2 files in Test...

Album Names are already present.... :)

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