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The Form Letter Machine / Portables Please
« on: September 26, 2013, 07:24 AM »
Hi Mouser

First: Can you make your "old" software Portable, please.

Second: Thanks for all!

ab imo pectore

General Software Discussion / Need Help for my AZERTY keyboard
« on: April 02, 2011, 01:47 PM »
Ok guys here is my problem...

I need to write "á"í"ó"ú"Á"Ó"Ú"Í" " many times and my keyboard AZERTY dont have that accent "´"

i just need this damn accent, nothing more....

using the ALT+ in the office is not the solution...

how can i  have that accent ?   i would use something like " '+a "  for to have "á" or i can use a free key in my keyboard (like shift +²)

and please tell me something with a very light memory print ....

best regards

General Software Discussion / open directorie in new windows?????
« on: October 13, 2009, 07:15 PM »
i have to explorer  and organise 2 hard disk with 200 gigas each,
for that i have to open every directory, after opening pdf or txt file, rename with a good name and put them in the good directory
after i go back, in the root i have to go down search and delete these empty directory.

PLEASE HELP,  how can i just get these directory in the root, open it in another windows , do my job and after , in the first windows , delete it ????

did i was clear? :)

thanks for yours answers
best regards

General Software Discussion / I search a reserved space for thumbwin
« on: September 20, 2009, 01:29 PM »
ok i try to explain, i see something like what i search somewhere here but i don't find it....

i use thumbwin that makes littles images of all open windows in my desktop
it is easy to make them come up with a hotkey, but....
i want to see my thumbs little windows allways, so i seach something that will reserve a little space in my windows for that

i use to put the thumbs  in my desktop at the right, and i have a 1920 screen so i have all space i need and more,
in conclusion can i reserve space in my screen for that programme and only for him?

how to do that ?

thanks for your help
best regards

Greetings All

after have search something lite  for interface with windows i found that:

Strokeit: a mouse gesture free software... :  and read the forum too...

and with that i use another small free prog. ShortPopUp  :

with this 2 SMALL application i am happy

ab imo pectore

PopUp Wisdom / dont work the book selection
« on: August 05, 2009, 07:30 PM »
all ok in installing, after i choose the book in preferences, but the prog said 0 entries ...
after when i click on tray icon or i press the macro NOTHING just the pop-up windows with yours comments like the first time

i try to reinstall but always the same...

i uninstall and reinstall and i see i am always registered....
how can i clean that registration and have all clean like before i install the prog the first time??

thanks anyway

best regards

ok what is the idea exactly...
is a resident to do list and reminder, until now nothing special

the special is for the to do list definition of the priority...

to wach my car
      because is durty
      i go to visit mam
      my wife tells me that she go away if i dont wash it

like you see more arguments you put in the "why" section more high is the priority...

option if the task have more than 5 WHYs the programme tells you every hour for to do that
1 hour before date , after 1/2 hour before, and so on ....

yes is something for to make you do the task, and in option .... for deactivate that you have to write a long sentence.....iwantostopthingbecauseiamtoolazy....blabla

(i know i can just put that out off memory, but i will have a serius conscience problem :)

i hope to have been clear

Coding Snacks / dock anywhere very light
« on: July 31, 2009, 09:14 PM »
hum... i am too lazy

so here is what i search, i am sure that it is somewhere,  but i don't find yet how to do that...

i want open my quick launch bar, or another bar or a directory where i store my shortcuts --- anywhere just with the middle mouse click...
for to be more clear (my English is ugly) i want a light dock that opens with the middle mouse click
like the CIRCLE DOCK but more light with memory....

can you help guys
ab imo pectore

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