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General Software Discussion / Cannot claim free space in C:\
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:58 AM »
Hello guys, i thought i would post my problem here. Since Google didn't show many results.
U see my problem is my C:\ is 200 GB which is quite less for Win7.
I h' portable drive to make a backup of my data. Which i do and its going okay.
But whenever i download some movies to drive C:\ it occupies some space and over time it becomes quite full
but i also delete those files which r on C:\; but when i check the details it doesn't show the amount of free space available.
Please see snapshot.
So as it doesn't do that, i end up with more and more used space, i don't know what i should do to
claim those free spaces. At one time, my available free space was only 11 MB and Win7 showed some errors. But
it quite did not claim the free space. So eventually i reverted back to the snapshot that was fresh and still working with
lots of space. Due to this problem i h' to go back to previous snapshot again and again. (I use Rollback Rx for that).

So guys hope it was understandable, how do i fix this.
Please do not tell me to use Disk Cleanup tool as i h' already done that and it shows only 200 MB of file to be deleted.
Where as i am talking about 80-90 GB of space. Refresh button doesn't help.


General Software Discussion / Mozilla search result behaving abnormally?
« on: September 22, 2019, 08:26 AM »
Hello Mozilla users.
A week or months ago, i had allowed one app from doing something that i don't clearly remember about.
But the nagging thing is that, whenever i try to search for something.
It also show's some other results which i do not want.
It's like the normal behavior of the browser is changed.
I have been using Mozilla for years and i don't want to change or install or move to some other browsers.
So please help me with this change, i want to remove that app or thing that is making Mozilla behave in a strange way.

Please see the snapshot for the difference.
The first image is how Mozilla used to behave and i am fine with that. But then after few seconds it shows different results(Second image).
If you want to see or know the difference then try typing Shadow defender download in the Google.
It show up something like this is in the image. But in my case it changes to different page. How do i fix this.
I don't want Mozilla to behave that way. Any help would be great.

Hello, i just recently purchased a 4 TB Ext HDD. It requires Win7,8 & 10 OS to run.
I am running Winxp, my hardware actually came with Winxp and i tried 7 but continuously got some error when i
would insert a device like a, wireless device. So after thinking a hell out, i decided i would switched to xp again.
What cannot it do that 7 can. XP is still good on hardware it came with.
So, my new Ext HDD doesn't run on xp.
So i was hoping to get my hands on a Winpe utility so that i can burn it on a DVD and from there on i would load it and copy some files
from my another 1 TB Ext HDD.
It is some good 250 GB of files that i need to transfer.
Hope i my problem is understood, or what would u suggest. I cannot load that new HDD when i am on XP. So it can be booted
being on a Win7 environment, so like a WinPE for Win 7.
I tried a live Ubuntu and it did boot and recognized my new Ext HDD and i copied a lot of files.
On a next reboot , i didn't give the live Ubuntu USB enough time to reboot itself, i removed the usb half way and now the condition is
i cannot load Live Ubuntu it show some kind of error msg when it is about to load.
It simply doesn't recognized other USB device. Its failing and the only option left is a Winpe tool.

General Software Discussion / Can I make a Live Win XP USB.
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:33 AM »
Hello folks i am trying to make a Live Winxp USB by a tool called "USBoot 2.14" and "WinSetup-1-0-beta7". Okay i have attached the files and from my experience you will not have much success by using the first tool.

The second tool comes pretty close as there are a bunch of tools ready to prepare your USB.
The tricky part is i have tried it and there are certain instruction you need to follow after the WinXP comes to an end when installing it on the USB.
Certain steps need to be followed but i couldn't access those steps as it was not available to me. Maybe the XP setup process may have erased those small programing details because after all the steps during boot process could possibly be erased.
As it is installing in the self, or the USB.
But i am too puzzled to explain.
What i want you to do is make a live bootable xp from the second tool.
I hope you have an extra XP image file at your disposal, please try to recreate a live XP USB and could you tell me how its done in actual way.
Or could you suggest me some other tools to make a LIVE XP USB ready to be deployed.

I really hope you have some success with the second tool and if u r then please
repeat those steps in this post. Again you could suggest some thing as i have found only two tools that could do this.

Hope it is understandable. I am eagerly awaiting your process and idea on this

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Happy New Year 2018 :D :D :D

P. S: Please try downloading those tools n please use tht same name while searching in Google.
The combined size was 9 mb. Thts big so please download urself n see the process.
Cheers  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:38 AM »
Hello folks, i just started using Rufus to make a bootable USB Drive (it contain FreeDos). Its working fine, however whenever i try to put certain folder name in the autoexec.bat file: for ex-
C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD;    and   C:\freedos\dosedit\bin;

@echo off
echo Using US-English keyboard with US-English codepage [437]

The line starting from @echo off is the actual line present in the autoexec.bat file.
My problem is i can only edit this file from DosEdit program or third party software.
As i open it the "set PATH" line continues beyond the screen in one contineous line.When i choose to give the command "WordWrap", the folder name continues in next line.
To take effect, i h' to save and restart the pc. But when i type the program name invader.exe which is present in C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD; the program doesn't run. It is supposed to, because the line C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD; has been added in autoexec.bat.
But when i edit that autoexec.bat in dosedit.exe program and choose unwrap it, it is in one contineous line and it runs file "invader.exe" also other "exe" file.
So using the wordwrap is not making the file run, what should i do. Hope it is understandable.
I am quite new to DOS. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Hello folks, today I tried to restore my Win 7 back up image to my default primary partition. Backup was made by this programme called Acronis True image 2012.
After restore, the Pc didn't boot to desktop.
I checked by using G parted tool ,there it shows 8mb got created.
Remaining 70gb was set as logical partition.
I tried to delete, create and resize both the partition, but they like to stay as it is.

I also tried using the Winxp &Win 7 boot disc.
Winxp to can't merge the two partition. It can however delete and create, but can't merge them both.  Win 7 too can't install on the 70gb partition. It seems it got locked somehow.
I used Winxp disc to go to Recovery mode and entered the fix boot and fix Mbr command ,nothing seems to work.

I can't even backup my files to Ext HDD, since that too doesn't work properly. All I can think is to Nuke the disc and start from scratch.
Pleasesee the snapshot taken.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

General Software Discussion / Note/Idea taking software!
« on: March 18, 2015, 01:19 PM »
Hello coders,
       i just wanted some name of a software or some suggestion which does the job of taking notes/ideas and reminders on the go.
Some name i have comeup with are Cute Reminder, which was given as a Giveaway few weeks back and Swift To-do list.
I found out Cute Reminder to be very good and extemely light where as Swift to do list was clunky inspite of all its bells and whistles.
I will take the chance and download whenever there is a new giveaway for this product.
But for now, i think you have got the picture.
A software that have hotkeys and by doing so would allow access to take note,idea or a reminder on the go.
Not like those Calender reminder, i have had enough of those kind.
I just want a note taking software that integrates hotkeys too.

Thank you.

p.s: Any freeware and shareware.

Hi folks, i want to understand some differences between Switches and Parameters. I usually make batch files for compressing files into rar and zip
and opening different application to run. It works fine. But lately when i dig more about making batch file, i come across this term called Parameters.
I hardly do use it and i want to know from some experts what does it differentiates from Switches.
I google and try to get some definitive explanation but there are tonnes of it and i am not able to put one simple definition in my head.

I found one site that explains Parameters:Command line parameters
Batch files can only handle parameters %0 to %9

%0 is the program name as it was called,
%1 is the first command line parameter,
%2 is the second command line parameter,
and so on till %9.

What do i understand about %0, and %1 till %9. How does it can be applied in batch file.

Any suggestion from experts would be greatful.

Hello folks,
       lately i noticed , after when i boot up my pc , i open webpage to browse and check my mails. But i noticed after some time like about 30-40 mins
 some webpages opens it by itself. There name are mentioned below.

They open in Internet Explorer and in Mozilla Firefox, sometimes different links but it opens at the same time.
Since i have a habit of downloading some stuffs from internet late at night, i usually restart my pc so that unknow program is not consuming my memory and leave the
download to complete till morning. When i wake up in the morning the same webpage's open in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, those webpages contains
some video about weight lose which plays by itself. But i notice my download is not complete, it consumes extra bandwidth.

I know i don't download adware or some useless junk from the net. I had my share of experience, so i think those junk must be downloaded by my other family
members. So what do i do to stop this, do i perform a reg scan , i don't use Anti-Virus, it just slows my PC. I have backups and whenever i face a problem i do a
restore. So what do i to stop this anonymous webpage from opening by itself and how did it get in the PC.

Any suggestion is welcomed.

General Software Discussion / Game ScreenCapture by FRAPS ?!
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:38 PM »
Hello folks, i am using FRAPS for capturing game. It records in avi file and after recording the game,when i further proceed to play the video in KM Player or VLC in fullscreen , it doesn't cover the entire screen, the left and the right part are black.
Please see the picture for what i mean.

Screenshot of image of the video when played in fullscreen. (Image viewed in IrfanView)

Fraps Version 3.4.7

Is their a way , i could change the FRAPS settings, that could capture the game screen, and when played in VLC or KM Player also the covers the entire screen.
Is that possible.

Hello friends,
            last time i asked how i could loop a music to extend it for a long time. That is solved,this time i want some suggestion on how can i achieve something like this, please download the attachment, its a video , before the presenter starts discussing some topic on some subject this kind of video happens before he speaks or after.
I do not want that same kind of effect, but rather much,much simple than that.
  I want something simple inserted in my presentation to make it much more convincing, influential and factual.

Hope you understood it, i don't think Adobe Flash Professional CS5 can achieve that. Can someone help me, some video editor.
Video download link.
Thank you.

Ps: The file is 3 mb and i have uploaded, please download from the link.

General Software Discussion / extend a mp3 music!
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:09 AM »
Hello! i have a 17 sec mp3 file, that i want to insert into a slideshow presnetation , which is 3 min's long.
Is there any application, that can make a 17 sec music last till 3 min.
What i mean is repeat that same music over and over again like a loop for 3 min. Also can i remake the entire music with the volume slightly reduced.
Few programs come to my mind and one is Audacity.
Hope it is understandable.

General Software Discussion / Send email from cmdline !
« on: May 10, 2014, 12:21 AM »
    i just wanted to know is it possible to really send an email from cmdline ! I checked many youtube videos , but i was not clear enough.
Also i googled and found some tools that could do so.

But it just goes over my head. Can someone tell me the method to do so. cmdline tool and another
For reasons , like time taken when composing an email from yahoo or gmail is what i don't like.

Thank you.

General Software Discussion / Overclock help required !
« on: April 20, 2014, 11:02 AM »
     i have Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700,
Motherboard Model: ECS G31T-M7
Motherboard Chipset: Intel G31 (Bearlake) + ICH7

I want to overclock my pc, but do not know the process to do so.
Could someone tell me how could i achieve that.

Thank you for your patience.

General Software Discussion / Do i perform L.L.F. ?
« on: January 11, 2014, 06:48 AM »
Hello, i have some problem with my PC's H.D.D, i had 3/4 sector errors because one of my friend used some Defrag tool to Defragment the Disc, so on the process he did something wrong, which showed some sector error.
       I am using Drevitalize 2.4.2 to remove the sector errors , which it did, and over time, the sector kept popping, to 6/8/12 sector errors.
      So, i am in a loop, my P.c is only a year old, and it used to perform nicely, but this H.D.D problem is being noticebly dominant. Like slow access to any partition, and it takes a little time to respond, if i click to any partition.
      So i plan to perform a Low Level Format, i heard cases where everything failed regarding removing the sector error, L.L.F. excel , since it is only writing 0's and 1's, i don't know if i.m. right.
      Cam someone suggest any thing better or avoid L.L.F. I am in a limbo, no way out.
Any suggestion is welcomed

General Software Discussion / Structure for HTML 5!
« on: October 12, 2013, 09:27 AM »
Hello folks, i have given up trying to understand C++ i think i am quite old and don't have patiece to understand those structures, which are very small.
But lately i have got an interest on HTML5 and i have some video demonstrations to help me out.
I got some material at hand to give me a kich start.
What i want to know , it the fundamental structure of the components like chapter, which i should be familiar, notlike the title and body etc. But the components on how it is layed for one to begina and go step by step.
Hope it is understandable. Can anyone help me out.

General Software Discussion / wont boot normally!
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:23 AM »
Hello,  if someone can help me here regarding computer start up. This happened just today:
 I m using Winxp, and I had restored an xp image 2 days back.
 But today I am experiencing the lag in normal boot times.  The normal boot time ws 4/5 minutes: but now it has extended to 10/11 minutes and more

I m on a dual boot, (xp/7) but I use xp more
I think it is a hardware issue. The problem is effecting two Os. Which is strange

Any suggestions welcome.

General Software Discussion / Can someone extract these swf files.
« on: September 01, 2013, 03:06 AM »
Hello folks,
     i want to request to anyone who is very good at extracting swf file that is being played at the browser. Although i have downloaded couple of swf files by viewing the Page source and copy/paste the link to a new browser and ( save the page as): seems to do the trick. But some swf video file seems to be encrypted. Like when i do the procedure mentioned above it downloads the swf video file, but when i dis-connect the net and try to play the swf video it say its stolen and refuses to play further and redirects a user to its website.

Here is one link: its a STICK VIDEO, hope you know the STICK character.
I have managed to download this swf video but it says, its STOLEN, can anyone know the process to extract the clean swf file.

Hello, i do not know if this is the right place to ask this question , i have a samsung mobile, i have installed its default Samsung PC Studio application suite that enables a users to sync and explore mobile content and movies and videos etc.

Their was an option to use that mobile as mass storage or Samsung pc studio mode from the phone menu :when the devie is connected to the PC.
On one occassion i had left the default option on mass storage mode,during the first connection with the pc, it began to install the drivers which it failed to do and then i changed to Samsung pc studio mode from the phone menu that too fails to load the necessary drivers.

It functions as any usb device although, please see the snaphot.

Driver not installed.png

Hello folks,
        can anyone provide an answer to these questions, lately i have made few batch file to open portable application and folders, really saves one's bell and i made few winrar files but after playing with it, i realized these batch file would not work for files and folders having spaces and lots of dot between them. Let me give an example:-
1.C:\Program Files\Bulk Rename Utility
2.F:\MY SOFTWARE\INSTALL\Microsoft .NET Framework
3.F:\MY SOFTWARE\INSTALL\Zortam Mp3 Media Studio PORTABLE 14.45.rar     
4.F:\MY SOFTWARE\INSTALL\Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional\diskdefrag.exe

Now Windows batch file would not recognise these type of folders, nor can it open files( of portable application ) with spaces and it can't compress too. Why???
Is their any way round to go about these problem, or do i need to use certain third party software to open or compress these files and folders.
The error i get is:
Windows cannot find
f:\software\Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional\diskdefrag.exe . Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

So these are the directory structure, the default commands like cd,start, md would not work???

Any suggestion is greatly welcomed.

General Software Discussion / Lock PC during Boot. ???
« on: February 03, 2013, 07:32 AM »
        people if anyone can suggest me something regarding to Locking PC during the boot process, it would ask for a password or something. I heard about a program that would require a pendrive to unlock the PC during the initial startup. Then give a password.
I had heard about it a few years back, then i never thought my PC would require Locking, but now i see their is a great need for Locking my PC. Hope you understood my problem.
Google would bring a lot of results, but not the one i wanted.

Hello folks,
               i have a dual aboot system, C: has XP and D: has Win7, although they boot preety well, i did a XP restore in C: yesterday ( for a test ), now this removed the boot menu and showed Press Ctrl+Al+Del during restart: this would mean the boot entry nor the mbr doesn't exist. 

After restoring an XP image it booted straight to xp, now i want the Win7 entry too in the boot menu. I am assuming the WinXP boot menu can't handle this( it may add an entry but it would not boot to Win7), and the Win7 Boot menu, would install certain files in C: when Win7 is being installed (certain files i noticed), the Boot Menu would show the XP entry as Older version of Windows.

So after restoring the XP image i booted from a Win7 Repair Disc and although it corrected the Win7 entry, and after a restart it would boot only to Win7. I had made a backup of bcdfile from the command prompt using Repair disc. Exporting it has no effect, and i tried the bootrec /rebuildbcd /scanos to and other commands , didn't work. It only noticed Win7 in D:

It was only during the Win7 fresh installation, which would make changes to the Boot Menu, and i have no clue how i can replicate that by using a Win7 Repair Disc or Winpe Disc.

Hope my problem is understood, i tried few things about adding the Winxp entry in the boot menu and add certain files in C: as well, it would add an Windows Xp entry but it didn't show in the Boot Menu during restart it would straight boot to Win7.

Can anyone suggest me something, i have been fondling with this question in my mind for a while.Please help me out.

SecurityKISS Tunnel VPN Free for 48 Hours

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I was not able to activate my copy, can someone holler , when they activate their copy.  Activated :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Staple of people from State and Europe !
« on: July 17, 2012, 01:11 PM »
Hello folks ,
 this is nothing related to program or software issues, all i want to know is that , are their any folks from United States of America or any other country like Europe : would you be kind enough to share your staple diet.
Like i see programs like Discovery , National Geographic and Travel and Living, where they show American people eating bread in many forms and name like hotdogs burger, stakes and dessert where you don't care to remember,
like i am Buddhist and i am from Sikkim (India) a small state actually the second smallest in Sikkim although their are many communities here too, but being a Bhuddist from Bhutia Cummunity our staple diest is rice, morning is fried rice with eggs or whatever remains of the last night supper along with a tea.
During afternoon its Rice, Millet and vegetable or sometine beef meat cooked sometime boiled and served.
Night is the same as afternoon supper.

What would be yours.

General Software Discussion / Visual Basic or Visual C++
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:49 PM »
Hello again, i am aspiring to be at least a novice programmer who can make a small clock for pc or making some little puzzle game that doesn't require some heavy duty programming skill, all i want to make a single exe programs that could be used by any user.

So far , i just got my head into QBASIC and slowly i want to move up to Visual Basic and then Visual C++, but what i would to know if, i can achieve this by using Visual Basic or Visual C++, lately i got this feeling of sticking just with one programm:  and achieve mastery in one tool of a trade.

So what would you suggest me with to start with QBASIC or move to C++ then Visual C++ and Visual Basic, hell i don't know what all this terminology mean even in theoritical manner.

Can anyone suggest me something to this dilemma.

PS: i already have Express edition which contains Visual C# 2008,Visual C++ 2008,Visual Basic 2008 and Web Developer: so i want to learn Basic now, so would be the choice.

Also i got a copy of microsoft Visual Studio 6, which also contains Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

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