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Hi mouser,

Farr looks pretty impressive to me. I would like to propose a feature that i hope might find an open ear here  ;)

Auto execute on first (alias) unique match.
Anyone who is using the browser Opera (up until 12.x) as his browser and knows Shift+F2 knows immediately what i am talking about.
Just in case you don´t - let me explain what i am talking about:

Opera does allow to give aliases to bookmarks. This allows you to just enter the alias in the adressbar to execute a bookmark which is pretty close to (part of) what Farr is doing currently.

However it also allows you to use a key combo (Shift+F2) to call up aliases. The difference is that you just start typing the alias and once its uniqe it will execute the alias
no matter how many letters you typed so far. No need to press enter.

Lets say you have two keywords starting with fire:    "firefox" and "firewall".

Now when you enter any of those keywords once you reach the fifth letter it will execute since its a unique match.
- "firef" would trigger firefox to be started
- "firew" would trigger the firewall to be started

Basicly my suggestion is to add a secondary input mode (e.g.  activated by accessing Farr with Shift+Break instead of Break). If you call the window up this way it should just
run every alias once the name is unique.

I would come up with two ideas to store those aliases:

- keep them in a seperate list and kinda seperated from the others
- utilize what you already have and add a checkbox "allow unique instant execution" or something to the current definitions. Only if the user checks that box it will include this alias in the search of the alternate mode.

I hope this description is clear enough.

This is not about being a lazy ass (oh my ... he doesnt have to press enter to run it  :mrgreen:) its just very comfortable if you have multiple aliases that start
with the same letters because you dont need to remember how many letters you need to type to get the one you want quickly. I guess its hard to describe it properly
if you haven´t used it yourself. Its just this little difference putting something from comfortable to very comfortable if you get what i mean.   

regards and thanks for reading,

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