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Hi folks

I'm looking for a simple Video Editing Software. When I first started out looking for it, I thought it would be easier to find one that fits my needs ... not so, apparently  :-\

Here are the main features that I'm looking for in the software:

- Both Storyboard and Timeline modes (Video Edit Magic doesn't have a storyboard mode, and Serif's MoviePlus storyboard mode is lacking)
- Small, or at least not huge (Premiere Elements is HUGE by my standards, so is ULead VideoStudio). Say, less than 100 MB ....
- Inexpensive, preferably downright cheap (less than U$S 100, in any case)
- Ability to export to my codec of choice (Windows Movie Maker, not too surprisingly, only exports to wmv)
- Ability to accept clips of different sizes and resize them to fit my specified output size
- Relatively simple to use (I'm not a fan of foobar and Miranda, if you know what I mean ...)

Any ideas?


Backup Guide / Don't forget Syncback !!!!
« on: February 13, 2006, 03:00 PM »
I can't believe Syncback wasn't included in the Backup software review.

It has an amazing set of features and it's quite user-friendly. Plus, the author is constantly releasing new updates with bug fixes and new features, something that I really appreciate.

I did try many of the programs mentioned in the review a while ago, when I was looking for an FTP Backup solution tool. I finally chose Syncback for it reliability and simplicity in achieving what I wanted.

Please include it in future updates of the review (and NO, I'm NOT the developer :) )

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