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Find And Run Robot / A few problems and a suggestion
« on: February 28, 2006, 02:23 PM »
This is a great program.  I don't really need to go into that because it just is.  What I want to talk about are its problems because I want to see the program get better.

The uninstall program does not work.  It hangs and causes a system freeze. 

Install thru just extraction of the files leaves an install program in the directory.  This is apparently for installing shortcuts for startup and on the start menu and also installing the uninstaller which does not work.  This is just plain wierd and very confusing.

There is nothing in the documentation about the file menu option to save the configuration file now.  I am still unsure if this always needs to be done if you want to save your configuration.  Surely this is a major point that needs documentation if the program is going to appeal to a wide audience. 

I have had major problems in two areas.  First, FindAndRunRobotSystemTrayTrigger.exe sometimes launches at startup even though the preferences are set to have it not launch.  They were set to use the tray helper command line option.  This seems to happen if there is a system crash or if FARR has been closed before a reboot.  Second, in under the same circumstances, an error message sometimes generates saying that the ini file is not a proper FARR file (or something to that effect) and it should be deleted if the problem persists.  On looking in the program directory there will be an ini.bak file and an ini.tmp file one of which is the proper ini file.  The error message given is totally cryptic and probably bogus as closing FindAndRunRobotSystemTrayTrigger.exe and opening FARR with the tray helper option seems to cure the problem.  However, the default installation ini file is gone.  This doesn't bother me but the documentation implies that it will always be there for the express purpose of backup.

I have worked thru the above quirks because I think the program is great.  I now know how to keep it together with backups of the ini files.  I would not have posted this unless I liked the program alot.

Back to the subject of ini files.  I think there should be a command line option to load different files.  For my purposes, I would like one for my favorite (bookmark) URL's and a seperate one for the shortcuts I've already configured FARR to look for.  I have found it easiest to put the shortcuts I use most in a seperate folder and have FARR search there and also in the start menu and the quick launch folder.  I have seen some discussion here about this but I'm not sure I would like quick switching of configurations unless it were simple and would not cause the problems I've had with ini file corruption.

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