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Except for one image which I added boxes and text all icons are generic flowers and not a thumbnail of the captured image.  Modifying another image didn't make its thumbnail appear.

I capture as ".PNG", if I put ".JPG" into the capture directory these show up OK, the image that shows the thumbnail is a ".PNG" like the others that don't.

I only noticed this yesterday but have made no option changes in the app.  If I go to the directory in explorer I can see ALL of the thumbnails correctly so it doesn't appear to be a Windows issue.

The only thing image related I have done recently is fix the mime type for JPEG images as shown here:

I have tried putting that back to the original JFIF value and restart the app but that doesn't fix it.  Also why is that one lonely image OK?

Is there an option to NOT open Screenshot Capture UI on capture?  I've looked for one but haven't found it.

I want to take screenshots but not be bogged down by responding to the UI, I will crop etc later when I have time.  Basically a completely "silent" capture.

Thumbnails never updated if Preserve Date/Time after Edit option used.

I was using internal editing only like "crop to selection".


Screenshot Captor / Search Filter Left Panel Image Results
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:47 PM »

I can't work out how to search anything let alone the comments fields etc that was on the todo list in 2017 ( 

I've tried the menu (if it's there I'm blind) as well as the F3 & Ctrl+F hotkeys

Screenshot Captor / [SUGGESTION] Bendy Arrows
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:34 PM »
I've been using Paint.Net to draw arrows but I would prefer to do everything in SC. has extra handles, Sc only has them at the start and end and so the arrow is always a straight line.

I like to position my text where its convenient and the "route" the arrow to where I want it to point.  I have attached an example.

I also like the arrow head options better in Paint.Net...

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