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Everytime I right click my mouse, choose New, there's a long list of new things I could make, however, I just want to leave only one entry: New text document. I'd like to remove all of them as well as adding some of my frequently used file extensions, but can't find where to start.

I know PowerToy for WinXP could do that, but I don't want to install it just to remove some entries, then uninstall it completely. Is there any software out there only have this feature?

If not, could you tell me how to this manually? I like to edit the registry much, so it's not a problem  :(

I usually have more than 300 files in the Recycle bin. Everytime I trash them, I use the Empty the Recycle bin command.

Today, I click Restore all items by mistake, and all files were sent to their original folders.  :(

I couldn't find any ways to undo it, even by using Ctrl + Z or Edit menu.  >:(

It would be great if a small tool could be made to prevent this from happening. It'll save a lot of time trying to deleting all these unneeded files.

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