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The Logitech MX Master 2S mouse is not yet compatible with the new Logi Options+ software. Installing it will cause your mouse to have severe bluetooth connectivity problems, making your mouse unusable.

Despite this, a glitch is causing the software to being pushed out to MX Master 2S owners. If you get the notification to upgrade, or see the link to do so on your current software dashboard, don't do it! Stick with the older Logitech Options software you already have.

If you do inadvertently install the Options+ software, you'll have to plug in a USB mouse so that you can uninstall it, then un-pair your MX Master 2S, power it off and back on again, then re-pair it with your computer.

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / NANY 2021 Entry: Free Movies (website)
« on: December 04, 2020, 11:45 AM »
NANY 2021 Entry Information

Application Name Movies - Watch online for FREE!
Short Description Directory of movies that can be streamed online for free.
Supported OSes any
Web Page
System RequirementsA modern browser
Author app103


This is a directory of movies that can be streamed online, for free. No movies are hosted, instead links to sites are provided, with an emphasis on sites where the movies can be streamed legally, for free. Occasionally, Youtube links are included, especially when they are of good quality and the video players can be embedded into the page, regardless of if they are officially licensed by the uploader or not. Movie providers are sites such as Pluto, Crackle, TubiTV, Plex,, Youtube, Roku, Popcorn Flix, Peacock, IMDBtv, and a few others.

I built this mainly because I was automating the importing of things I watch to one of my social media profiles, and there was an interest from subscribers there for links where they can watch those movies online. I figured if I am going to go through the trouble to do that, I might as well go all the way and build a movie website. :)

  • List by genre or year.
  • Search for a movie using title or keywords
  • Editor's Choice list (these are movies I really liked)
  • Alphabetical list page
  • Facebook page where you can subscribe to be alerted to a new movie every day, 6PM EST.

Individual movie pages have info, including the following
  • genre list
  • year
  • MPAA rating
  • visitor star rating (1-5 stars) (please rate the movies you watch)
  • Description
  • Embedded video player (when possible)
  • List of sites where it can currently be streamed for free

Planned Features
Adding lots more movies!

Right now, I am currently adding lots of Christmas themed movies (comedy, drama, horror, etc.), since that's the next holiday coming up.

If there are any specific features you would like to see added, I am open to suggestions.

Also, if there are any specific movies you want to see added, send me a message via the Contact page on my site, and I'll see if I can find links for it.

Blank spaces are where the ads and/or video players would normally be embedded.

Main page:
main page.png

Individual movie page:
movie page.png

No installation needed. It's a website.

Using the Application
It should be fairly intuitive. If you can't figure it out, let me know, because that would be a sign that I need to make it more intuitive.


If you have any troubles viewing a movie on a destination site, such as the video will not play or the destination page will not load correctly, try turning off your ad blocker or using a different browser. Some sites, such as Peacock, only seem to want to work in the most popular browsers, and not others. Chrome is usually a safe bet.

Known Issues

- Embedded Youtube videos do not work in Opera browser on Android. (I believe this is an Opera issue)

- Sometimes links go dead. If that happens, and there are no current valid source links, I will remove all links till I find new sources. Since the site is still new, I am not removing individual movie pages when links are removed. However, I will start doing that once the search engines like the site more. So, you may come across the occasional movie that can't be streamed for free, at this time.

- Provided video links can be viewed in US/Canada. If you run into a country restriction, try using a VPN or proxy with a US/Canada IP address.

General Software Discussion / Windows 10 Audio Question
« on: January 30, 2020, 06:32 PM »
I am not sure how much of this info is relevant, so I will provide it all.

  • I have a Dell Precision M4800 laptop with Windows 10 Pro.
  • I have this port replicator docking station.
  • I have a set of external speakers plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack of the docking station.
  • I have 2 sets of these wireless bluetooth headphones. (one to use while other is charging)

- When the speakers are plugged in, they become the default for sound.

- When either pair of headphones are connected while the speakers are plugged in, there is no sound through the headphones. Sound continues to come from the speakers, only.

- I must unplug the speakers for the headphones to work.

What I want to happen: When either pair of headphones are connected, Windows should prefer them over the speakers, automatically cut the sound from the speakers, and allow me to listen through the headphones. (without having to unplug the speakers)

Is there a way to make that happen?

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

"Although the data does not include personal information such as users' names, it still contains a wealth of specific browsing data, and experts say it could be possible to deanonymize certain users."

"Until recently, Avast was collecting the browsing data of its customers who had installed the company's browser plugin, which is designed to warn users of suspicious websites. Security researcher and AdBlock Plus creator Wladimir Palant published a blog post in October showing that Avast harvest user data with that plugin. Shortly after, browser makers Mozilla, Opera, and Google removed Avast's and subsidiary AVG's extensions from their respective browser extension stores. Avast had previously explained this data collection and sharing in a blog and forum post in 2015. Avast has since stopped sending browsing data collected by these extensions to Jumpshot, Avast said in a statement to Motherboard and PCMag.

However, the data collection is ongoing, the source and documents indicate. Instead of harvesting information through software attached to the browser, Avast is doing it through the anti-virus software itself. Last week, months after it was spotted using its browser extensions to send data to Jumpshot, Avast began asking its existing free antivirus consumers to opt-in to data collection, according to an internal document."

"De-anonymization becomes a greater concern when considering how the eventual end-users of Jumpshot's data could combine it with their own data.

"Most of the threats posed by de-anonymization—where you are identifying people—comes from the ability to merge the information with other data," Acar said. A set of Jumpshot data obtained by Motherboard and PCMag shows how each visited URL comes with a precise timestamp down to the millisecond, which could allow a company with its own bank of customer data to see one user visiting their own site, and then follow them across other sites in the Jumpshot data.

"It's almost impossible to de-identify data," Eric Goldman, a professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, said. "When they promise to de-identify the data, I don't believe it."

Screenshot - 1_29_2020 , 5_48_16 PM.png

Living Room / The AI’s Carol
« on: December 25, 2019, 10:28 PM »
What happens when you train an AI with existing Christmas carols and then ask it to write its own, based on what it now knows?


A voice actor decided to record the first Rudolph one, and it's awesome:

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