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A program to set all apps, etc.. Automatically on Low Priority - like Process Tamer but would make the Program itself of Normal Priority and the Task Manager of Normal Priority - or both of those could be user configerable if possible... or an option to either AutoSet the priority low or manually per application not determined on CPU this program wouldn't be based on the CPU usage at all...either that or process tamer can be implemented with this...:) or both... :Thmbsup: 'cause I'd like to have all apps AutoSet to low priority except for a few - I am getting tired of manually messing with ProcessTamer to do it manually... I hope u guys get what I mean.. :P

it gets frustrating to have to come here to the forums just to sign into the site, :( can you guys please add a sign in on the homepage?


Sorry but xp is for only a dell disk for any dell computer and THAT MESSED UP ON ME -the computer part... :tellme: soooo I don't have the income to buy the retail xp and besides the I think 2000 will work I hard on the hp VLI8 computer however before typing this way way back after the computer went  :down: I did try the dell xp on this and it froze each time it tried to dial up using the modem that worked on the dell optiplex gx300 I had sooo phooey i know  ;) however why gripe I still can post here at home can't i..  :Thmbsup: anwhoo once more I would like as stated in topic if its possible to bring some/or at least process tamer down to work with windows 98 original gold edition..ty for taking the time out of ur day to read this horribly long boring (i know  :tellme:) request..of however since I didn't have to buy it as it was donationware or freeware or shareware for a bit whichever floats ur boat...  :-\ this is just a simple request and all-I am pointing to the originator of this and I believe mouser built it am i right dude or dudette....  :Thmbsup: :P

Browster works with both firefox and IE, and doesn't install as an estension only a BHO, this little gem lets you see links without opening them first and u can even browse the previewed link by clicking on links, note this search results preview works on any link available, don't take my word for it, as I have a hard time describing it, but here is the website to see for yourself...

Now I tried the updated version of this from the website, but no it didn't detect my drive C:\ :( but this version does  :Thmbsup: this thing is lightweight, slow especially if you have a huge harddrive as it takes its little ol' time..but hey its free and reallly does the job...'s Editor review:
Buzzsaw truly is a do-it-yourself defragmenter for those who require no interface and who like to work in DOS. The program consists of two executables, one that runs in Windows and monitors your system in the background as you work, defragging whenever it detects a change. The other, which runs only from the DOS command-line prompt, does defragging based on parameters selected by the user. In our tests, defragging results were decent but did not noticeably improve system performance. The included help file is basic and may not answer all questions. The most worthwhile part of this program is the component that monitors your system--the user-unfriendliness of the on-demand defragger suggests that you use Windows' built-in utility instead.

Description from Company:

Publisher--Mind Array Technology
Publisher's Website--- Mind Array Technology

Buzzsaw.exe defrags files while you work, keeping your drive undefragmented in the background. Dirms.exe is a command-line defragmenter that will even partially defrag large files when instructed to do so.

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