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Posted this on a few other forums but they all were locked for various reasons.


As the image shows I have many files that I would like to move to proper folders. I need these files to move to these folders. This is just a limited example as I need all files to be moved into their proper season folder.



The script needs to be able to read the files name to the season:

and then move it to the folder:

I have looked through many websites today and many that I found just want to make a folder with the file's name instead of moving it to a season folder.

This is for Windows 10 batch file. Making folders is not necessary but if possible adding that would be even better at saving time.

Also wanted to add that I would be just running this inside only one folder. No need for paths. Just move files into designated folders.

I was asked to clarify. Not sure where I am not clear.

My current method.
Remove all video files to one directory.
From there move files by hand to previously created directories.
If a new directory is needed I use a files2folders app that is installed.
To get to a proper season format I manually edit the folder's name and remove episode numbers.

@echo off
for %%a in (*.*) do (
md "%%~na" 2>nul
move "%%a" "%%~na"

That script is not needed as it does all files into individual folders. I do not need all files in their own folders. Almost every script I found currently is some form of this.

If you looking for more information than this I can not provide more as everything I am doing is done by hand. I know just enough about scripting to modify simple code to suit my needs but beyond that, I am at a loss. My career path was military/construction/nurse. Nothing with coding.

General Software Discussion / Run software on GPU to compress images?
« on: January 10, 2023, 10:50 AM »
I compress PNG images with GitHub - fhanau/Efficient-Compression-Tool: Fast and effective C++ file optimizer as this is the best compressor I have found. As with any software that compresses a file, it takes time. I was wondering if there was a way to offload the compressing to the GPU to see if there is an increase in speed.

Post New Requests Here / Possible to get a GUI for this program?
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:19 AM »

I work with torrents and try to help others out the best I can. This program is excellent, yet command line only.

I was wondering about a GUI that is editable to be able to add more trackers to it.

I was hoping it would be so that you could click on all the trackers you wanted to create a torrent for, and it would run through the list.

Not sure if I am being clear to someone who is not familiar with torrenting so if more information is needed please ask.

General Software Discussion / Kodak AIO Printer
« on: July 05, 2019, 02:57 PM »
I have spent hours trying to track down how to get the software installed on a Windows 10 machine. Anyone here have any luck in doing so?

WIN10 installs something so that I can read the card that's installed and print but I can't install the AIO software driver so that I can access the scanner from the computer.

Post New Requests Here / I work with classics movie files
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:17 AM »
I am a member of a forum where we have access to many old movies. Many will never be released by the companies that hold the rights to them. Most are recorded on VHS tapes from the 80's and probably will never see the light of day again if we loose them.

Now for the request:
I would like to be able to get some conformity to the naming of the files. So would need something that I could open, go to the file in question, click on it, and then be able to manipulate the name.

Here is a general name by scene standards that I wish to imitate.


1) Box to write name
2) Box to write year
3) Box to write misc
4) Drop down to give encoding size
5) Drop down box to give rip type
6) Drop down box to give encoding codec

Would it be simpler to have an INI file? E.G. Ten generic listings and how you set up the INI file it could either be a box to write in or a drop down selection? If something is not selected or written to then it does not add to the name. Standard naming has a period instead of spaces through the entire name.

1) Left blank so I would be able to write in it
2) Left blank so I would be able to write in it
3) -- so programs knows to look at the INI file and get drop down options

INI file might look something like this? Or just each new line below a number is an option.
3: --
3a: SD
3b: 480P
3c: 576P
3d: 720P
3e: 1080P
4: --
5: --
6: --
7: --
8: --
9: --

Once done possibly make a NFO file with the name so information about it can be given? Possible check box to create one and another to open after creating.
Maybe an option to create a folder with the new name and move file and create NFO into it.

Being very descriptive so you get a real idea what I am asking up front. To me this seems a big ask but I am not sure how easy/hard it would be to program something along these lines.

After thought, this is not really needed in the program but would be a nice overall add. The ability to add names to given spots. E.G. a faded name that vanishes once you type in that box or use a drop down menu.

1: {Movie Name}
2: {Movie Year}
3: -- {Resolution}
3a: SD
3b: 480P
3c: 576P
3d: 720P
3e: 1080P
4: -- {Riptype}
4a: VHSRip
4b: UnkownRip
5: -- {Encoding Codec}
5a: DivX3
5b: DivX4
5c: DivX5
5d: Xvid
6: --
7: --
8: --
9: --

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