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This is probably easier to code (for someone else!) than to explain. I think it's probably best as a web page rather than a windows or android executable, but maybe that's just where I'm most comfortable. It would be nice if it were cross-platform.

The basic idea is to have a metronome, audio and visual, and then every nth beat, a different image shows. At minimum the user should be able to control the tempo (beats per minute), though I have ideas for making it much more complicated  :)

Background: I'm a trumpet player (citation: check out the intro to one of mouser's "CO-OP FOR TWO" videos) and currently a full time student (final semester, masters degree, Eastman School).
An important skill is to be able to pick off a note from anywhere—to nail it every time. One way we train this skill is through "attack practice" where every four beats I have to play a single, different quarter note. We have a sheet with expanding intervals, so I start in the middle of my range... B - Bb - C - A... and gradually widen until there's a large gap and I'm playing the lowest note I can, then the highest.

The idea of the program would be that every fourth beat (or whatever) a new pitch would show, at random, instead of the pattern I'm used to on the sheet. I'd have four clicks to perfectly play that note, then on to the next one. The simplest version would be a set of pre-made images of musical notes, which would change every fourth click at the set tempo. A more complicated version could have perhaps three independent random fields, so I get a random note, a random articulation (staccato, tenuto, accent, etc.) and a random dynamic (p, mf, f, etc.). A neat feature would encode the slides in order so that I could select the highest and lowest allowed note.

I hope that makes sense. I'm pretty tired right now but it makes sense in my head!

Maybe this weekend I'll work on a mock-up that will make it clearer. Tomorrow's too busy - I'm playing the complete orchestral film score to 1989 Batman synced to a screening of the movie in downtown Rochester.

General Software Discussion / Gmail complaint, fixed
« on: June 11, 2019, 12:56 PM »
I have gmail set up to poll my private email address, via POP3. It does this on its own, uncontrollable schedule, based on how often it thinks you might get mail. There is a "refresh" button in the (desktop) webmail interface, which re-polls your POP3 account. There is one quirk, though, which annoys me a lot: the "Refresh" button only appears when no message is selected (I use 2-pane mode; maybe it's different if you don't do this). Once you have a message selected a bunch of new toolbar items appear (delete, spam, move, etc.) and refresh disappears.

Here's the really annoying part. The only way to return to a no-message-selected state is with the keyboard hotkey "U" — there is no on-screen clickable button to do this. And the only way to hit that "refresh" button is with the mouse—there is no hotkey, assignable or not, to invoke that process. So the procedure involves both a right-hand keypress and a mouse action.

I was looking into it and it turns out the refresh button is only hidden with CSS - its div gets a "display:none" when a message is loaded. So here's how you fix it, recorded here both in case someone else finds it handy, and in the event I need to set this up on a new browser.

Option one: "Stylish" is a firefox addon which lets you apply CSS to a page. Create a new rule, applying to URLs starting with "", as follows:
div.G-Ni:nth-child(5) {
    display:inline-flex !important

Option two: Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey is a firefox/chrome addon which lets you apply javascript to a page. Create a new userscript, as follows:
// ==UserScript==
// @name          Gmail refresh
// @description
// @author
// @homepage
// @include*
// @version
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {var css = ["div.G-Ni:nth-child(5) {display:inline-flex !important}"].join("\n");

 var node = document.createElement('style');
 node.type = 'text/css';
 var heads = document.getElementsByTagName('head');

I'm trying to set up my dad with a way to back up his camera SD card to his new android tablet. I'm doing some testing on my tablet first.

The procedure is pretty straightforward (for me). I use Total Commander to navigate to the usb (OTG) card-reader device, select the desired files, copy/paste to a local directory.

This is not going to work for my dad. He's used to Picasa which magically opens when he inserts a card, offers to transfer new pictures (no duplicates), and also imports them to his library. He doesn't know (nor care) where on the PC they're stored.

So I'm looking for either
  • A photo-editing program for android which incorporates import-from-USB, or
  • A small utility which copies files without much fuss, selecting only new pictures/videos automatically.

As usual there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps in the Play store which have names relating to what I want, but the dozen or so most promising all failed to achieve this.

I'm also looking into creating some sort of TotalCommander macro which may help, but a dedicated app would be better.


I won a key to "The Bat" professional in the fundraiser drawing last month. However after using the 30 days of free trial I've decided I just don't get along with it and I'm going back to Claws Mail.

I'd be happy to forward the key that I was given to another DCer (but do try the trial first to make sure it's for you!)


General Software Discussion / The Bat! advice needed
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:40 AM »
Perhaps I should post this at TheBat! forums but I know we have some active users here so I thought I'd try here first. I received "The Bat!" email client in the April 2018 giveaway (100% happiness!) and I've been using the trial while I wait (and wait...) for my key to be delivered. I'm switching from years of using Claws Mail, and I had a couple questions that maybe someone can help me with.

First, I wonder if there's a way to make IMAP access be "asynchronous" ... I'll explain what I mean. In Claws Mail, when I delete a message it is marked for deletion (shown by a lighter font in the message list), when I move a message it is marked with an arrow, when I mark as spam it gets both. Then when I've marked all the actions I intend to take I hit a button "Execute" and all the moves are made. There is no need for a "Compact" option. In The Bat! (must I always type this exclamation mark?) deleted items are instantly gone, but I keep finding when I visit my webmail page from another computer, for example, that the messages are still there, just marked with strikethrough until I hit "compact". So is there a way to get things the way I'm used to, or can you suggest your workflow for IMAP mail deletion/compaction (i.e. what combination of checkboxes have you chosen in the mail options pages)?

Also, and this might be related, in Claws mail (as I have it configured) highlighting a message (i.e. by deleting the one above, or by using arrow keys on the message list) does not load it automatically - only once the Enter key is pressed or the message clicked on directly is it loaded in the preview pane. Can I do that in The Bat!?

Second, I'm finding the IE-based HTML renderer much better than the built-in one, especially in terms of layout, but there seems to be no way to see the destination of a link. The status bar shows nothing, and while the built-in HTML viewer shows link destinations in a pop-up tooltip, there is no such thing in the IE viewer. This is such a huge security flaw that I won't even consider clicking on a link... am I missing a simple checkbox somewhere to get this information, preferably in a status bar?

I'm still getting my head around the new system so there may be more things I need to ask but these are two that are bugging me for the moment. Thanks in advance!



A couple more questions: First, the "show images" button for the HTML message preview pane appears inconsistently. How can I get that button to always appear?

Second, I'm having trouble getting filtering to work the way I want. As an example, I'd like messages in my "Junk" folder to be deleted after a month. I can either create a filter to do this or set a age limit in the folder settings. But when are filters triggered for existing messages? It seems they only fire when a message is downloaded, or read. And if I set an age limit, the rules can apparently be set run "on exit" which I assume means when exiting the program.... but I never exit the program. My last email client would sit in my taskbar for months until a windows 10 update finally killed it. Claws mail ran filter rules whenever I opened a folder.

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