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Hey DC'ers,

dotTech is running a freebie promotion of Sticky Password v4.1 until Jan 6. Anyone interested can grab it from

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free YoWindow Unlimited! [24-hours only]
« on: December 26, 2010, 02:05 AM »
Hey DC'ers,

Some people were talking about how they missed YoWindow Unlimited when was giving it out for free. Well today is your second chance: dotTech is running a 24-hour promotion of YoWindow Unlimited. Head over to for more information.

Take care,

Hey DC'ers,

Just wanted to let you know dotTech is running a promotion this weekend allowing everyone to get 1 year license of Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 for free. Visit for more details.

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free WinX DVD Ripper Platinum!
« on: July 17, 2010, 02:05 PM »
Hello DC'ers,

dotTech is teaming up with Digiarty Software to bring everyone WinX DVD Ripper Platinum free! WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a DVD-to-all ripper that allows you to easily rip/backup DVDs to multiple different video formats, including a 1:1 copy so you can store your backups in DVD quality. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can also bypass DRM protection and region locks.

To get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for free, please visit the dotTech promotion page at your leisure. This promotion is open until August 20, 2010 but if you download the file and keep the license code safe, you can install the program whenever you want.

Take care,

Hey Friends,

One promotion has ended so we bring you another. For the next 24 hours everyone has the ability to get Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum for free! Please visit for more information.

Take care,


dotTech is offering users the ability to get Paragon System Backup 9.5 (the same thing as Paragon System Backup 2010 except without WinPE) for free! Details and promotion available at for those that are interested.

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free Glary Utilities Pro!
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:57 PM »
Promotion page for Glary Utilities:

The whole process (downloading, installing, and the program) is in German. If you don't understand German and would like some assistance, I have a step-by-step guide with screenshots on downloading, installing, and turning the program into English available at

Take care,

Hello Fellow DC'ers,

This weekend dotTech is running a promotion where everyone can get a 1 year license of Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux for free (promotion ends 12 AM PST Monday December 14, 2009 so hurry if you want in). For those that don't know what Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux is, let me explain really quickly.

Returnil Virtual System 2010 is a unique security software that protects your computer in an unorthodox manner. RVS 2010 uses a powerful combination of anti-virus, anti-malware, and a virtual system to protect your computer from all types of viruses and unwanted system changes. The traditional security software like Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, NOD32, etc. actively, and on demand, detect and remove infected files. RVS 2010, on the other hand, has a two pronged attack to the malware problem:

  • Virtual System - RVS creates a "virtual copy" of your main system partition (the partition which you have Windows installed) and whatever changes are made to your computer are dumped when you restart your computer (there are opinions to tweak how it does that, but generally speaking, that is how it works).
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware - RVS also includes the traditional anti-virus/anti-malware live protection and on-demand scanning features.

Because of this two pronged approach which incorporates traditional and innovative protection capabilities, if used properly, a user can keep his/her computer 100% clean with RVS 2010.

Now I do apologize, but since this is a dotTech Exclusive promotion, I can't post directly here on how to get the freebie like I have with my last three threads; you will need to visit dotTech to take advantage of this offer. So at this point there are two links of interest for everyone:

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free jv16 PowerTools 2009!
« on: December 06, 2009, 03:23 PM »
Hello Friends,

Three is better than two.

So, to get jv16 PowerTools 2009 for free, follow these simple directions:

  • Visit the promotion page and click on "Download".
  • Download it.
  • After it finishes downloading (it is 5.9 MB), unzip it.
  • Open the folder you unzipped it to. A folder named "jv16PowerTools2009" should be located there. Open that folder. In that folder there will be two files. Double click on "jv16pt_setup_hb" and install jv16 PowerTools 2009.
  • After installation run jav16 PowerTools 2009. There will be a short wizard for you to work through. Go through it (don't just click through it; the wizard is for some important house keeping things). Once you are at the main program window, click on "Help" -> "License Information".
  • Hit the "Install new license..." button.
  • Navigate to the folder where you unzipped jv16 PowerTools 2009, find the "License.xbin" file, select it, and hit "Open".
  • Now you will be told to restart jv16 PowerTools 2009. Restart jv16 PowerTools 2009.
  • Enjoy! Now you have a fully registered and functioning jv16 PowerTools 2009! Remember, it does not seem like this comes with free updates so don't try to update to the latest version.

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free MAGIX Movie Maker 15 Pro!
« on: December 06, 2009, 03:15 PM »
Hello Friends,

I figure, why stop at one post when I can submit two. After all, two is better than one, right?

What exactly is MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15?

    What is MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15?
    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 is a complete movie studio for your PC. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 lets you easily transmit your recordings to your computer and
    then, once you have improved and enriched them, onto DVD and Blu-ray Disc. It's great for theater-quality presentations on TV, screen, or monitor.

    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 is a production studio for the PC for editing videos, movies, photos, and audio from a wide range of sources. Long movies can
    be automatically separated into different chapters or scenes, or do the opposite by automatically incorporating short takes into a single movie.

    Add audio, theater-quality transitions, text, and selected effects to your own movies with a mouse click. The easy-to-use interface, advanced
    technology and handy assistants guarantee perfect results at lightning speed!

    Once your movie is finished, you can use it again in a number of ways: Transfer it back onto tape or to your camcorder, burn it onto DVD or Blu-ray 
    DiscTM and enjoy it on TV, or put it online for your friends and family in your personal MAGIX Online Album.

The only thing to note is the freebie of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver has the burning features disabled - everything else works as far as I can tell.

So, how to get MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver? Just follow these simple directions:
  • Visit the promotion page and download MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver.
  • After it has finished downloading, install it.
  • After installation, run it and you should be asked to register the software. Click on "Register program" and the registration page will open in your browser window.
  • If you already have an account with MAGIX, login. Your registration information will already be filled out; you will just need to "complete the registration".
  • If you don't have an account with MAGIX, you will need to register
  • After you finished registering, either with an old account or a new account, check the inbox of the e-mail you registered with. There should be an e-mail from "MAGIX <[email protected]>" with the subject of "MAGIX <[email protected]>". In the e-mail you will find your registration code. Copy the registration code.
  • Go back to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver program window and paste in your registration code to register the software.
  • Enjoy your new, fully registered, and free MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver.

Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free TuneUp Utilities 2009!
« on: December 06, 2009, 03:11 PM »
Hey Friends,

Anyone interested in getting TuneUp Utilities 2009 for free? Ya I thought so =).

  • Visit the promotion page and follow all the "Zum Download" links. Eventually they will take you to the TuneUp Utilities 2009 registration page.
  • At the registration page, enter your e-mail address, enter the CAPATCHA code you see, and click on the "Produktschlussel anfordern" button.
  • Check the inbox of the e-mail you entered. You should have an e-mail from "TuneUp Promotion <[email protected]>" with the subject of "TuneUp Utilities 2009 Freischaltlink". In the e-mail there is a URL you have to visit to get your registration code. Click on the link or copy + paste it on your web browser.
  • The webpage that opens will give you your registration code. Copy the registration code. There is also a download link given to you; however, it is for the German version of TuneUp Utilities 2009. So if you want the English version of TuneUp Utilities 2009, download it from (click here to download it).
  • After TuneUp Utilities 2009 has finished downloading, install it. When you run TuneUp Utilities 2009, you should be prompted to register it. Click on "Enter Product key". Type in your name, organization, and product key. The name and organization can be whatever you want; the product key is the registration code you received earlier (you can paste it in). You should get a confirmation message and be asked to restart TuneUp Utilities 2009.
  • Once your restart the program, enjoy! You now have a fully functioning TuneUp Utilities 2009!


Take care,

Found Deals and Discounts / Free Comfort Keys Lite!
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:12 AM »
Hello friends,

It has been a while since I have been here, admittedly. Been so busy lately. Found a great freebie today and figured I should post about it.

I am sure once you read the following (brief) features list you will be convinced you should grab Comfort Keys Lite:
    * Launch the necessary programs and open web pages by pressing a single hotkey.
    * Insert user-defined preset texts (email templates, signatures, passwords, greetings, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) using hotkeys or the built-in template manager.
    * Type with an on-screen keyboard.
    * Use the clipboard manager to monitor Windows clipboard and paste back any entry at will.
    * Change the language and case of the typed text.
    * Control the sound volume in a quick and convenient manner.
    * Record key press sequences (macros) and play them back as many times as you need.
    * Block some keys or simulate the press of a specific key when another one is pressed.

To get Comfort Keys Lite, simply download it from the promotion page: http://www.computerb...version-3389907.html.

More detailed information on Comfort Keys Lite is available at (shameless plug).


I hope you all like Comfort Keys Lite as much as I do.

Take care,
dotTech [.org]

Found Deals and Discounts / Free AnVir Task Manager!
« on: May 16, 2009, 06:19 PM »
Hey fellow DC'ers,

I hope you enjoy this software:
AnVir Task Manager gives full information about process, services, TCP/UPD connections, drivers, DLLs. It has descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs and services. It detects new and unknown Trojans using security analysis and alerts on new startups. It can speed up boot time (Delayed Startup), balance CPU usage, optimize memory. Tray icons shows status of disk, network, memory, CPU. Tray menu keeps last launched programs and folders. Also users can hide windows to system tray, set windows ‘always on top’, and change windows transparency.

    Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager

        * Information about processes, startup programs, services, internet connections, drivers
        * Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services
        * Icons in the tray that indicate CPU, disk, network, memory and battery

    Get rid of viruses, Trojans and spyware that your antivirus missed

        * Security risk rating for each active process and startup program
        * Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup

    Enhance and tune up XP or Vista

        * Tweaker that gives access to hundreds of XP / Vista settings
        * Click on the title of any application to minimize window to system tray
        * List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs
        * Drive’s free space as a colored horizontal bar in Windows ‘My Computer’

    Speed up your PC and Windows startup

        * “Delayed Startup” lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup
        * Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon
        * Balance CPU usage

You can get it completely free from


Take care,
dotTech [.org]

Found Deals and Discounts / Free East-Tec Eraser 2008 =).
« on: April 16, 2009, 02:04 PM »

East-Tec Eraser is a program that allows you to securely delete files, data and user activity from your computer. You see usually when you delete something on your computer, it is not truly "deleted" in the sense that there are ways for the data to be retrieved. East-Tec Eraser allows you to delete files/data/user activity using secure erasing methods that make it near impossible for others to retrieve what you deleted.

The best way I would describe East-Tec Eraser is CCleaner + Heidi's Eraser into one program. With East-Tec Eraser not only can you securely delete individual files and folders but you can also protect your privacy by securely deleting your Windows (applications/programs, email, P2P, etc.) and Internet (almost all browsers are supported - including Chrome and Opera) activity. To help you with the former task, East-Tec Eraser has an easy to use interface where you can add multiple files and folders at once to delete; you also have the ability to add entries in your right click context menu. To help you with the later task, East-Tec Eraser has a built in application detector that will detect all the possible applications that it can erase the activity history from automatically; if East-Tec Eraser does not find a particular application that you use, you have the ability to add custom programs (by designating files, folders or registry entries) to delete the history from.

East-Tec Eraser boasts the ability to erase anything using methods from a normal erase to a Gutmann wipe (35 pass) and everything in between, including methods that match and surpass US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards. Heck if you don't like any pre-configured secure erasing methods you have the ability to create/define your own also (if you custom created method to securely erase files/data becomes popular and you become rich and famous, I expect royalties).

Additionally, you can use East-Tec to securely erase files/data/user activity that you previously deleted.

To get East-Tec Eraser 2008 (full free unlimited license) please visit

Enjoy =),
dotTech [.org]

Announce Your Software/Service/Product /
« on: March 22, 2009, 03:39 PM » is just a simple technology blog I run. The blog started off mainly writing reviews on software given out by but now I am slowly expanding it to include other things.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! :)

Take care,
dotTech [.org]

Found Deals and Discounts / Free eXPert PDF 4 Pro!
« on: March 22, 2009, 03:36 PM »

What is eXPert PDF 4 Pro? An excellent program that can convert, edit, and view PDFs files.

How to get it for free? From: http://register.avan...tr1=AQ_FR_EM_NEWS_04

However there is one problem: the above website/free offer is in French. So if you can't understand French, you can view a step by step guide w/ screenshots at The guide includes directions on how to attain the software and how to turn the software from French to English.

Take care,
dotTech [.org]

Found Deals and Discounts / Free WinUtilities 6.2!
« on: March 22, 2009, 03:35 PM »

WinUtilities is an excellent and reliable computer commercial tuneup utility software that rivals the likes of TuneUp Utilities and WinOptimizer. WinUtilities includes registry cleaner, disk cleaner, EXE password protector, uninstaller and much more.  is currently running an offer that allows you to obtain a full version of WinUtilities 6.2 for free! This is not like the usual GOTD giveaway where you must download and register it in 24 hours. This is just like if you were to purchase WinUtilities 6.2 yourself. You can install, uninstall, reinstall as you please. There is no limit to the license.

To get WinUtilities 6.2 visit please.

Take care,
dotTech [.org]

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