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Living Room / Poll: Is donationcoder an iOS unfriendly environment?
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:52 PM »
I've seen a lot of posts and topics here one way or another about Apple's mobile operating system, but I would like to know everyone's opinion on how they felt the forum's overall stance on it is. Personally I'm not a fan of it, but everyone is entitled to their own preference. Also, this may or may not be your opinion on iOS, but what you think the forum's stance is.

Edit: To clarify what i mean by iOS unfriendly: If you think more people on the forum dislike iOS than like it and that there are more iOS critical topics on the forums.

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / NANY 2012 Release: Uncle Cody's Dice Game
« on: December 31, 2011, 10:57 PM »
NANY 2012 Entry Information

Application Name Uncle Cody's Dice Game
Version 1.00
Short Description An addicting dice game that will have you playing for hours!
Or at the very least an entertaining distraction for a few minutes...
Supported OSes Any OS that has a Web Browser capable of JavaScript
Web Page (visit this to use it now)
System Requirements
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Browser
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Brain
Author Info Krishean
Special Thanks Mouser, for suggesting the game and assisting with it's creation.
DescriptionIn Uncle Cody's Dice Game, your goal is to accumulate the most points over the course of 5 rounds.
  • Uncle Cody!
  • Snakes!
  • Coins!
  • Fun!
ScreenshotsNone available at this time.
Using the applicationRead the instructions on the page.
Known IssuesNo known issues at this time.


A new browser, now in beta, designed from the ground up for HTPCs and optomized for HDTVs and other large format displays (projector anyone?)

Kylo Browser

Built for the Big Screen

    * Lots of viewing space and no visual clutter
    * Big fonts and big buttons for easy navigation from across the room
    * An easy-to-use onscreen keyboard
    * Zoom-and-pan power that brings every site into view


N.A.N.Y. 2010 / NANY 2010 Release: "What's My Share?"
« on: December 30, 2009, 07:36 PM »
NANY 2010 Entry Information

Application Name What's My Share?
Version 1.00
Short Description Have you ever needed to divide up an expense among a group of people? Or split up some reward? The What's My Share page makes it easy.
Supported OSes Any OS that has a Web Browser capable of JavaScript
Web Page (visit this to use it now)
System Requirements
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Browser
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Brain
Version History
  • 1.00: Initial Release
Author Krishean

What's my share lets you put in a total amount, a list of people and their percentages, and then it will calculate how much each person owes.
app thought i should enter a project for NANY 2010 and linked me to a post on the forums. I thought it would be easy to do and it ended up being a pretty fun project. A big thanks to mouser and the denizens of the donationcoder irc channel.

  • Remember the last data entered in a cookie (except for IE, see known issues)
  • Add or remove rows
  • Format for printing with the option to add a title to the printout
  • Normalization (adjust all share totals proportionately so that they total 100%)
  • Clear All button
  • Use * to specify an equal share of the remaining amount
  • Warning displayed if percent is higher than 100%
  • Warning displayed if shares do not add up to the total amount

Planned Features
There are no additional planned features, but i might add some more if they are suggested.



Start by entering the total amount to be divided up between participants. Then add each person followed by their share percentage. As you fill in the values, the amount of their share will be calculated and displayed instantly.

Known Issues
Internet Explorer is unable to use the remember last data function because of issues with the json handling functions.

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