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Developer's Corner / ZTD and transitioning to using GTD
« on: November 06, 2015, 07:11 PM »
Started re-reading GTD recently and am finding:

-Appreciation for certain aspects has grown
-Many seemingly important points didn't stick the last time through

So it seems like it's going somewhere useful.

OTOH, last time through, failed to successfully set up fully and maintain a running system, and this time through I get the sense that the book is almost designed to lead one to ask for help for the implementation stage (specifically from... :) ).  This pattern seems to exist elsewhere in other materials, but perhaps that's for another post...

Anyway, after some consideration of transitioning / adoption and looking around, came across ZTD and Minimal ZTD at ZenHabits.  (I found mention of ZenHabits in the forums here, but not ZTD -- please share pointers if any.)

Still working on digesting them, but so far they appear to be close to proper subsets of GTD with Minimal ZTD being close to a proper subset of ZTD.  Started wondering if trying to adopt a series of well-defined subsets of GTD (or other system) might tend to lead to more successful transitioning.

Any thoughts or reflections?

On a side note, considered adding to:

but ended up posting here per mouser's suggestion.

Didn't check in detail myself, but came across the following:

This new policy, which will come into effect on October 15, clearly explains that AVG will be allowed to collect and sell users' "non-personal data" in order to "make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free."

Here's the list of, what AVG calls, "non-personal data" the company claims to collect from its customers and sell to interested third-parties, specifically online advertisers:

 * Browsing History,
 * Search History,
 * Meta-data,
 * Advertising ID associated with your device,
 * Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Mobile Network you use to connect to AVG products,
 * Information regarding other apps you have on your device.

Previous policies allowed the firm to only collect:

 * Data on "the words you search",
 * Information about any malware on the users' machine.


May be someone else can confirm?

Living Room / Security: Android 5.x Lockscreen Bypass (CVE-2015-3860)
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:22 PM »
A vulnerability exists in Android 5.x <= 5.1.1 (before build LMY48M) that allows an attacker to crash the lockscreen and gain full access to a locked device, even if encryption is enabled on the device. By manipulating a sufficiently large string in the password field when the camera app is active an attacker is able to destabilize the lockscreen, causing it to crash to the home screen. At this point arbitrary applications can be run or adb developer access can be enabled to gain full access to the device and expose any data contained therein.


General Software Discussion / Chocolatey...opinions? portable?
« on: September 13, 2015, 02:37 AM »
Anyone tried Chocolatey?

...and anyone successfully using it portably?

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