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I've googled hard for this and couldn't find an implementation.   I'ld like to be able to right-click on a geotagged image (prob jpeg with exif) within the windows file/image viewer, and select off the context menu an option to go to somehing like google earth/maps at the geotagged location.

Anyone here know how to do this kind of hack?



Post New Requests Here / IDEA: registry change detector
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:39 PM »
I've looked for something like this with no luck.  I bet it's a contender for a quickie snack:

1) on the first run, the program dumps the registry
2) you do something that affects the registry.  (eg install some program)
2) on the second run, the program dumps the registry again

At this point, it diffs the previous registry with the current registry, and outputs all the changes in the form of two .reg files:

  one reg file, when run, will undo all the changes and make the registry look like it did on step 1 - it'll delete new entries, and it'll reinstate anything that the user code had deleted.

  the other reg file, when run, will re-apply the changes that were made between 1 and 2, whether that was adding a new key, deleting an old one, or just changing the value of one.

This will be really useful for making a 'reinstaller', ie you install a program, register it etc, then want to move it off your disk to save space and then put it back some time later.  Or you may want to move it to another computer.  Sometimes you just don't want to go through the laborious installation process again, especially when you have to register online and you've already filled out all the forms once before...


I hacked up a quick program last week that lets me plug in my external hard drives, one at a time, and scans them to extract the file names which it writes to a CSV file.  (The code is specifically looking for video files and DVD images, but remove that restriction and it could catalogue anything).  It works well enough and was just what I needed (finding something on an external drive is tedious when you have more than a handful of them and can't plug them all in at once...), but it's a command-line utility and it would be more friendly to release it as a Windows GUI program.

If anyone feels like wrapping a Windows GUI around this thing, here's the source code.  There's a tiny amount of documentation in the top of the C file as comments.

I looked fairly hard and I couldn't find any existing utility that scans drives like this and outputs in a form that a DVD Library Manager could import.

I'm a fairly experienced old-time programmer but I'm sticking with command-line stuff and algorithm development; I really don't have a lot of interest in learning GUI programming myself and from what I've seen of the M$ interface, nowhere near enough free time to learn it all either :-/  However I write *lots* of utilities and would welcome working with people who enjoy M$ programming and find the GUI side of things easy...


Graham <[email protected]>

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