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General Software Discussion / What is the good part of 1Password
« on: March 26, 2012, 07:12 PM »
I have no mac, but I know there is a wonderful password management software named "1Password"

I also find 1Password has  a windows version. I installed it and find it is very basic. I compared it with my favorite Roboform and keepass.

1. password management:  1Password's GUI is good. But 1Password can't recognize firefox. You can only save and load the infomation in own GUI not the browser. Anyway it seems like a basic version Roboform

2. autotype feature: just like keepass. You can type some infomation into certain window. Keepass can do such thing well too, and keepass has far more options to auto type. (user defined keystroke)

I check the price of 1Password. It is $49! Roboform is only $29.95 and keepass is free.
So My question is: Why so many people like 1password? Because it is the only nice password management software in Mac? In windows platform, is 1Password worth the money?

Screenshot Captor / Can SC capture user defined multiple objects ?
« on: February 14, 2012, 05:24 AM »
I am happy to use SC. SC V3.00 is almost the best one in the market. It finally add "multiple objects capture" feature.

But SC V3.00 can only capture all children object. You cannot select which object you want to capture. I find Faststone Capture and Hypersnap can select multiple objects with ctrl+click. You can capture some useful materials above with this feature.

1. Capture menu and sub-menu. In Faststone Capture or Hypersnap, you can select sub-menu one by one when holding ctrl key. It is easy to capture sub-menu.

2. Capture a bigger region by selecting more objects. Just "ctrl+click" many times to enlarge the selection.

I hope SC add this feature in the further. Or is there an alternate way to capture real multiple objects and sub-menu in SC?

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