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This is not necessarily a bug with CHS and is perhaps more likely a bug with OO.

For a good long while, I've noticed that Open Office will hang. I use OO Text Writer, and Spreadsheet, and the problem happens with both.

After investigating, I discovered that OO is hanging when accessing the clipboard (cut/paste), and further investigating determined that most of the time OO is freezing (not responsive) and will become responsive again after (literally) 1 minute or more. It seems that sometimes OO is hanging and requires to be killed and restarted, although it is possible it will return after waiting much longer, I'm just not that patient, usually.

I also discovered that when OO freezes, usually CHS freezes (becomes unresponsive), as well.

I find that if I "Disable" CHS before starting OO, the freezing/hanging issue seems to NOT happen anymore. Perhaps it still does happen sometimes, but I haven't seen it.

So, it's a small possibility the problem is in CHS, but I'd guess the problem is more likely with OO. I haven't seen this problem using CHS with other programs.

In any case, I don't know how easy or how long it would take to troubleshoot this, but perhaps a previously requested feature for CHS would help for using CHS (with OO) in the meantime... That would be to give CHS the ability to disable itself when OO is running and has the clipboard (active). (same for when any other selected programs are running and active.)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Moving clips within folders
« on: October 10, 2014, 03:24 AM »
How do you move clips within folders?

Let's say I have two (sub)folders within the main "All" folder. These subfolders are named "Stuff1" and "Stuff2".

I have a new clip in the "All" folder. Let's call this "Clip1"

I drag "Clip1" from the "All" folder, the the "All/Stuff1" folder.

At this point, "Clip1" is seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder, and I assume this is normal.

Question 1:
Is it possible to have "Clip1" only seen in the "All/Stuff1" folder (removed from the "All" folder), or is it the nature of the program to show *All* clips in the "All" folder?


At this point, "Clip1" is still seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder. If I select "Clip1" in the "All/Stuff1" folder, and then choose "Delete", I see that "Clip1" is removed from the "All/Stuff1" folder, AND it is also removed from the "All" folder (removed "everywhere").

Question 2:
How do I remove "Clip1" from the "All/Stuff1" while leaving "Clip1" in the "All" folder?


With "Clip1" still seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder, suppose I *also* want to see "Clip1" in the "All/Stuff2" folder. So, seen in both the "All/Stuff1" folder, and the "All/Stuff2" folder (and I assume it will always be seen in the "All" folder).

Question 3:
How do I have a clip available in multiple folders, as in this example case, in both the "All/Stuff1" folder, and the "All/Stuff2" folder?

Clipboard Help+Spell / Is CHS 2.00.01 out of Beta ?
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:22 PM »
I just downloaded an update to Clipboard Help+Spell using DcUpdater.

On the DcUpdater interface, it lists the latest version of CHS as 1.47.01 from 03/19/2011

This is the same as shown on the CHS page on

But, when I downloaded the update using DcUpdater, and clicked to install it, the installer reports that it is installing Clipboard Help+Spell version 2.00.01

So, should I consider Clipboard Help+Spell version 2.00.01 to be out of the Beta stage ?


Screenshot Captor / Menu caption overlays captured image
« on: August 01, 2009, 11:11 AM »
I noticed this problem on a previous version of SC, and I just upgraded and it is still there.

Using "Grab Selected Region (Shift+PrtScr)", I position the "Red-Box" as necessary in either "Object" or "Region" mode.

Then I click to open the menu on the Red-Box and click:
"Capture Object Now (Right Ctrl Key)"

The selected image is captured and can be saved, but the menu caption:
"Capture Object Now (Right Ctrl Key)"

is overlayed on the viewed/saved image.

This happens nearly everytime if I am using the mouse.

I don't think it happens if I am using "Shortcut-Keys"

I have attached a sample image.

Screenshot - 8_1_2009 , 10_42_17 AM.png

DCUpdater reports: get version failed for FARR2 Plugin: Console.

Here is a clip from the DCUpdater log:

ERROR: File Not Found [HTTP status code error 404]:
Console (FARR2 Plugin): Completed download of C:\DOCUME~1\1-Kevin\LOCALS~1\Temp\1133.tmp (0k).
Console (FARR2 Plugin): get version failed

The ".zip" file
is also not available.

FARR (aplugins) reports the Console plugin is:
Version: 1.01.06 Release Date: 6.8.2008

where have these files been moved to ?



DcUpdater / DcUpdater and un-installing FARR Plugins
« on: April 13, 2009, 10:52 AM »
I have Find and Run Robot (FARR) and DC-Updater (DCU) installed.

And, I have some FARR Plugins installed.

At various times I have wanted to un-install a FARR Plugin, and to do that I have removed the folder for the FARR Plugin.

This works to remove the plugin from FARR, but I find (at least recently), that the Plugin is no longer shown in DCU as an item available for installation (or update).

Am I missing something when I do the un-install so that DCU can keep track of the install-state of the plugin ?

Is there a recommended procedure for un-installing FARR Plugins ?

Find And Run Robot / Can a search in progress be aborted ?
« on: August 09, 2008, 08:24 PM »
Perhaps this is an issue for individual plug-ins.

When I type a command in FARR, using a plug-in,
that generates a large list, FARR goes 'non-responsive'
until the list is completed.

Recently I was using FARR and mru, and I 'accidentally'
typed: mrua instead of mrul

This (mrua) took a few minutes (seemed longer) to
complete but there was no way (that I found) to
interrupt it, or edit the command.


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