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Screenshot Captor / Suggestion for 'File Name Quick Field'
« on: September 23, 2019, 11:07 AM »
I read in another post that you were in the process of adding some features and updates to SSC.
Instead of tacking this suggestion/request on to that post I figured I would start a new one in the event there were other views for discussion.

What are your thoughts on adding to the ability to change the 'File Name Quick Field' to the 'Post-capture popup dialog' window?
There is the field to override the filename. But this is a one time only unless you remember to override and re-type the same phrase each time.
Or take the 1st screenshot, override the name - save and show - copy the filename override and paste to File Name Quick Field.
And I just had another thought. Could the filename of the screenshot SSC is "planning" to save it as be shown in the pop-up? This way the user knows whether the 'File Name Quick Field' is set properly and they can just save and hide instead of save and show to modify the filename.

As IanB said in the other thread, SSC works pretty well as is if there isn't enough interest in adding these features. But I think they would be helpful for those that take advantage of and use the File Name Quick Change feature to organize their screenshots.

Thanks for considering.

LaunchBar Commander / LBC Screencast Videos Aren't Working
« on: May 10, 2019, 12:35 PM »
I am trying to see if there is an "open with" setting in LBC to allow me to select one of a couple of browsers to open a url.
It is touched on in the help file under Global Options but I am looking for more guidance.

Before asking the forum I thought I would check the LBC screencasts. But they aren't coming up when you click any of the links.
Instead, I takes me to a YouTube page with videos for FARR and Screenshot Captor. No LBC.
Any other way I can get to them?


Found Deals and Discounts / FileMaker "Buy One / Give One" Deal
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:51 AM »
I've been looking at getting a DB program recently for a couple of things I want to try.
Happened to see this promotion yesterday.

FilMaker Promo  - 001.png

Screenshot Captor / Hotkey for Copy Text to Clipboard
« on: October 24, 2012, 10:15 AM »

Is there any way to assign Edit > Copy Text to Clipboard to a hot key combo?
It's not a selection under the Hot Keys - Custom.


My Digital Documents 2011 is on BDJ today for 75% off. Regularly $99.99.

Their web site is

There's been a few topics & discussions here before on document catalog programs. I searched but nothing came up where this one was mentioned. This looks interesting and I'm going to try and make time today to download the trial.  In the mean time I was wondering if anyone here has already tried it and what they think?

Partial description from their web site:
My Digital Documents 2011 is an easy to use application that allows you to organize, store and retrive electronic files.  The Category Explorer is a hierarchal representation of a directory structor, so it's easy to organize your documents the way you want.

    You can create as many document databases as you need without limitation.

    Protect any document databases using powerful 256 bit Encryption.

    Use Version Control to save incremental changes of the files you work with... Recover earlier versions of the file with the ease and piece of mind My Digital Documents 2011 provides.

    Set a backup location and backup your document databases with the click of a button.  Each document database remembers its own backup location!

    Scan documents into your document database using the built in Scanning software.

    Search for documents by supplying a key word to locate them or use the powerful Document Tagging feature.

    View multiple documents (See supported document views) simultaneously or one at a time.

    Support for Very Large Files up to (but not limited to) 50 MB.

Disclaimer: No affiliations with the program, developer or BDJ

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