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General Software Discussion / What would you experts use?
« on: July 20, 2009, 07:24 AM »

I work in a 911 center where we have a ton of word docs, image files, pdfs, etc on all kinds of things supporting police, fire and medical services. We're looking for the best way to have instant access to the info we need.

The progression over time has gone from huge binders, to an internal sharepoint page, to something like baregrep and FARR which gave me the info I needed as fast as I could type it.

My problem now is, there are several users who are not especially computer savvy and we'd have a hard time getting them converted to using different programs for different things.

What I'm looking for is *one* app that someone could use where they could hit a hotkey, start typing and have the proper thing float to the top, whether it was the name of a file or somewhere in the contents of the file. If I could wave a magic wand, it would have the relevance and filename-searching features of FARR but combined with the grep-on-the-fly feature of baregrep.

It seems like something like this is already around but I have yet to find it.

If you guys had a ton of various filetypes and wanted to be able to instantly get to the relevant one you wanted, what would you use?


Hi all!

I've recently started using FARR at the 911 dispatch center I work at. Over the years, several thousand documents worth of contact information, policies and procedures, maps, daily recaps etc have stacked up. Initially all this information was in binders all over every nook and cranny of the room, but we've recently digitized it all and stored it on a shared network drive.

Right now FARR does a great job of finding something if we happened to include it in the filename or folder it resides in, my question is if there's a way to add tags to the files or folders so more stuff shows up while searching?

For example if there's a document called noisepolicy.doc: Some people who only vaguely know what they're looking for might try searching for construction, animals, party etc, but the doc they're looking for might only show up if they type noise.

How is everyone handling large amounts of files where you may not necessarily know the exact file name?

Find And Run Robot / FARR for multiple users over network?
« on: March 01, 2009, 03:29 AM »
Hi all!

Mouser thank you for the wonderful program, I've been using it at home for a year now :)

I work at a 911 communications center taking emergency calls. We've recently made an effort to consolidate all the "call out book" information we have on file for the cities we dispatch and take calls for, FARR has shown to be a huge bonus in helping us find specific information very quickly. We just pointed it at the root directory and it did the rest :)

My question is how multiple users can use the same installation of FARR over the network. I started out by loading it on a shared network drive which everyone accessed via a shortcut. It seems to work fine and there even has not been much of a slowdown, but I did notice that if one user chooses to ignore a search result, that doesnt replicate to other people running the same farr.exe from the same shared directory. Are the exceptions and ignore commands stored locally?

There are several users at all different ranges of computer experience level. I'm hoping I can administratively set it up one way for all users to share. :)

Anyone know of a way to copy/paste text/files between 2 computers on different networks? I have a laptop with a wireless connection as well as my normal desktop which has separate cable modem access.

* Programs like VNC allow copy/pasting but only after I've established a connection which also has all kinds of unwanted screenshots giong back and forth.
* There's also programs like synergy which allow mouse and keyboard commands to transverse computers over ip address.

Seems like the technology would exist to allow copy/paste by ip address but I can't find anything :p

General Software Discussion / Super lite PIM? Address book?
« on: May 08, 2008, 05:15 PM »
I'm an emergency / 911 dispatcher and several times during the day I need to very quickly transfer a call or look up a number or address while several things are going on at the same time.

Currently we've been using a number of loose papers filled with this kind of info, but as you can guess they very quickly get outdated, torn, lost, edited, scribbled on, etc. The built in address book on the phone system is extremely clunky with no search function whatsoever, so that's no help.

I've been daydreaming of a simple, yet extremely efficient application that can allow me to put all this info at my fingertips but so far all the PIM and Address book software I've been trying out are *way* too overpowered for what I'm looking for. I'm hoping if I list out the small wishlist I have that someone can point me in the right direction or just whip it up :P

If I could wave a magic wand I'd create something like FARR or nDroid but made to scan a couple files of info and return matching lines rather than various directories returning matching files.

For example I could hit a hotkey to start the program, start typing Smith and any line in the file that matches what I type would show up as I type (rather than a submit button).

I'd also need just an input text box that would allow me to copy paste info into it to add to the file of phone numbers, emails and whatever other misc info.

Extra credit would be a way to arrow key up and down the list of results and be able to hit a hotkey like alt-e to edit that line directly rather than having to manually go edit the overall file.

Extra extra credit would be if the program could convert urls and email addresses to links which would be displayed if that line matched the search query somehow.

Anyone know of a program that can do this that I can try out?

I wish I had better programming skills, this seems like something someone can make very quickly if they were so inclined :p

I play warcraft and very frequently need to look up people and check their equipment, reputation, board posts etc. So far I've managed to do it all individually at the search page I made at, but I know there's a way to make it so I only have to enter the realm and playername once and have it open a website with all those searches done automatically.

It seems as simple as taking in 2 variables, realm and username, then plugging those variables in to the url or feeding it to the page via the form post method.

I was playing with ahk but I'm horrible when it comes to variables, and also couldn't figure out how to make all the pages show up in the same browser window like via frames.

I'm sure someone with some actual coding skills can do this in 10 seconds :p

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