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N.A.N.Y. 2019 / N.A.N.Y. 2019 Cryptogram
« on: December 30, 2018, 09:08 PM »
Application NameCryptogram
Short Description A browser app to make solving the daily Cryptoquote puzzles more convenient.
Supported OSes   N/A. You just need a graphical web browser.
Web Page
Download Link   http://www.jackroman...loads/
System Requirements   A graphical web browser.
Author   Jack Romanowicz
Donations   Talk to me if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

Cryptogram provides execution of the mechanical tasks of solving a substitution-cypher puzzle as is published in many newspapers daily. All it needs is a web browser. You can run it from a local directory -- there's no server-side processing. Just unzip the archive and point your browser to Cryptogram/index.html  I think it should be usable in your mobile device browser as well, but I only have two phones to test on.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Auto character substitution. Undo (without having to erase!). Used character elimination. (If you've done the puzzles, you'll know what these mean. ;^)

Planned Features
Waiting for feedback.


Usage & Installation
Unzip the archive and point your browser to the Cryptogram/index.html file

Using the Application
See the Help menu item.

Download Link   

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Amortization Version 2
« on: January 09, 2017, 01:54 AM »
I know, it's so simple what's the point of a version 2, right?

Well, when I had to re-open the project to link some libraries statically, I was offended by the non-OO design of the program.  OK for me, but not for release (even if you never see the code). So I re-factored it, leaving just a couple of rough edges that weren't worth the effort to sand down.  Of course, testing the updated code pointed out some ways the UX could be improved, so I implemented them

Voila! Version 2. You'll find it linked on the same downloads page as version 1 on my website.

New features:
1. Better keyboard support, including putting the focus on the first input field when the program opens (duh!)
2. Displaying the amortization results in separate windows so you can do side-by-side comparisons if desired.
3. Better editing of input parameters -- hope you didn't run into any of my gaffes!
4. Highlight the "Save to CSV" button.
5. More of the loan parameters included in the CSV download, so you don't have to remember them.

Sorry that you have to close each of the result windows and the parameter input window separately.  I wanted to have them all close when the parameter window is closed, but I can't seem to find the incantation to make that happen.  Is anyone familiar enough with FLTK to give me a pointer in the direction of accomplishing that?  Thanks.

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / Amortization Calculator
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:19 PM »
NANY 2017 Entry Information

Application Name Amortize
Version 1.0
Short Description Freeware calculator for payment amounts, number of payments, total interest paid for various types of loans
Supported OSes Windows 
Web Page N/A
Download Link
System Requirements
  • nada
  • zip
  • zero
Version History
  • v1.0 -- initial public release
Author Jack Romanowicz

While researching a re-financing of our house, I got annoyed with the loan calculators I found on the web, so I wrote one I liked better.

Now you can easily find out how much you can save by re-financing and how long it will take to pay off all those Xmas purchases on the Visa card.

Given an initial balance and an annual interest rate:
    For an installment loan:
      Calculate payment amount.
    For a revolving loan:
      Given the amount of a constant periodic payment, calculate the number of payments to payoff.
      Allow payment specification as a percentage of the balance or a fixed amount.
    For all:
      Create a table showing the interest, principal and remaining balance amount for each payment.
      Download the payment table in CSV format.
      Display total interest and total paid.

Planned Features
Any requested features that make sense to me.


Zero installation. Simply double click the file or place it in a folder in your path and type "Amortize" (assuming you haven't re-named the file) at a command prompt.

Using the Application
If it's not self-explanatory, I've failed and you should let me know how.

Delete the Amortize.exe (again, assuming you haven't re-named it) file.

If you are refinancing, try 15 and 20 year mortgage terms as well. You may be surprised, as the interest rates for those loans are lower. You may also be surprised how much you save by paying an extra $10/month on a loan of any size.

Known Issues
It's not very pretty, but you can choose your own payment table colors. (It doesn't remember them, though)

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