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Post New Requests Here / Idea: Limit Internet Bandwidth
« on: August 30, 2011, 08:07 AM »

I have a seven year old son who hogs all the bandwidth at our home WIFI network playing games and makes browsing for others absolutely miserable. We have a WIFI router connected to the broadband connection. I understand there are several options if one routes the internet connections through a server, however since the setup is at home, all of us connect to the router.

It would be great if a software be developed that limits the bandwidth on his computer to say 100kbps so that others also get some bandwidth for their use. :-)

I have tried netlimiter but it advertises its presence by pop-ups and a tray icon and my son is smart enough to catch and remove this.

However I can easily install and include the program in his startup files and he will not notice.

Can anyone help?


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