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I am using Android, web (from different computers) and from my android.

One feature that I love is that if I start chatting with a friend on Android, the talk window in Gmail automatically fills with dialogue. That means that I can chat on the bed and then continue chatting from Gmail while seeing the whole conversation on the window.

Sadly, it only works inside GMail, Google+ and Android. In the windows clients: Google Talk for Windows, Digsby, Miranda and Pidgin there is no such feature :(, even worse, if I chat with someone from the android and then sit on the computer the chat sometimes would skip the windows client completely and just go to gmail/android, causing lost messages.

Anyone has any solution?


Update - 12/Jan/2012: BugAid is now free for open-source projects - Apply here.

Hi everybody,

I am proud to present to my favorite internet community:


Name: BugAid for Visual Studio
Goal: Improving and enhancing the debugging experience in Visual Studio
License: Commercial (60-day trial)
Developers: Omer Raviv and Vitaly Belman
Features (full list)

Note: Best viewed in full screen and in highest resolution

Search and filter complex objects by their members and values


Compare objects or track how a function changes your object


Bring the important properties to the front


Please let me know if you have any question or comments, I'll be happy to provide more information.

Vitaly Belman

I've been using notes applications and task management for a long time. However, I always felt that these two should be united. Too often I found myself entering a note that I wished it was a task and vice versa. Also, in the end, when I am looking for something, I end up having to search two different applications to find it.

Here is a basic list of requirements such a solution would require:
  • Proper task management - OneNote has some task management, however, it is very very basic. A proper task system requires recurring task, due dates, alarms, etc, etc.
  • Android support - Since Android is always with me it is critical for me to be able to view my notes and add tasks while I am on the go.
  • Quick task/note adding - I love Remember-the-milk's quick add feature. Basically just by writing stuff like "Call Doctor tomorrow" you create a task with a defined due date. All the other alternatives I've seen require you to do click through too many checkboxes and listboxes for every task you add.
  • Rich text editing - Since it is going to be my main notes application, it must support rich text editing in its notes.

Currently I am trying to use MyLifeOrganized as a solution, however, it is far from perfect. While its task management is superb, it can be a bit TOO complex, has abysmal note management abilities (no rich text editing, no attachments) and its Android support is in early beta.

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on the subject.


Living Room / A smarter way of playing music on your iPod
« on: August 08, 2008, 01:03 PM »
I wrote a short article about a smarter way to listen to your music on the iPod:

When I am using my iPod choosing a song or an album is quite a task - I have a moderate collection of 220+ albums (1600+ songs). Browsing through all of them to decide which song/album I want to hear now can be rather time consuming. I’d much prefer if I could just turn it on and let it play.

In theory I could just add all my songs and set the iPod on shuffle. However, there are a few issues there:

1) I don’t want to hear songs that I heard recently, which means a song that was played yesterday shouldn’t be played again.
2) I’d like the number of stars that I give to a song to effect how often the iPod plays it (e.g play a 5 starred song every 14 days but a 3 starred song every 30 days).
3) When I listen to a new album I want to listen to it more than anything else to get acquainted to it.
4) I also hear very different kind of music (Metal and Progressive rock) and I wouldn’t like them to mix.
5) I need an easy way to manage this system; adding new albums should be quick and easy.

If you're interested, you can read the full article here.


This plugin serves in two modes:

1) See your upcoming events up and directly go to them. Defauly keyword: gcal
2) Use the QuickAdd feature of Google Calendar to quickly add events. Before actually creating an event, you are given a preview of the date. Defauly keyword: gcal add

Thanks to czechboy for the inspiration :)


As with any C# plugin, if you don't see the C# plugin in the FARR plugin list after the installation then download the following update from Microsoft.

Known issues

  • The user/password is stored in the options file in plain text.
  • You can't add external calendars


View events mode
Screenshot - 09_06_2008 , 13_45_27.png

Add new event mode
Screenshot - 09_06_2008 , 14_00_51.png

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