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General Software Discussion / Zsoft Uninstaller
« on: October 10, 2007, 07:30 PM »
Just released ZSoft Uninstaller - freeware - to version 2.4.1

A very good application to uninstall programs. It allows to do a clean uninstall once that can analyse the instalation  before and after each installation. So with the analysed log it do a full uninstall and leave to get rid of the unnecessary files/registry entries.

ZSoft Uninstaller is also a good add/remove manager: e.g. you can hide windows update to be listed in main windows - and others programs that aren't needed always displayed.

1- You run ZSoft before installing a program. In this way it create 'an image' of your computer (files/registry);
2- You run the program installer. It is best to launch and close the program once before doing the after-install-scan (because many applications add news files/registry entries in the first run);
3- Run ZSoft Uninstaller after installation. It create a changed log that it uses later to do a clean uninstall.
- To uninstall I use firstly the uninstaller'program and after I uninstall with Zsoft analysed'uninstall (it find many things...).
- If the program installer need to reboot your PC (some programs needed to do that), then after rebooting you should to do the ZSoft'analyse.

Details/Download:ZSoft Uninstaller 2.4.1
O.S.: Vista/XP/2000

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