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The main donation page ( says :-
"All donations are processed securely by trusted financial services. We do not receive your credit card or personal information when you donate, and we will not share your email with anyone."

But I just arranged a donation via PayPal (using a credit card, not a PayPal Account), and the name on the credit card (which was not used anywhere else during the process) was received by, as it was included within the confirmation email from [email protected]

Moreover, the same name now appears as part of the non-expiring supporting member 'License Key', and is 'branded' into the DC software (i.e. in the Help/About section).

I think this raises two issues. Firstly, the name on the credit card is certainly both "credit card" and "personal" information, and so ought to be specifically excluded from the misleading assurance quoted above, as a matter of principle. (I appreciate that 'not receive credit card information' is probably intended to cover the type/number/ccv number (and presumably billing address?), but it's evidently ambiguous).

Secondly, on a practical matter, the credit card or PayPal Account holder need not be the same as the joining/supporting member (people have partners, family, friends, employers, etc., who might pay on their behalf, for many legitimate reasons), and 'forcing' that name into the DC system seems inappropriate, especially without prior notice.

Nothing said here is meant to impugn the integrity or privacy intentions of DC, of course. And it's more a surprise and irritation to me, personally, than a privacy concern. But I think that either the system, or the disclosure, could stand some improvement.


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