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Below are Cookie (Also known as Cookie Monster) and Misty (Also known as Misty Mayhem).  We got them I wanna say, 2 months ago?  They are very mischievous.

There's no way they will, with sites like Mininova, and Demonoid out there, it will be nearly impossible to charge for torrents.  If a big company with high funding, and bought all the torrent sites, then I think they could.  But no way, even with knocking the top of the pyramid off.


The other question to be answered is how are they going to vet all of the torrents (assuming they are going to keep it a torrent site)? Currently the website doesn't actually have any copies of the files available for download - are they really going to vet every single file that gets posted? If so are they going to be legally liable for any malware that is propogated via a commercial site - surely if they are a commercial entitiy they will have a duty of care to their customers?
-Carol Haynes (July 02, 2009, 03:50 PM)

Very very true.  Since people will pay for the downloads, the company is held liable for them to be clean.  I don't think the company who bought them out know what they are getting themselves into.

Im trying to understand how they can go legal.. Like, yeah maybe 2$ (Idk the actual price, but I'm just guessing) for an album is fine.  But if Adobe Photoshop (and other software) torrents exist, how can it be worth the companies time?  Why would Adobe want the small small cut of what TPB gets preferred to the large cut (pure profit) they get from their sale?

John, I never implied stealing was okay.  Especially stealing for ones own gain.  Not everything on a torrent site is illegal, you can find legal things as well.  TV shows, not sure if they are legal? Ubuntu, little things like that.

I respect your opinion and you raise a valid argument.  I mean absolutely no dis respect towards you at all.  I thank you for your intellectual opinions, I wholeheartedly do.

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