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Are you using the same version of AutoHotKey? It may be worth adding a SendMode Input at the top of your script(s) to see if it makes any difference (if not also try SendMode Play or SendMode InputThenPlay)..?

FloppyImage is free and allows you to read/write disk images to/from physical disks (I've used it for adding images to UBCD, you may need to select "Create compatible IMG files" under "Settings").

Also if you have a network it may be worth looking at FOG..?

Well in case you're wondering - in FF3.5 you can scroll down to the 'Release Notes' section and click on the latest version - then shows a list of all versions with "Add to Firefox" links against each.

Also if you enter about:config, you can set preference extensions.checkCompatibility to false and then won't need to unpack/repack etc. (if the preference doesn't exist you need to create it)..

Hi ak_ - many thanks for FileNanny!, it's great.
However I found that if I modified the folder name then it also renamed the file being moved - which I didn't want (I want to be able to change the folder name but the file to retain its original name).
Therefore I've tweaked it slightly to achieve this - attached contains tweaked source and executable (hope you don't mind). :)

this is totally unacceptable to me -- i need to be able to paste screenshot paths in the file upload box!
Not convinced this is a big issue - previously you could click on the field and then paste, now you click the field and a file requester opens - but you can still paste the full path of the file you want to upload into the requester (works for me anyway)..

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