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hi skrommel,

just want to add my vote for your great little app here (having tested quite a few of late, in an attempt to reign in all the plates i tend to have spinning these days  :tellme: ).  really another example of your fine talents ..  8)

anyway, enough of the schmoozing (!), also wanted to ask if you were still considering any of the above "tweaks" as suggested by others - especially things like a way to view time spent etc without the need to switch associations with csv files or fire up the entire excel motherload + the time quotas idea, i.e. set upper and lower limits on time for specifc tasks, to make sure you're still on track/focused etc ..?  also, one or two of the hacks sound quite handy - but have no idea where to start on implementing them myself  :-[

also, be handy for me if you could browse for the icons from within the setting area - instead of having to manually define their location (never had to know how to do this before  :huh: )

finally, not sure it was suggested exactly, but would make great sense to me if the "pause" task did a basic monitoring of system activity - so it either kicked in by default (or gave you the option with a pop-up) after a certain amount of inactivity.  in the same way, woudl be handy then to restart the last task (by default or again with pop-up option) when activity resumed - in each case after a defined time period.  i suppose this kind of approach would effectively replace the current fixed time setting for "are you still .." etc ..?

oh yes - and if we could somehow combine the best of this app, along with that of Work Coach (elsewhere on these forums), the world of work would surely be a perfectly managed place ..!!  :D

anyway, please let us all know whether any of our above hopes and dream might one day soon become reality ..!  :Thmbsup:

incidentally, not sure if it's one of the other time tracking apps people here had in mind by comparison, but AllNetic Working Time Tracker is a corker (albeit not as intuitive somehow as this one, of course) and you can still find a freeware version on the net if you google it  :)

ps nearly forgot to mention, thought the way Bitmeter app has integrated data directly into the app is a good example of how you might avoid the need to boot up excel - presume there must be some kind of free code out there you could "plug in" etc ..?

cheers ..

General Software Discussion / Re: Mp3 catalog/database programs
« on: March 10, 2007, 04:35 PM »
just had to chime in here, to say ..

sadly just noticed easimp3 appears to have dropped of the dev horizon (used to be great/with new version pending even better).

lucky for us, however, you can now get something even better - namely mp3toys (  won't go into reams about how great this music player/manager is, but recommend you just look at the screenshot. and then the price!  :)

also, have met with robert, the developer (who also has some connection with and he really works hard on the app.

cheers ..

N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: WorkCoach - v0.7.7 - December 30, 2006
« on: January 14, 2007, 07:13 AM »
hi, just a quick update on the CPU issue from my end:

- rebooted and initially all looked good ;)
- suddenly noticed CPU maxed out ..
- few checks suggest following ..

- 10-15% when surfing (maxthon)
- 3-6% when process explorer window active
- 1% when idle
- 30-50% when in outlook (any folder, i.e. setup for workcoach project or "unknown")

not sure if that helps, but the above (for now) certainly seems pretty consistent - and very odd ..?! x)

cheers ..

N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: WorkCoach - v0.7.7 - December 30, 2006
« on: January 11, 2007, 10:52 AM »
hi arjen,

my system here is approx as follows:

- EVO N800v laptop
- win XP Pro SP2
- 1.6 mHZ processor
- 512MB RAM
- Maxthon browser (IE6 backend)
- using process explorer to check CPU etc.

not sure if you need any other info to work it out ..?

cheers ..

N.A.N.Y. Challenge 2007 / Re: WorkCoach - v0.7.7 - December 30, 2006
« on: January 10, 2007, 04:55 AM »
just wanted to add what a great idea/app this is ..!  :)

on quick initial test run, the following ideas spring to mind for me:

- would be handy to be able to simply start/stop/pause the counter (rather than having the only other current option of closing it down completely).  this might also help those people looking to have more control over day-borders etc
- am also finding it uses a lot of CPU, but by this i mean, after initial loading CPU of @ 1%, it seems to then settle in @ 35-60% ..!?  :(  incidentally, seems to bizarrely drop down when i'm surfing ..?!
- agree would be great to have a simple overview of time spent/day for each task.  to this end, you might want to look at how a different app approached the same logging/reporting issue here
- reckon might also be handy if you could somehow set up "parent" and "child" tasks, where (for instance) i could have major categories/tasks for personal/work and break down subtasks within these ..?  again, a great app that approaches the to-do list in this way, so you can see a little more what i mean, can be found here http://www.abstracts...m/tdl_resources.html.  in your case, both the main parent task would count as long as any subtasks were active/counting.
- would be handy to have at least a manual "check for updates" option from the sys tray icon (especially at such an early stage of development)

otherwise, the various ideas already mentioned sound great ;)

from my point of view, however, the most critical is to sort out the CPU issue, since at present i don't think it's viable for me to run @ such a high level ..

end of the day, its greatest use to me is to be able to look back each day/over a week and see where most of my time "disappears" (!!!) so i can start to make more use of what little i have available to me - and your coaching tips would then be great here.  in this respect, i guess you could set each task to warn you if it's "share" across a day was falling below a certain target .. is this the plan?

either way, look forward to all/any updates ..!

cheers ..

sorry if this has already been mentioned/solved (only i didn't see anything), but i've recently noticed the app doesn't appear to be picking up my activity after it's gone into idle/mute mode - with time out set @ 3-5 mins.

anyone else have this problem or any ideas what the issue might be that's causing it ..?

ps never had this happen with previous version of the app (now running what i believe is the latest, i.e. 2.1).

cheers ..

Post New Requests Here / Re: SysTray "lost icons" recovery app ..
« on: November 07, 2006, 09:10 AM »
ok guys, thanks again  :)

knew of one or two of the alternatives mentioned, but will reinvestigate all - including the paid for option ;)

[ edit ] just had a look at the suggestions and don't think i've seen trayer before.  v interesting .. also, google threw me back to what i think was the first of such apps i used to use, namely tray manager from PC Mag.  unfortunately i think this went paid for in v2 after such a great start as freeware .. x(

cheers ..

Post New Requests Here / Re: SysTray "lost icons" recovery app ..
« on: November 06, 2006, 03:42 AM »
hi guys,

first of all, thanks for all your speedy replies ..!  :)

only, like i said, i'm already aware of PSTF, only was hoping someone might be able to code sth with less unnecessary bells & whistles - as it's only one small part of PSTF, surely must be an easier way to accomplish this ..?

also, being typically poverty stricken atm, PSTF is a $ too far for me, i'm afraid ..  :-[

cheers ..

Post New Requests Here / SysTray "lost icons" recovery app ..
« on: November 05, 2006, 09:46 PM »

whilst there are a (small) number of apps out there from win98 days, that "save" the system tray (or notification area, as it's now officially called) from being over run by an increasing number of icons, i've still to find a worthy app - or basic one-off command - that simply recovers lost icons after an explorer crash.

of course, it's nice to have both in one app, e.g. PS Tray Factory, but this does far more than i'm after - and is way overpriced ..?!  :(

also, with XP now handling the auto-hide aspect of less crucial icons, it would at least just be good to have a way to "recover" icons that don't return after a crash - as they really should.

any ideas/tips or thoughts on this one guys ..?

ps no idea why i never posted this here before - d'oh!  :-[

cheers ..


main request : just wondered if you could add a delay option to this app, to prevent unwanted "switching" between transparencies when focus is only brief, e.g. right click menus etc ..?

secondary request: is it possible to somehow enable transparency of the right click menus themselves (another app called shelllenhancer seems to do this aok) ..?

also, small comment : any idea why the systray picks up the extension in the tooltip name ..?

as for the possible bug/conflict, seem to be find the active window suddenly break up (in part or the majority), allowing the desktop wallpaper to show through.  at the same time (presume related), i get a strip of black wallpaper to the left, behind where my desktop icons are.  does this sound likely to do with this app or some conflict with another ..?

[ edit ] just noticed, when i exit the app, any transparency native to other apps seems to be reset (i.e. switched off) ..?

finally, could you let me know the main reason/difference between the existence of TransOther, Ghoster and WinWarden (especially the first two, which seem very similar) ..?

cheers ..

Skrommel's Software / HideDesk requests ..
« on: November 05, 2006, 09:25 PM »

finally found your great app here - after losing trace of another piece of freeware doing the exact same thing several years ago with the same name.

a couple of "features" this app had was firstly a delay setting for how long it waited once your mouse was over the desktop before the icons were shown - and a similar setting for how long the icons would stay revealed for.

this would both prevent icons "coming and going" when the mouse was simply skirting past but also enable greater interaction with the icons once shown (e.g. if you're dragging sth to/from the desktop over the top of an open window).

anyhoo - let me know what you think or can do in this respect ..! ;)

cheers ..

Skrommel's Software / MouseAvtivate requests ..
« on: November 05, 2006, 09:20 PM »
just trying this out and wondered if you could tweak a couple of things:

- move top edge action to right edge (already have a different app using top edge and feels more natural to "oppose" left edge action in your app with right side)
- add delay options for edge actions (can only see these currently for click etc)

let me know what you think ..! ;)

cheers ..

Find And Run Robot / have i misunderstood the alias feature ..?
« on: February 15, 2006, 06:48 AM »
just want to create a search in a particular location (rather than all the folders added).  thought i may be able to do this by creating an alias with a keyword, e.g. "fave wassup" would search for "wassup" in a location specified under the "fave" alias group.  hope that makes sense ..?

so, probably got this totally wrong way up, but if there is a way to do this, please let me know ..!  :-[

ps also noticed a slight nuisance, when searching for something with a number in its name (especially any app related to "mp3" ;-).  basically, as soon as you type the number, this gets skipped and the number (e.g. "3" from "MP3Gain") instead selects that number entry (in this case, the third) found so far on the list ..?

cheers ..

Find And Run Robot / Re: Love it, but ..
« on: August 05, 2005, 07:57 PM »
hi there,

not got the link from you yet ..?  so resent my email ..!  ;)

cheers ..

Find And Run Robot / Re: Love it, but ..
« on: July 31, 2005, 06:36 PM »
hi tere,

just emailed you, so will feedback asap ..! ;)

cheers ..

Find And Run Robot / Love it, but ..
« on: July 29, 2005, 08:32 PM »
hi there,

first of all, have to say i LOVE F&RR ..!  :)  have hardly used my sluggish start menu since i came across this wee app.

only really have one gripe, namely that for some reason, F&RR has this odd tendency to pop-up when i haven't hit the break key - anyone know if i need to disabled sth in the config to stop this and/or has anyone else come across this odd behaviour ..?

would like to know i'm not alone - and love even more to find a way to bring the beast more under my command ..!  ;)

cheers ..

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