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Hi all. Just joined as a result of seeing Steven Avery’s excellent article on 7 August 2019 on “Eudora, Hermes and Pandora - also compared to TheBat! and other email clients”.

I have used Eudora 7 since release and earlier versions before that. I have looked at other emailers, but always find that Eudora suits me well.

Around 2 weeks ago I found that some emails that it appeared to send correctly were not reaching their destinations. Whether this was the result of a Windows 10 update I am not sure – I am on 1909 build 18363.836. It receives emails fine. In the past I have had Secure Sockets when Sending turned on but set it to "never" a week ago - I have now reset it to "if available".

I have now updated <libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, and ssleay32.dll> as suggested in the article, and Eudora is working well. However, I am not yet sure that it is sending ok, so thought I would put something on Donationcoder in case there were other issues. I note from a web search that some other POP3 email clients are also having trouble sending, so wonder if there is a general issue and whether there are any fixes that Steven or others can suggest.

I bcc all the emails that I send to myself, so I can check that they are reaching their destinations ok. I will check sends for the next week and edit this if the problem has resolved (which I think it may have).

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