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Finished Programs / Re: DONE: turn IE proxy server on/off
« on: April 20, 2020, 08:04 AM »
This is a beautiful solution. I was so excited to finally have an elegant way to toggle this setting. In my case, I must toggle it on/off several times a day, so having something that can do that and have a visual indicator of its status...incredible.

However, it does not work for me because it's actually the checkbox right above this one that I need toggled.  :(
That is: Use automatic configuration script

As it stands now, in addition to this program not being able to toggle that checkbox, it clears the accompanying "Address" text. Any thoughts on adding a feature so that the user can choose which of these textboxes to toggle? Is there any reason it wouldn't be plausible?

Thanks so much!  :)

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