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Yeah... Is that a thing?

I am building my custom grid (will post soon) and am trying to resolve an issue where resized windows leave a gap I didn't program.

Using this code for my vertical window split:
[2] ;Left Half

  TriggerTop    = [Monitor2Top] + 2 * ([Monitor2Height] / 12) + 5
  TriggerBottom = [Monitor2Top] + 3 * ([Monitor2Height] / 12) - 5
  TriggerLeft   = [Monitor2Left] + 10
  TriggerRight  = [Monitor2Left] + ([Monitor2Width]  / 24)
  GridTop       = [Monitor2Top]
  GridBottom    = [Monitor2Bottom]
  GridLeft      = [Monitor2Left]
  GridRight     = [Monitor2Left] + ([Monitor2Width]  / 2)
[3] ;Right Half

  TriggerTop    = [Monitor2Top] + 2 * ([Monitor2Height] / 12) + 5
  TriggerBottom = [Monitor2Top] + 3 * ([Monitor2Height] / 12) - 5
  TriggerLeft   = [Monitor2Left] + ([Monitor2Width]  / 24)
  TriggerRight  = [Monitor2Left] + ([Monitor2Width]  / 12) - 5
  GridTop       = [Monitor2Top]
  GridBottom    = [Monitor2Bottom]
  GridLeft      = [Monitor2Right] - ([Monitor2Width]  / 2)
  GridRight     = [Monitor2Right]

There is a 5 - 10 pixel margin on all edges of the resized the windows (on my 1920x1080 monitor).

I tried adding x pixels to the Grid options to remove it like this:
  GridLeft      = [Monitor2Right] - ([Monitor2Width]  / 2) + 5

but when the window resizes it drops the size back to contain the margins.

I have had a glance through the settings and don't see anything that would seem to effect this... Help!

[Edit] This might just be a visual bug??? When I put my mouse against a monitor edge it shows the resize arrow cursor and if I click and drag it resizes the correct window.
 Seems like the window is sized correctly but being underdrawn / scaled down some amount.[/Edit]

[Edit 2] This margin is missing when I use the built in Maximize parameter.[/Edit 2]

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Feature Suggestion: MoveGroups
« on: January 23, 2019, 01:32 PM »
Please sir/madam consider the following idea and excuse me if this is already a feature or suggestion (I didn't see it):

I took Kyurim's grid and modified it for my liking (planning to post it, thinking about changes first) and this produced the following idea:

It would be awesome if the user could create / set a group of grids to cycle windows through with keystrokes.  ie.


Are 1/4 width full height grids on 3 monitors


Are 1/5 width full height windows on 3 monitors

What I propose:
Allow the user to create MoveGroups ie Win+G+<hotkey> (F1) that points to a group that rotates through the grids (listed by number) in the group.

If possible store them in the grid file so that user's downloading the grid will also get the grid rotation groups. Maybe a variable like NumberOfGroups?

To follow your current convention:
[GridGroup<x>] = [62][63][64][65]
GridGroup<x> = <grid_to_rotate1>,<grid_to_rotate2>  LIKE : GridGroup<x> = 62,63,64,65

Ideally, implementing this in a way existing grids available for downloading continue to work.

Thanks for your time and for considering this feature suggestion!

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