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Thank you all. I'm testing the Clipboard Help and Spell, I like it .. I have to get used to it.
Breevy, also tested yesterday, well, this program is more for snippets. And it loads about 20 MB of RAM. That for me a lot. Under the snippets Autohotkey fits. Yesterday I found the old software MULTI BLOCK STORAGE. It seems it is no longer supported, I have it crash. That's kind of like I like this idea

Software is needed for Windows. Managers of the clipboard are not suitable. Too many mouse clicks. Something like TextExpander for MAC . . Desirable is easier and faster, the algorithm is such,
1) calling the window from the tray -
2) click my mouse on the desired block
3) Inserting automatically text (my saved template)
4) Profit

Hello guys. An idea came. 100% such a mini application already exists for the tray. Search for software. Launcher for text, quick insertion of a text fragment, html code,email etc., for 2 clicks of the mouse . To call from the tray on the hotkey this software, and clicked on the desired block .. And inserted the text where the cursor .

Hi reifwp,
mouser's PopUp Wisdom ticks lots of those boxes:

I've been using it for years. Check out related forum threads - there should be a link on that page.

thank you Bro!

Search software for windows. Conclusion on the desktop, quotes of famous people, with adjustable frequency (30 seconds, 1 minute, 10,30 and so on). Henry Ford, Lincoln and so on. Also, so that you can make your own list of quotes. For example, only from a read book or an affirmation. Well, the settings. The background, font, transparency, on top of all windows, fixing the place and so on. . Is there such software?  :-*

app103 . I really like the weather widget on your screenshot. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I searched and downloaded the Yahoo widget, but it looks like this Please share a link to your weather widget. Also the question is, how much does it consume RAM? The clock is also good

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sChecklist
« on: February 28, 2018, 04:40 PM »
Like most of my apps, I wrote this because I couldn't find a simple checklist app that suited my needs.  What I'm talking about is off-the-cuff, ad hoc types of lists.  The ones that, in the course of your (work) day, you find yourself wanting a quick way to set up a checklist, especially one that can be easily used over and over.  Just rows of text entries and a checkbox for each.  No B.S., no time tracking, and no crazy wizzbang features.  In other words, this app is not a time tracker nor is it meant as a full-blown project tracker.  There are plenty of extremely well done apps that already do this.  Task Coach, MyLifeOrganized, & ToDoList are but three that I'd recommend.

I use Mylifeorganized. This is a great program. But it is not convenient for those requirements. It is necessary to have a small window on the top of all windows. And constant static check sheets.

Hello guys. Here are my programs on the second monitor
1- Rainlendar
2 -Pomodoro
3- Toggl

Just asking for 2 more places. Advise if you know.
1)Watch the weather, as in android. Beautiful black in this same style.
2) And a small window, the CPU load, its temperature and memory load  :Thmbsup:

The meaning of the program. Timing, personal log. Tracking what you do behind the computer. Report and motivation. After a set time (assuming 15 minutes), a window with 3 buttons comes out. The buttons 1,2, 3. After an instant click, the window disappears into the tray.
   1- Doing a useful job. For myself, for money, leading to a dream.
   2- Occupation around. Useful.
   3- Sand. Empty lesson.
Then you can see the reports. Per day. For a week and so on

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sChecklist
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:12 PM »
 :Thmbsup: Hi guys . I liked the program and it works on windows 10. I really want the author to improve the program.
1) I often help people, neighbors, relatives. I install and set up a computer for them. Operating system, settings, installation of programs. This program is useful, you can write down on a flash drive and work as a check checklist reminder.
2) Also sometimes I help people on the .Team viewer and there too, I have to conduct many similar actions. On computer diagnostics. It is important not to forget what you did and what did not.
3) I also have to do SEO sites.

So, the conclusion. It's ideal to make folders. Under checklists. Windows, SEO and so on.
Also it would be possible to make checklists with 1 hierarchy tree down. And the possibility of linking the attachment of a text document. Thank you .

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