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OK.  Making progress.  If I switch users from one to another, it keeps recording screenshots for the one that's no longer the active user.  Which setting would be the best one to use to prevent that from happening?  Since I had to activate it for all the users, I don't want it to keep recording for users that aren't actually active.

What does the "Check for and ignore blank window contents" setting do?  The help bubble thing says something about the active window changing but I don't think that's right.  it says the same bubble information for a couple different options.


I checked the box to start with Windows under the account it was installed for.  Do I need to run it manually for each user the first time and redo that setting?

Update: Yep.  All the settings were reverted to the defaults when I logged in with another user.  I guess I just have to redo everything for each user.

I just installed this program so I can keep an eye on what my kids are doing when they are supposed to be doing homework on their laptop.  However, it appears to have only installed under my ID.  I logged in with one of the kids accounts but I don't see the program in the tray and it's not recording.

It'd be great if I could install this under one account and have it run under all the accounts.

I could try installing it under each user but I don't know if that will overwrite the settings from the previous one.  Any suggestions?


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