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One of the main things I like with SC is the embedding of information in the EXIF and ITPC description tags. I use it alot for genealogy and references are super important. I was wondering about the %scrapetext% and %browserurl% fields. Although %scrapetext% would be very interesting (can't get it to work), what I really miss and what I can't get to work is the %browserurl% field. I tried it with Chrome and Edge but at no avail. Can you point me to documentation about how these fields are supposed to work?

Great work! Phantastic tool!

Text and URL.jpg

I'm aware of those EXIF tags. And no, haven't loaded pictures I've taken myself. Just screenshots.

Just upgraded to v4.36.2 and with the same settings (JPG), it works! Color, 0 degrees rotation (copied the old ScreenshotCaptor.ini)  :Thmbsup:

I started with two pictures in this test:
1) A colour JPG of the horse: horse.jpg and...
2) The B/W, upside down one: horseUpDown.jpg
3) Then I loaded each in SC and saved a new version of each: horse_ver001.jpg and horseUpDown_ver001.jpg
4) To the left you see how they look in Explorer (same in other viewers).

Anything I didn't cover? Want the pictures to inspect?
(did this still using Win10 and v4.31.2)

The strange thing is that ALL HORSES are shown the correct way in SC. In other viewers they are shown as you see them in the Explorer window.

I reverted to JPG and with the settings you see, it saves as jpg, rotated, B/W. Cute and of course aligned with US '29 export law  :Thmbsup:

Upgrade next...

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